Monday, June 16, 2008

"I'll Defend My Post At Umno's Election In December," Says Pak Lah

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reiterated that he will defend his Umno president post at the party's election scheduled in December this year.

He said there was no reason for him not to contest.

Asked about the date for the leadership handover, Abdullah said this would be discussed with his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"We have not precisely agreed on the date for transition. It won't be in the next one, two or three months," he said.

On the Malaysian economy, Abdullah said it will be able to chalk up a gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 5.5 percent this year despite difficult economic challenges, especially skyrocketing oil prices.

With high crude oil prices, there was a need to postpone mega-projects and place emphasis on people-centric development projects as well as agriculture projects with immediate impact, he said. "Some projects need not necessarily be postponed but will be readjusted," he added.

To a question on the government's response to a planned protest against the increase in fuel prices next month, he said: "Allow them to protest. We will continue to do what is best for the people to deal with the higher crude oil prices," he said.

For Malaysia, as a small producer with an output of 700,000 barrels per day, it could do little compared with Saudi Arabia whose output is nine million barrels per day. "We are a small boy," he said.

To a question on reforms of the judiciary, the Anti-Corruption Agency, the police and the public delivery system, he said it was important to have the capacity to implement them.

He said it was not possible to do everything at the same time and that it would take some time.

On why there was a need to retain the Internal Security Act (ISA), he said preventive detention was important but at the same time justice was equally important. "Those who have been detained under the ISA have a chance of up to three months to have their cases reviewed through legal representation," he said.

To a question as to why there was a need for the five Hindu Rights Action Force leaders to be detained under ISA and not tried in court, he said it was not political but steps taken to prevent threats to security.

Abdullah also said the thrust of the New Economic Policy, which was replaced by the National Development Policy, would continue to be on eradicating poverty regardless of ethnic background. "But eradication of poverty will take a long time," he said.

More importantly, he said, Malaysia would strive for high growth to ensure equitable distribution of opportunities and wealth for all. "We will not take from Peter to pay Paul," he said, stressing that no group would be helped at the expense of another which was why it was important to grow the economic cake for the country. (Bernama)

***** He's spouting the same mantra just as his predecessor did, about '
eradicating poverty regardless of ethnic background' and 'ensuring equitable distribution of opportunities and wealth for all'. Dr Mahathir took us all for a long, long ride with those empty slogans and Pak Lah seems to be heading in the same direction too.

And apparently he has not softened his stance on the draconian ISA, while his unjustifiable justification for its retention merely proves his insincerity.

His belief
that we 'will be able to chalk up a gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 5.5 percent this year' seems terribly misplaced and makes one doubt his grasp on matters economic.

As for refusing to yield power without a fight, frankly it's his prerogative and in any case would you like to see Najib ascending the throne at Putrajaya any time soon? If there has to be a 'smooth transition of power' let it be from Pak Lah to Anwar Ibrahim.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luckily Big Ears dare no longer claim that the annual inflation rate is 2%

9:19 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with you, who wants Najib (Read: Rosmah Mansor) to become PM?!
Despite all of his flaws, Pak Lah is a far better choice.
And yes, if there is a smooth transition of power, let it be from Pak Lah to Anwar (or Wan Azizah as the case may be).
I hear Ku Li has announced that he has heard an East Malaysian party will "quit" BN by the end of this month! Let's hope so! Maybe this is the beginning of the "smooth transition of power" to Anwar?!

9:37 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous A.J said...

is this faith on Anwar justified, or even safe? how do we know when the PR hasn't even run a few states for longer than 1 year? what has he done, other than making promises, to prove that he is the answer for our country? I understand the anxiety of the people for "change", but we must proceed with great caution now, to not make some grave mistakes by operating on such reflexive mode. I think we'll do well by focusing on the right thing for the country, rather than the person at the right timing.

5:01 PM GMT+8  
Blogger RICHLAWNCHAIR said...

Whatever the reasons there may be...

Anwar Ibrahim will finally succeed in becoming the next Malaysian PM after all the struggles...

Soon, you will see lower oil prices and a stable economy.. believe me...

Cheers for Anwar Ibrahim..


10:53 PM GMT+8  

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