Friday, June 20, 2008

Samy Vellu Is Racist, Says Dr Mahathir!

The pot calls the kettle racist too!

Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has exposed his own deep racist sentiments by sympathising with Hindraf, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

The former prime minister said that by calling for the release of Hindraf leaders, Samy Vellu was supporting a group who represented racist Tamils who still looked to their old masters – the British – to protect them, and didn’t believe in Malaysian institutions.

“They speak not just of Indians, but of Tamils as a separate race. They and their apologists are racist to the core.

“Seeing the death and destruction inflicted on Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers, they threaten to bring this kind of violent racial politics to Malaysia,” Dr Mahathir said in a posting on his blog yesterday. (The Star)

***** Ha Ha Ha!!! The irony is that of all the people in the world, it is Dr M who is calling someone else racist!

Dr Mahathir is slowly but surely losing his bearings. If anyone, just anyone disagrees with him or accuses him of maladministration he is prepared to rubbish that person with the most ridiculous charges. Kindergarten kids do such things, not former leaders.

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Blogger Kata Tak Nak said...

He has gone cuckoo. Becareful we have a mad man in our midst.

10:57 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous MK said...

When will we get leaders who will finaly put ourselves as Malaysians first and the respective races second? the pot calling the kettle black, indeed.

11:03 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you are a professional who has ears to listen, then listen to this.

You must not just quote from a secondary source of information. You must take it from the primary source i.e, from Dr Mahathir's own blog. The Star really did not do any justice just by printing only a selected paragraphs. It would lose any coherent meaning.

I agree with TDM that Samy is a racist. As far as we Malays are concern, it started of with the Hindraf racist approach.

Why do I call them racist? Read from their memorandum la friend! Here's an extract;

1) "We fear that the peace loving Indian community of Tamil origin having been pushed to the corner and the persecution getting worse by the day may be forced into terrorism in a matter of time as what has happened to the Sri Lankan Tamils”.

2) “Appeal for United Kingdom to move emergency United Nations Resolution condemning “Ethnic Cleansing” in Malaysia”.

Have you read the memorandum? Hello friend! Ethnic cleansing??!!

Not only Hindraf is racist (they started it), they are also bunch of liars.

Even Samy Vellu (this is a fact) criticizes Hindraf in 2007. Just read the newspaper clippings in November 2007. And now, after losing the elections, he made an about turn and support the racist movement? What is this? Does Samy Vellu have anymore credibility?

And when Dr Mahathir made a stand that the Malays should stand up for their own race and defend all this unjust criticisms from other race, he was labelled a racist? We Malays see him as doing something right.

So there, you can't call someone a racist but you yourself is a racist to the core. When someone criticised your beloved Indian leader, you jumped and called him a racist instead. In the first place, it was your racist leader and some groups within your community who wanted to stir up racist sentiments by submitting a memorandum filled with lies and inflammatory remarks. Isn't that racist by nature?

Hopefully you can open your heart to my arguments. At least Dr Mahthir did not lie. Hindraf did.

11:11 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor old samy won't be getting his tunship after all :sob: :sniff:

12:02 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous cuckoo said...

he is gone cuckoo, you can see that lately he bring up many issue to attack pak lah and almost every accusation that he made actually reflect himself..i found something interesting about RapidKL issue.. quoted from

"Tun Mahathir first brought up the issue of Rapid KL in his posting on his blog of 10 June 2008 in which he did not disclose that his son-in-law was involved in MTrans. In response, I had a number of questions for him in relation to the role of his son-in-law and himself as Prime Minister at the material time.

I am also glad that he has finally admitted to his role in the awarding of a monopoly of the Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya monorail projects to MTrans when his son-in-law was involved with the said company. If the shoe was on the other foot i.e. if it had been a relative of Pak Lah at that time and if it was Pak Lah who had awarded the monopoly, the accusations and allegations would be endless.

Maybe in future, before Tun Mahathir and others of his kind want to accuse Pak Lah or his family of nepotism then it would be wise for him to appreciate the numerous reasons that make up the possibilities. He himself seems to be able to make up countless reasons to defend himself. Reasons he thinks should be good enough for everyone, but when Pak Lah gives reasons for the decisions he makes it is never good enough for Tun Mahathir and friends. WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARDS?

Ironic that he uses the term ‘my son-in-law so happens to be in the company”. Can you imagine Dr Mahathir keeping quiet and accepting an explanation like this from Pak Lah 

Remember the hoo-haa he created because Khairy Jamaluddin was an employee of ECM Libra. For him that was not on, but his (Mahathir’s) son-in-law being an employee in MTrans and a shareholder of Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure Group (KLIG) which had a direct interest in the monorail in which he awarded through direct nego to them was ok. This is what you call perverse logic.

In his latest postings he again is being selective in what he reveals and highlights, Why is Dr. Mahathir only focusing on the busses awarded by Rapid Penang when both Rapid Penang and Rapid KL are both operated by the same company? Why does he point out that SCOMI got 70 busses out of 150 busses? Why doesn’t he highlight the fact that RapidKL awarded 1200 busses in KL and 150 in Penang and Scomi got a total of 355 busses out of 1350 busses and even then 160 of these busses was awarded to Mtrans when his son-in-law was involved (way before SCOMI bought into the company)

Selective memory or selective persecution ?

As to halting the Putrajaya monorail network, he of all people should know that it was stopped by the current administration because the traffic required just did not make this a viable venture. It would not be prudent of the government to justify spending the amount of money required to sustain the monorail for Putrajaya.

Tun Mahathir should thank his lucky stars that during the time he was PM (especially the early days) he was spared the constant vigilance of bloggers. The mainstream media he could and did suppress. Otherwise the litany of allegations in many commercial ventures where he is said to have influenced decisions in favour of his family and friends would have been endless.

Anyway I wish none of his other alleged scandals will surface, I wish him luck !!!"

2:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous sandyow said...

Mahathir will always be Mahathir.... *sigh*

On another note I was updating myself again on the Rapid KL issue. You know, the posting where Tun M accuses Pak Lah of nepotism (says Khairy is involved in Rapid KL, yada yada). It tickles me to death to read that CheDet's subsequent post, he ACTUALLY admitted that he granted monopoly to his OWN son-in-law pulak! Aiyoh.

Such double standards. He accuse Pak Lah, but Mahathir buat boleh pulak?

2:49 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kucinghensem said...

Look interesting in your comment mr cuckoo.. I just read the sentences at stephendoss.blogspot that you took from..This is the point that we must to know because it is look like Mahathir did not disclose that his son-in-law was involved in MTrans and others about Rapid KL..what ever point that he give rise to attack Pak lah,but lastly he will trapped by himself..Agree?

3:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Adam C said...

the thing about taking from the primary source itself is this : u get a host of contradictory statements from the man himself. his latest admission on the RapidKL issue is one. So please just look a little deeper elsewhere before jumping on his bandwagon.

3:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous suziati said...

Kettle calling the pot black. Very accurate description!

From Tun "threatening judges" to "calling Samy racist". And coming back to Rapid KL issue recently. From that blog posting on chedet, it is apparent he admitted that his son in law was
also involved in the Rapid KL (something that was "clearly" missing in his first posting). It is also great we have other parties exposing another side of ANY story. I find it very difficult to trust what chedet says from nw on, time after time issues like this crop up.

4:05 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This SOB mamak, is the mother of all racist. This Mamak Mahathir learned that when you divide and rule, you get to rule in an iron fist manner. Bloody Barisan Nasional is actually a bloody divide and rule chain of command. The other component parties are the lapdogs of Mahathir.
This mamak, is actually a bloody corrupted sore loser. When he was at the helm, he used ISA and put everyone into the Jail. He hates Chinese so much. He hates the Indians. He criticizes the Jews, the West and the Arabs.
Mahathir is a person who runs the country in an authocratic manner.
I used to have symphathy for this guy. however this SOB is getting more senile and cranky.
He ravaging and destroying the country.

7:03 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mahatir [sic] and samy must be arrested for treason and serve solitory confinementsentences till kingdom come.

The evidence against these two traitors to the republic is voluminous.

(Don't believe in the death penalty or the ISA...)


8:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is like the pot calling the kettle black.

We all know that you are a racist. You talk about Malay Malay Malay. When other talk Indian and Chinese, they become a racist.

You work on divide and rule strategy. During you time, you made all BN component parties your lapdog. We know Mahathir you were brilliant at playing your cards. Not many leaders can play as well as you. You were a fighter.

There is saying that goes what goes around, comes around. You were a mamak who optimizes your gain using Malay name. Now you have a true Malay who is thinking like a proper Malay and you can't accept it.

Remember mamak's like you are foxes. In dubai, the mamak's there consider themselves as arabs. Why? Got privilege. Why not as Malays? No privilege. Would you called that as racist. No.

Another mamak. Reezal Marican. Skin colour shows he is indian. His bloods shows he is indian. What is he shouting for?Malay.

Mamak mahathir. Long story cut short. It is like the pot calling the kettle black.

9:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello jebatmustdie,
you must be the the greatest fucking racist in Malaysia.
Did it ever occur to you the Malaysians Indians were hardly getting any damn thing out of the goverment compared to the bumiputras. Why, aren't the malaysians indians citizens of this country who have faithfully voted for the BN on every general elections. What did they get in return from the goverment or MIC. They got fuck all.
HINDRAF was fighting for basic rights not asking for super rights like the malays. Is it a sin to ask for basic rights. Is it an offence to assemble without weapons and violence to make known your problems when all and sundry have turned a blind eye and a deaf year to the plight of the malaysian indians except the opposition. When you deny the Indians practically everything, the sum total is equivalent to ethnic cleansing, though not in the real sense of it.
About 50 years ago or earliar when the handful of doctors in Malaya then were almost all indians who went out to the kampongs among other places and treated the malays for malaria or other death threatening dieseases. Were they racist. If they were jebatmustdie could not be alive here today. Just compare this to the malay ball pen doctors at one time. I think Mahathier himself called them such because they refuse to touch patients of other races with their hands. Luckily not all but there were such Drs.
If Mahathir claims to be a good leader he could have uplifted the economic plight of the indians during his 20 over years of his rule, at least to a resonable or justifiable level. But, back then both Mahathir and Samy were buddies and both ignored the plight of the indians. Mahathir who is trying to regain some percentage of popularity is just using a racial line, which is typical of him.
Lots of people in Malaysia knows who are the real liars n hypocrates. Last not least, malaysian indians had contributed significantly to the economy of malaysia for decades. Either the govt has forgotten this or have become ignorant of this truth.
HINDRAF would not have emerged if the govt have looked after the indians reasonably well, neither would HINDRAF garner so much support from a large section of the indians, be it racist or otherwise.

12:15 AM GMT+8  

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