Friday, June 13, 2008

Raising Fuel Prices An Inevitable Move, Says Pak Lah

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today he hoped the people would understand that the government's move to raise fuel prices recently was inevitable.

He said the government had to up the price of petrol by 78 sen to RM2.70 per litre and the price of diesel by RM1 to RM2.58 per litre on June 5 though it was never its intention to burden the people.

"The price of crude oil in the global market is continuing to rise and the government has been forced to increase its fuel subsidy," he said when addressing community leaders and senior government officers at a lunch in conjunction with his one-day visit to Kelantan today.

The prime minister said that though the government had to continue subsidising the rising fuel prices, it would not raise them again this year.

"We understand the problem faced by the people and are doing everything possible to ensure that the recent increase in fuel prices will not further burden them, and we give the assurance that the fuel prices will not be raised again (until the end of this year)," he said.

He said he would elaborate on the issue of higher fuel prices at his meeting with the people scheduled for tonight at the Kelantan Poverty Foundation in Padang Kala here. (Bernama)

***** Pak Lah - between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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Blogger Letting the time pass me by said...

Saya rasa kita kena MOGOK..

MOGOK kerja selama seminggu dan teruskan sehingga kerajaan menurunkan harga minyak..

Mintak semua majikan bersatu hati dalam menjalankan mogok ini..

Jadikan mogok ini agenda negara…

MOGOK nie lagi bagus, kau tak payah nak duduk berkumpul dekat PWTC ke KLCC ke, just tak payah datang ofis… duduk kat rumah aje sambil tengok TV… tak de risiko kena sembur gas pemedih mata dan air kimia dan tak dikejar FRU atau Polis….

5:51 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

Of course it was inevitable!
With the BN in power, what do you expect? With the Sleeping PM at the head of the Bn what do you expect?!

7:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course it was inevitable! So do giving contracts to members of your own family, including the Iraq oil-for-food scandal

9:31 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Stefan said...

Good Job! :)

7:31 PM GMT+8  

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