Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Muslim Doctors In The UK Asked To Remove Veil While Treating Patients

Muslim women doctors in the UK must remove their face veil while treating patients, according to new guidelines issued by the General Medical Council, which regulates the country’s medical profession.

The GMC said doctors should be prepared to set aside personal and cultural preferences so that they don’t compromise on patient care.

The Council, in its new document “Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice” said doctors must be open about procedures they object to because of their beliefs, such as abortion. “Some patients, for example, may find that a face veil worn by their doctor presents an obstacle to effective communication and the development of trust.”

Women could wear the hijab, which covers the head, but not the face. The Muslim Council of Great Britain supported the GMC guidelines, saying that female Muslim doctors have a responsibility to put patient care first. (DNA)
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Anonymous apostate said...

personally i would not want to be treated by a doctor like that in the picture!

4:29 PM GMT+8  
Blogger DIASPORA said...

The person in the picture could be anyone. Even Saddam Hussein Returned !!!!.

There are times when people go to the extremes in the name of religion. Why do specimens like that in the picture ever take up Medicine as a profession instead of working in the Abbatoir where the animals may not be able to differentiate him or her from the butcher.

In poit of fact the Superintending Authorities of the Hospital concerned have " NO BALLS !!!" if they allow such specimens called Doctors to work or come even one mile near the hospital concerned.

This Doctor should be treating men like Saddam Hussein; Assad or King Saud. They will admire him or her for their fervent religious beliefs. Not the British public.

3:43 PM GMT+8  

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