Monday, March 17, 2008

Sikh Youth Declares Support For Pak Lah

The Sikh Youth Association of Malaysia has declared its full support for Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, saying that the Prime Minister had always been attentive to their needs.

President Malkith Singh said the association had met the Prime Minister three times in the past two years, including twice last year over grouses and problems of the Sikhs.

“We are a small community of about 150,000 people, yet the Prime Minister has never turned us down. He personally met us and heard our grouses on matters such as recruitment into the army and police force, intake into public universities and temple problems,” he said

He said that following the meeting and based on feedback from the Sikh community and temples, the intake of Sikh students (who came under the Indian quota) into public universities and recruitment of Sikhs into the police force had increased.

Malkith Singh said it was also easier now to obtain the permit to bring in priests from abroad, and the validity of the permit had been extended from three to five years.

The association held its annual sports event called the holla mahalla yesterday at the Federal Territory Youth and Sports Complex in Kampung Pandan here which saw 3,000 people participating.

They hung banners with the words Kami menyokong penuh kepimpinan Pak Lah and Hidup Barisan Nasional (We fully support the leadership of Pak Lah. Long live Barisan Nasional). (The Star)

***** If Anwar were to become the Prime Minister next month you can be sure that these very people who today 'support' Pak Lah and proudly proclaim
Hidup Barisan Nasional, would make a quick u-turn and shift their loyalty before you can say 'about as useful as a chocolate teapot'. For such are the travails of the ultra-minorities.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These minority kampung sikhs are just like the demonstrating Penang mamaks.

1:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sikh youth just grateful to have what they wanted from the PM. How about other minorities?
On the other hand, if there was a BA/BR federal govt, would they not get the same or more than from BN?
Sikhs and other minorities - Think about it.

2:08 PM GMT+8  
Blogger psc said...

majority of the sikhs do not suppourt the statement made by malkith is his personal opinon. is the guy looking for a datoship.

3:12 PM GMT+8  
Blogger SinghKulim said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:03 PM GMT+8  
Blogger SinghKulim said...

Dear Blog owner,

The comments made here are not representative of a sane mind.These are very racist in nature, and a shame upon Malaysians.They are obviously from a bunch of naive and moronic low life failed individuals.

The history of India clearly states that if not for the Sikhs, the fate of India would have been totally different.That is history- finito.

Comming back to this blog, for the benefit of all,a statement was made from one individual representing one organisation.Other minorioties can make their OWN statements.

Like other races, there are Sikhs who support the BN and those who dont.

In democracy everyone is free to make their reasonable comments without racist, foul infected mouth comments like we have seen here.These are not acceptable.I would call on the OWNER of the BLOG to remove them at once, otherwise.. through a police report is the only recourse is the legal alternative.

I am sure I can make far beyond laughter threshold comments about other races,but I believe I am too dignified, mature and civil to do such.

I hope the owners would take this seriously.

11:30 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Jagdev Singh C said...

i am a sikh and i do not agree with malkiths views regarding sikhs being staunch bn supporters, he should have just kept his mouth shut and left the politics to samy vellu!

1:56 PM GMT+8  
Blogger SinghKulim said...

Dear Malaysian,
Thank you for your prompt actions on the lowlife derisive remarks.

The Malaysian Sikhs who speak for the BN have every right as any other Malaysian Sikhs who speaks for the opposition.

That is their right.One organisation and one person as its head can only speak for himself and his oragnisation.

That is the FREEDOM that can be enjoyed under democracy.

However, it cannot be interpreted as, that one person speaks for an entire nation or Community.

Sikhs are a very vibrant part of the Malaysian Society, and despite their smaller numbers, there are FOUR SIKH representing the opposition in the parliament.

So the foul mouthed lowlifes perhaps were full of verbal diarrhoea, infected with cancerous disease, when they tried to tarnish a whole comunity of law abiding loyal citizens of Malaysia.

2:25 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Dear SinghKulim, glad to oblige.

2:39 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man who spoke, only spoke for himself and his band of dumbwitted cronies, NOT for the organisation and definitely NOT for every right thinking Sikh who loves this nation. The entire event was stage managed. He received a call from Mrs. KJ herself asking him to give support. So desperate!! Even the banner was brought by the Badawi fan club. Truly shameless!!! The Sikhs of Malaysia should not support an administration which condones demolition of places of worship in a highhanded manner, corruption, nepotism, cronyism apathy and every thing else that is wrong with the Badawi leadership. Just becos he has thrown some bread crumbs at these people, they want to declare support for him. These are our rights not a privelege he is giving us. very short sighted leadership by this Malkit S fellow. Hope he does not regret it soon. Hidup Pakatan Rakyat!!

3:49 PM GMT+8  

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