Sunday, March 09, 2008

Indefinite Jail For Indian-Origin 'Osama Bin London'

Indian-origin Briton, Mohammed Hamid, who was recently convicted in the UK as a major recruiter for Islamist extremism, has been sentenced to indefinite imprisonment for public protection.

Hamid, 50, of east London, allegedly organised secret training camps, one of which was attended by the four failed suicide bombers of 21 July 2005.

Hamid on Friday was jailed for seven-and-a-half years - but told he would not be released until he had reformed.

Hamid was born to Indian parents in Tanzania, and later moved to England. He grew up in Batley, Yorkshire.

The trial judge at the Woolwich Crown Court Justice Pitchers also jailed Hamid's accomplice Atilla Ahmet, who made hate speeches alongside Hamid, for six years and 11 months.

The Imprisonment for Public Protection sentence against Hamid was the first use of the powers in a terrorist case.

The police say that Hamid, who once described himself as "Osama bin London", played a crucial role in grooming young men for terrorism and possible training overseas.

Justice Pitchers told him: "Mohammed Hamid, you are, in my judgement, dangerous. You can be quite genuinely amusing and charming. You also have real knowledge of the Koran and Islamic teaching. However, that is only one side of you.

"You used your charm and knowledge of the Koran to influence others to terrorism. I believe you have sent trainees to Afghanistan. You continue to be a danger, not directly from your own actions, but from your ability to persuade others by criminal actions to commit terrorism offences themselves."

Hamid was found guilty of three counts of soliciting to murder and three counts of providing terrorism training.
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