Friday, March 21, 2008

25 Malay NGOs Form Group To 'Unite' Malays. An Exercise in Futility?

A group of 25 Malay non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Thursday set up a Malay unity action body to help unite Malays regardless of political ideology to safeguard their interests and the sanctity of Islam, the panel's protem chairman, Osman A. Bakar, said tonight.

He said it was important to make the Malays realise that unity among them was eroding, as was evident from the outcome of the March 8 general election.

"The disunity is also causing government policies meant to safeguard the interests of Malays, such as the New Economic Policy (NEP), to be questioned," he told Bernama.

It was important to make the Malays realise what would happen to them if this disunity was not addressed immediately, he said.

Osman said all Malay and Muslim leaders regardless of political ideology would be invited to attend a gathering in Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya soon to discuss how to remain united and cooperate for the interests of the community, religion and country. He said the action body would also set up a network of Malay unity action groups towards fostering Malay unity nationwide as an ongoing process.

Asked what approach the action body would use, Osman said it was not a pressure group but more of a body to coax the people to be aware of the current political developments for the survival of the community in Malaysia.

Osman said the body would also encourage dialogue between the Malays and other communities in the country.

"This is in accordance with the plan of the body to enhance national unity and goodwill among the communities," he said, adding that this would be done through dialogues with the various NGOs and religious groups in the country. (Bernama)

***** I don't know who the other jokers behind this 'Malay unity' Utopia are, but to me it smells like rank opportunism, an attempt to ingratiate themselves into the good books of either or both the opposing factions, obtain some free, favourable publicity and hopefully capitalise on any positive 'returns' that may come their way.

These guys are still stuck in the old-mode unity drivel emphasising religion and the NEP. They are putting their hopes on 'uniting' the Malays by dividing the country. The same old bangsa, agama dan negara cliché which the majority have clearly rejected. Matters have gone beyond that and the legitimate leaders of the Malay community are now confronting issues of national unity and stability, plundering of the economy and
widespread corruption practised in the name of maintaining Malay supremacy.

People are fed up with the worn-out and meaningless platitudes used in the past to deceive them and are aware that the time is now for genuine quality change. There won't be many takers for another 'Malay unity' sandiwara.
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Anonymous SM said...

It's pretty clear who's behind this. UMNO!
The Street Demos (remember the PM & his DPM said it's not our custure when HINDRAF had their Street Demos?)& now this "sandiwara"...we know who's behind this. After all that has happened (i.e. the 12th GE), they still think the Malaysian Public is so stupid! Will they ever learn?

11:55 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Letting the time pass me by said...

We need a New Economic Agenda Malaysia, yang boleh jamin bahawa semua rakyat boleh dapat biasiswa, dapat melanjutkan pelajaran, dapat kerja, aku tak nampak kenapa kita harus tolak idea tersebut... Yang penting semua orang boleh cari makan dan boleh dapat bantuan dan semua tender diberi dengan adil... Tak kira la melayu ke, cina ke, india ke, kadazan ke, Iban ke, kita semua kena hidup dan kita semua nak hidup dengan selesa.. So hopefully we can have a new economic agenda to address all these issues....

12:27 PM GMT+8  
Blogger bayi said...

Same old story along the racial lines. When will this ever end?

12:30 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Purple Haze said...

Was just trying to imagine in the USA or UK if the majority white folks decided to form an NGO to "unite" the white people in similar vein to this bunch.

Wonder what this group would think of that.

12:33 PM GMT+8  
Blogger CY said...

All I want to say is

NGO... Really?

12:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

on this score I think as a responsible realistic blog the Malaysian should not even have featured this clearly time wsting nonsensicaal piece of terrible news, coz soon enpugh of reading such moronic happenings your readers might get infected with the same disease

1:25 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiyoh. Dunno what's with this "Malay unity". As if people are attacking the Malays. UMNO does not equal the Malays. It has 3mil members. That's hardly representative of our 24mil population.

7:33 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when umnowallas gather in the street then it is called 'Perhimpunan' when other groups gather it is called 'street demonstration'

The former is good culture and the later is not our culture' from the dictionary of the BN morons.

10:26 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the real jerks and opportunists that divide Malaysians and they rear their ugly heads when their interests ate threatened.


1:03 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiyah!! Enough of this Malay unity thing-lah.For hundred of years u guys r doing real fine until UMNO came in n spoilt the whole thing. Should think more on Malaysian unity in supporting a just n fair society n w our democratic right kick out those blood suckers.

6:44 PM GMT+8  

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