Saturday, June 23, 2007

Don't Encourage Cowards

I read this interesting bit in today's TheStar.
Nanyang Siang Pau reported that a student pursuing a computer engineering course at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Johor fears for his safety and wants to change his course and go to another university elsewhere.

Hou Kang Neng, 20, reportedly said he was worried about the state of crime in Johor.
***** With this attitude and remarkable display of shameless cowardice, the 'prognosis' for this fellow is gloomy. For heaven's sake man, if you're going to run at every scent of trouble, then something is seriously wrong with you. Either get yourself an extra backbone or go for a psychological assessment.

Simple reasoning dictates that one should take precautions in the midst of adversity and danger. 'Don't go out alone or at odd hours,' should not be too difficult for a varsity student
pursuing a computer engineering course to understand. If this is not enough to soothe your overactive fears, then stay indoors all the time. After all you're there to study and not play snooker at 3 AM.

I hope the authorities won't give in to irrational excuses like the above and agree to transfer such spineless cowards. This young man is probably the product of an over-protective family who has been sheltered from the realities of the outside world for so long.

Nanyang Siang Pau could do better to highlight the state of crime in Johor than encourage young men to turn tail when confronted by hardship or misfortune.

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Blogger team BSG said...

doesn't that say a lot about many who has migrated ?

or the mantra that defence is the best attack
etc etc etc?

11:19 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiyah, Cinabengs are all cowards, lah...we all know that. Kiasu....Kiasi.
Serves them right for voting MCA.

5:10 PM GMT+8  
Blogger MarinaM said...

Aren't we rushing to be judgemental here? There must be more to this story than is reported. Maybe he's already been traumatised by something that's already happened.

11:12 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Quite true, Marina, quite true. Mea Culpa.

11:27 AM GMT+8  

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