Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sarawak CM's Spin: Giving Special Privileges To Bumis Is Not Favouritism

Spoken like a politician. This is even better than Dr Mahathir's story about 'weak and incapable' Malays. If you were to believe this geriatric leader's take on the special privileges, apparently the non-Malays are totally 'ignorant' of the matlamat of the Never Ending Policy! When I read this Bernama report my first reaction was, "just who is this guy trying to kid?" I'm not sure if it was intended for the non-Malays because none are going to even start believing it. It can't be for the Malays for many of them privately know it otherwise. Then it must be just for the record. That it is now openly admitted by Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud (pic. In blue shirt) that he is all for the conscienceless, uninterrupted continuation of the NEP although it is said that most of the filthy rich beneficiaries of Sarawak's notorious corruption under his rule are not Malays. For safe measure this overstaying pemimpin raises the spectre ala Dr Mahathir of May 13 1969.

Among the other laughable claims and statements is that Sarawak civil servants were generally clean and dedicated in serving the people and that he likened corruption to termites that could ruin the society's moral fabric. Look who's talking!

You can read the full Bernama report HERE.
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Anonymous outsider said...

Abdul Taib Mahmud's middle name really should be "Tahi" because he talks shit. It really would be funny, especially where he likened corruption to termites that could ruin the society's moral fabric, if not for the part that the NEP is "to ensure the country does not face big income gaps that will make the people fight each other" -a staple UMNO threat and scare tactic directed at non-Malays. I am no Keadilan member and I have my doubts about Anwar Ibrahim but now that DSAI has announced his intention to come back into active poltics non-Malays should vote Keadilan in order to present this country with a 50th anniversary present - a two-party political system, like in the US.

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