Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New York Police Department In Tune With The Times.

The New York Police Department has appointed a 24-year old young Imam to counsel Muslims in the force in faith and other matters.

Imam Khalid Latif, 24, a member of the Sunni Muslim sect, was appointed on Monday as the city's newest police chaplain.

"It is my hope that I can use this position as a means to educate not only the members of the New York City Police about truly what Islam stands for, but also the New York City community as a whole," Latif said.

Those who work for the New York Police Department are not required to disclose their religion but Police Commissioner Ray Kelly estimated that thousands of Muslims work for it. "For a young man, he has an impressive list of accomplishments," Kelly said of Latif, who has served as a chaplain and adviser at Princeton University and New York University.

Latif holds a master's degree from Hartford Seminary. He is the second Muslim chaplain at the department. (Times Of India)

***** It is a good idea to have chaplains or their equivalent of various religions, especially those of minorities, attached to the police and other departments. Of course such a scenario will probably not be seen in Malaysia for a long, long time, if at all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

New York police department in tune with the Times? Maybe, but I believe divine laws are more in tune with the times. Karmic repercussions are telling for example the BN coalition. A series of by elections hitting BN, first UMNO, currently MCA and of course not forgetting after, the MIC. It's telling that the karmic law is more in tune. The ancient saying, when men turn evil, the weather changes....! This is cosmic laws, not man made laws. You call it religion, I prefer spiritual laws.

3:49 PM GMT+8  
Blogger MarinaM said...

Actually, the US Army also has Muslim chaplains to minister to Muslim servicemen and women. (However there was the famous case of a Muslim army chaplain, Capt James Yee, being taken into custody in 2003 by U.S. military authorities September 10 at the naval air station in Jacksonville, Florida, while in possession of classified documents "that a chaplain shouldn't have,". However all charges against him were dropped 5 months later) Still, having Muslim chaplains is a recognition of diversity of faith, and respect.

We of course have Muslim 'chaplains' in our uniformed services (at least in the armed forces) but do we have similar for other faiths?

10:33 PM GMT+8  

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