Sunday, April 01, 2007

Corruption Tainted Outgoing ACA DG Gets "Thanks And Gratitude" From The Government!

The government bid Zulkipli Mat Noor, head of the Anti-Corruption Agency farewell with a commendation of his leadership and "proactive" work! The PM's Office said it would not be renewing his contract but "the government takes this opportunity to express the highest gratitude and thanks to Zulkipli for his 'services'," without making any reference to accusations which have hounded him the past few weeks. Zulkipli is being investigated by the police over allegations he illegally amassed substantial property and assets and misused government vehicles. Of course despite police claims of investigations being at the 'final' stages and questioned 21 witnesses, no one knows what will happen regarding the corruption, rape and abuse of power allegations.

Zulkipli, 57, joined the Royal Malaysian Police in 1949 as an officer in the Special Branch and later became its head. He was appointed chief of the Anti-Corruption Agency on April 1, 2001, on a two-year contract. It was extended three times until he reached retirement age in July 2005.

Subsequently, the contract was extended for one year until July 20, 2006, and once again for about nine months until March 31, 2007, the statement said. It did not explain why the last contract was for less than a year.

Among the praise showered on the shamed DG is this statement; "under the leadership of (Zulkipli), various proactive and renewal efforts were undertaken including upgrading the network of collaboration at the international level."

So how does this great admiration and ribuan terima kasih for him square with the complaints of serious corruption and abuse of power that he is facing? Are the powers that be going to look the other way now that he has been eased out of the DG's chair? Perhaps the sentiment of not wanting to deprive a pegawai kerajaan of his pencen is holding sway. Whatever may be the argument let us not forget that it is a great insult to the nation that the chief of the anti-corruption department himself has been alleged to be rotten to the core! Very few countries have that sort of ridiculous record.

In a report in Malaysiakini, Lim Kit Siang has stated that Malaysia’s position on the Transparency International corruption perception index took a nosedive over the course of the outgoing ACA chief’s tenure. How's that for outstanding achievement?
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Anonymous Outsider said...

A man is innocent until proven guilty - in theory at least. What else would you expect the Government to say? Thanks but no thanks for bringing the ACA into disrepute?

9:19 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Quite true Outsider. But how many outgoing senior civil servants including Sec Gens and DGs get such praises on their retirement? It would have been better for the government to have announced his leaving office without the lavish commendations which seem out of place given the ongoing investigations and in light of the serious allegations.

9:38 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Crankshaft said...

Oh dear. That's even worse.

I thought his farewell address about conducting responsibility to his level best in the MSM news was bad enough...

9:07 AM GMT+8  

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