Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Keadilan's Khalid Wanted To Hog Guthrie Shares And Anwar Supported Him," Says Najib.

I was not really surprised or disappointed about that claim by Najib. The truth is that during the good old days of Dr Mahathir many such tokoh korporat were allowed to make easy money and wealth. Money which they are still flaunting today along with the high awards and titles that were literally handed over to them on a silver platter. Greed has no race or religious limitations. It is all-consuming and powerfully addicting.

There is probably much truth to Najib's allegations and should not be dismissed as mere election talk. There are many like Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who made more than hay while the Mahathir sun shone. Some, true to the government's philosophy of creating a rich Malay corporate class stayed on to prosper and in the process helped the other less fortunate brethren. Many dwindled and withered away, let down by the lack of business skills and acumen. Some like Khalid minted while the going was good and due to reasons not known perhaps till now, cast their lot with the opposition.

If Najib's allegations are indeed true then one must reassess this man's real intentions and decide if he is a fit person to be elected to the state assembly. Biting the hand that feeds you may be good practice for certain species in the animal kingdom, but humans who do that should be carefully watched and avoided.

Read the Najib allegations HERE.
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Blogger kittykat46 said...

Was any senior government or government-linked figure at the time clean ? No. Is the government clean today ? No. This election is more about the present and the future. Of course, a candidate who committed serious unethical acts in the past is questionable. Khalid Ibrahim was a sort of crony at the time (just as ALL the major corporate figures), but I never heard of him being accused of any major misdeeds. People who worked with him, (I personally know some people who did) generally respected him as a smart, competent manager. He didn't get to his position only by being politically connected, but I can certainly believe he gained personally in various ways.

This by-election is getting very, very ugly. Violence, intimdation, tons of dirt being thrown around.
Some Mongolian heat getting to Najib ?

10:13 AM GMT+8  
Blogger A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

Kittykat 46

If you could read malay, read my latest 2 posting. Hmm ... why am I writign malay when talking of ijok

9:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous outsider said...

I recall reading the newspapers at the time about Khalid's failure to buy 20% of Guthrie because he could not come up with the money. So what's wrong with that? There is no human alive who is not greedy for one thing or another - it's just a matter of the degree of greed. But if Khalid had a brother who was the DPM at the time he probably would have got what he wanted - but maybe not in the same way that someone managed to wrest Southern Bank for himself.

10:20 PM GMT+8  

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