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M'sia Police Surpass Interpol Crime-solving Rate Benchmark. Great News, But Why Is The Crime Rate Surging?

Call it human nature, but it is always easier to believe bad news. Good news on the other hand is taken with a pinch of garam, especially when it is the government which seeks to spread the cheer.

Take the above headline in Bernama for example. According to our top cops the creditable 36.89 per cent crime-solving rate attained last year by the Royal Malaysia Police has surpassed the crime-solving rate benchmark set by the International Police (Interpol) for two consecutive years.

CID Director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee when asked to comment on negative public perception of the police force's failure to solve serious crimes, said such claims are inaccurate. "Who said the police are not doing their work. Whenever a crime occurs, some of our men do not sleep for 24 hours just to solve the case. It must be understood that to solve a case, there must be a lead or a breakthrough. The problem is when we appeal to eye-witnesses to come forward (to assist in investigations), they are scared. We give the assurance to protect eye-witnesses."

While I don't doubt the CID Director's sincerity, the fact remains that BN politicians are actively protecting certain guilty parties from prosecution by giving one excuse or another. The number of big fish who have gotten away with massive corruption, illegal palace building, preventing government officers from doing their duties, rape and other heinous acts would read like a who's who of the Malaysian elite. What can the police do in such situations except sit back and shake their heads in dismay?

The current imbroglio over the Director-General of the ACA, of all people, and his culpability in certain criminal acts is a case in point. What has been done till now? Nothing. He is still overseeing the prevention of corruption and other illegal acts in our country!! Isn't this a farcical situation? Or are all of us such duffers that we will simply nod our approval for every claim by the government that semuanya ok? If we contest the facts given by the authorities in our blogs, then we become unemployed liars.

I suspect that the reason for all this good cheer emanating from the government has something to do with the next general elections. In fact there is a Reuters report which says just that. You can read it here: Malaysia's rising crime mars govt's rosy picture.

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Anonymous aw said...

36.89% of crimes solved? More than 1/3?!


My mom's bags were snatched twice. Many friends and their loved ones also had their bags snatched before. Cars got broken into. Handphones were lost. My last car was hit by a guy who disappeared later (and I had the other guy's IC details, reg. number, etc).

Not a SINGLE case was solved. That's 100% of cases I personally know of that were reported. When you make the police report, they go through the sandiwara of asking you for details, then say, "Selepas siasatan, saya akan menghubungi anda." I *doubt* a single siasatan was done. They merely charge you the RM2 for each police report, then go for their cigarette break.

12:38 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kittykat46 said...

A family member of mine was unfortunately the victim of a serious crime. I must say that my experience with the police for this case was very positive. The CID investigated the case thoroughly and professionally. We gave the police whatever information we had, and they followed it up seriously. The perpetrators were finally caught and they are now awaiting trial.

So there are good, competent officers in the police force.

My concern is more on two specific areas. The mata-mata patrolmen are the most unmotivated members of the force and often open to "coffee-money".
At the other end of the scale are the politically-linked cases, where the police are still very much taking directions from their political masters instead of investigating possible crimes without fear or favour. So many such cases get shelved or seem to have been deliberately investigated in a sloppy manner, so that the evidence will never stand up in court.

12:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous singh said...

Its bullshit.
My daughter's college bag was snatched and a responsible citizen even managed to break the window mirror of the snatch thief's accomplice car. That was 4 years ago. A small amount of money, phone and important documents were lost. A police report was made and there has been no further news. I dismissed it as a casual robbery.
Now fours years later there is a surprise. I received a notice of unpaid phone bills for six months(its postpaid)and I am shocked. It was addressed to my house and on my daughter's name. Now I believe my daughter is a victim of identity theft. We read of this in the newspapers regularly. I dont know what other theft and fraud has been perprated by those who bought my daughters stolen IC.And my daughter was only eighteen then.I have made another report on this matter and all the police could advice is 'tell the phone company of this snatch victim case earlier to resolve the unpaid bills story'

8:01 AM GMT+8  

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