Friday, March 16, 2007

Selangor State Secretary Abets MPAJ Eyewash. What A Disgrace.

The Pandan Safari Lagoon water theme park operated for eight years illegally near the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council. One park employee drowned. Nineteen MPAJ staff, including enforcement officers, were issued show-cause letters over alleged negligence.

The result: A ‘warning’ for each officer.
That was the anti-climactic conclusion to the theme park controversy.

On Wednesday, the council’s disciplinary committee chaired by MPAJ president Mohammad Yacob, his deputy, and a councillor, met for three hours to deliberate on the fate of the 19 council employees. Yesterday, the Press was informed that a decision had been made: warnings would be issued to the officers.

The decision has sparked the wrath of residents associations, who labelled the punishment as ‘too light’.

However, Selangor State Secretary Datuk Ramli Mahmud did not share the residents’ sentiments. “I think it (the decision) was okay,” said Ramli, when asked for comments on the decision. “It serves as a good reminder for everyone else to be more diligent in executing the tasks that have been entrusted to them.”

Ramli, who had supervised the MPAJ inquiry board, said the degree of offence was not centred on any one person but collectively. “It was their failure to follow through. They did not complete their tasks,” said Ramli, who hoped that officers would carry out their duties responsibly in future.

He said although the sentences were light, it could still affect their careers. “Once you’ve made a mistake, it will always be taken into account no matter how light the sentence is,” he said.

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo was also informed of the decision. MPAJ public relations officer Norhayati Ahmad said the council president had informed Dr Mohd Khir on the same day the decision was made. “A written report had been submitted to the MB,” she said.

The theme park’s operations were exposed in January after one of its workers drowned. Following the incident, the theme park was found to be operating without a licence for eight years. (The Malay Mail)

***** Aah what a cunning move! Issue show-cause notices to the alleged wrongdoers, have an 'inquiry', pretend that the 'looking into' has been done according to rules and then let every single person off the hook. And actively aiding and abetting this sham of an inquiry is the State Secretary himself. I suspected as much when I posted about his ridiculous response on the subject in January.

Khir Toyo, according to the report has been 'informed'. Bad news. That means the whole case will be closed pronto and semuanya will be OK. Do you think for a minute that the state secretary would dare open his mouth without the tacit approval and knowledge of Khir Toyo? So being 'informed' now is also a part of the sandiwara. Strange though. The damned park has been operating illegally for eight whole years and one person died in this case of corruption-cum-serious neglect, yet all that the perpetrators got was a warning. On the other hand, Parti Keadilan firebrand Tian Chua drove recklessly and someone was slightly injured and he is being super swiftly charged for attempted murder! Speaks volumes of the commitment of this government to the fair exercise of justice.

For heaven's sake do something Pak Lah. The 'developed' state of Selangor has gone to the dogs and the toyols. Do something before it becomes too late.

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The public response to the eyewash: HERE



Anonymous Outsider said...

Eyewash? It's more like covering each others' backsides and protecting the interests of one and all in the MPAJ. It's a "you don't poke my back, I won't poke your back" culture in the MPAJ. It's the same with a lot of other town councils. Let's all lobby to bring back council elections so we can clear away all the corrupt shit in local councils.

6:17 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Outsider, I am in total agreement with you, along with 99% of the population in bringing back local council elections. But the remaining 1% made up of all the dirty politicians, civil service toadies and shameless cronies won't have any of this talk. But it is ultimately this tiny corrupt minority which will decide. Democracy in action for you!

6:27 PM GMT+8  

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