Friday, March 16, 2007

Abdullah Hits Out At Those Who Ridicule Islam Hadhari.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today hit out at those who ridicule the concept of Islam Hadhari which has been well received by all races in the country. The Prime Minister regarded those involved in such action as making a big mistake and should correct themselves.

"Islam Hadhari is an effort based on the Quran. We have had problems since the days of yore and we would rectify them, because human beings stand to be corrected," he said when launching this year's national-level Islam Hadhari Village programme at the Millennium Hall, here today.

Abdullah said Islam Hadhari was pure and would not create conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims, but would instead bring progress to the nation and ummah (community). "Muslims of different sects should also not have any problems with the implementation of Islam Hadhari principles," he added.

He said the people in this country would not face problems if they practised the Islam Hadhari principles which had attracted the interest of other Muslim nations. "Islam Hadhari carries universal values like honesty and justice, and places importance on the pursuit of knowledge, economic progress and environmental preservation, and covers all spheres of life."

He said many intellectuals, academics and religious leaders from countries including Germany, England, Australia and New Zealand had viewed the concept as practised here, from a good perspective. "Before this, Islam had often been associated with violence, which gave a negative picture of the religion among non-Muslims."

Abdullah said many Muslim countries were plagued by poverty as they could not master knowledge due to illiteracy. "Without knowledge, they remain poor and are easily swayed by other forces to the extent of committing acts which are totally against Islam. "Poverty and illiteracy result in backwardness which undermines the image of the Muslim community at large and the sanctity of Islam."

The Prime Minister hoped that Muslims could etch into history their creation of a glorious Islamic civilisation. "If a community remains backward, exploited and violated against by others, surely its history becomes an embarrassment. But if it is outstanding in various aspects, it will have a glorious history.

"To have a glorious history and civilisation, we need to have excellent human capital that is strong in all aspects. In light of this, the country aspires to create as any scientists and intellectuals as the catalysts for progress in this modern world." Abdullah said until today, there had been no Islamic superpower in this world as Muslims failed to unite and what happened in some Muslim countries should be a lesson for all.

The three-day Islam Hadhari Village programme will have various activities including an exhibition and Islamic cultural performances.

On another matter, Abdullah said the BN election machinery would be activated very soon for the Machap by-election following the death of its assemblyman, Datuk Wira Poh Ah Tiam, 55, from renal failure, yesterday. (Bernama)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Muslims of different sects should also not have any problems with the implementation of Islam Hadhari principles" -- the PM
Then why the f@ck didn't he get onto his camel and go preach his visionary cult to the Shias and Sunnis slaughtering each other in Iraq?

12:54 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And by the way, only Sunnis of the Shafie school are recognised in Malaysia. So what other sects are there to accept Islam Hadhari in this country?

9:02 PM GMT+8  

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