Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yet Another National Service Trainee Dies. What's Going On?

A National Service (NS) trainee at the training camp at the Kisana Beach Resort died at a hospital here this morning.

Camp Commander Mej Zulkarnain Abdullah said P.Prema was rushed to the Tengku Anis Hospital after she was found unconscious in a toilet at Jeram Linang here about 2.30am.

He said Prema, from Kajang, Selangor, was confirmed dead at the hospital.

She was among the 400 NS trainees from the camp undergoing training at Jeram Linang near here yesterday.

Prema was said to have gone to the toilet with a few other trainees at the training area. Her friends later came looking for Prema, who had not come out of the toilet, and found her unconscious.

National Service Training Department Director General Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil is scheduled to hold a press conference on the incident at noon today. (Bernama)

***** With chilling regularity at least one or more trainees seem to die every new session. Then we get the NS department big boys giving excuses and later our usual politicians led by the DPM Najib come out with the same reassurances. Why oh why must a young kid, someone's precious child, die at a national service camp? Beats me.

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Update: Najib Extends Condolences To NS Trainee's Family

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Anonymous mypapit said...

I suggest that trainee that died during NS should be buried with national honors with flag draped on top of their coffin.

This is not much of a request since they died in the line of serving the country by doing NS.

2:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Kaslan NII KW IX said...

yes,Malaysian government should the deceased with honours.

2:43 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Arth said...

I agree with mypapit. they should be honored as patriots.

3:07 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always wonder if the trainees who have died would still be alive today if they hadn't been selected for national service. I say, let's just scrap the whole thing. A huge waste of public funds (RM500 million) and for what? Every year, the government will give out questionaires to trainees who have completed the programme. The authorities tell us that from the questionaires, trainees rate the programme highly, they all enjoy themselves, they all have learnt a lot, they gave top marks for everything. My daughter was a national service trainee and this was what she had to say. All her friends voted for the programme to continue not because they enjoyed themselves so much, learnt a lot or socially integrated with the other races (which was the primary aim) but because they didn't want to be the only ones to have suffered and wanted others to go through the hell they went through. Others did so for fear of repercussions if they said anything negatively about the programme. Now we have all those deaths...really, the government shouldn't kid itself and be so 'kiasu'. Admit that the programme isn't achieving the set goals and end the programme now - use that money to eradicate poverty. The government shouldn't deceive itself into believing that social integration among the races can be achieved in 3 short months when it couldn't do that in 11-13 schooling years.

6:21 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is a way to twist the public fund into their own pockets. how good will it be "you tak suka NS , u keluar dari NS"

11:31 AM GMT+8  

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