Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New South Wales Education Department - As Useless And Unworthy As Our Own.

A mother who sought Education Department help amid repeated assaults on her six-year-old son by a classmate was twice told "bullying builds character", a court has heard.

Angela Cox yesterday said she was stunned by the comment which came after her son Ben was choked by a nine-year-old boy at Woodberry Public School, near Maitland, on the Central Coast.

"I was really annoyed the school hadn't done anything," she said. "(Department officer) Ian Wilson told me bullying builds character and it was a good thing."

Mrs Cox and her son Ben are suing the state, claiming the department was liable for the treatment of her son in 1995 and 1996, which left him depressed, anxious and reluctant to leave the house.

"I couldn't believe something like this could happen," she told the Supreme Court yesterday.

***** So our education department isn't the only totally incompetent one in this whole wide world. Apparently there are also specimens in other places who closely resemble our pegawai2 from the Jabatan Pendidikan, if not in skin colour at least in their attitudes, views and general stupidity.

You can read the entire report from The Daily Telegraph, HERE.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm from Woodberry where this story happened.

Our son went to Woodberry School but they taught him to do Maths backwards. Even so he scored good marks in the Basic Skills Test. Shame about him having two broken arms at the time & the teacher filled out the exam paper for him.

Yes, our education system, like our hospital & police service are in a shocking state but how our children are treated is worse. Many many not know this but in NSW one can be charged with killing a bird but not with the kidnapping & supply of little girls to a convicted paedophile.


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