Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lucky Draws For MyKad Applicants Silly! Sudden Realization By Home Minister Radzi

The government Tuesday announced the withdrawal of all lucky draws including for the grand prize of a Perodua Myvi car for MyKad applicants.

Describing the move to reward the public for applying for MyKads as "a silly thing to do", Home Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said all the prizes including the car would be donated to orphanages.

"Have to reward them to change to MyKad, have to hold lucky draws, only then the public will come. That's rubbish," he told reporters after his ministry's monthly assembly at the Immigration Department headquarters here. "It is a silly thing to do to offer something to Malaysians for them to come and change their identity cards to MyKads," Radzi said.

He said Malaysians must be responsible and sincere in getting a very important document like the identity card.

Asked whether the government was not afraid to be labelled a liar for calling off the lucky draws, Radzi said: "We do not lie. We just ask the public to forget about it."

On Aug 24, 2005, the then Home Minister Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid announced the lucky draws offering a host of prizes worth RM300,000 and a grand prize of a RM50,000 Perodua Myvi for 16 million MyKad holders and applicants before Nov 30, 2005. Azmi had said the government proposed to hold the lucky draws to spur two million Malaysians who had yet to have the MyKad to apply and not wait until the deadline of Dec 31, 2005.

Two lucky draws were held at the end of September and October, 2005, offering 80 prizes worth RM100,000 each month. The prizes included Suzuki 150cc scooters worth RM6,500 each, 29-inch televisions, digital cameras, personal computers and mobile phones. However, the final lucky draw due by the end of November, 2005, offering 80 prizes worth RM100,000 and the grand prize did not take place until today.

The lucky draws were conducted digitally with the prizes sent to the winners according to their address on their MyKad. The lucky draws did not cost the government as the prizes were sponsored by a consortium of companies that supplied MyKad hardware and software.

Radzi was silent when asked whether the Cabinet was aware of his decision.

He said to date, 500,000 Malaysians had yet to apply for the MyKad and they were mainly those at drug rehabilitation centres and mental hospitals and senior citizens. (Bernama)

****** After the few silly statements Radzi made in connection with "The Last Communist" banning debacle, he had basically lied low and avoided 'foot-in-mouth' type remarks. However one statement that he made today must be highlighted -
"We (the government) do not lie. We just ask the public to forget about it!" How wonderful! He has given a totally new dimension to the words barefaced lying.

Another point to note is that Radzi was
silent when asked whether the Cabinet was aware of his decision. So whether this 'withdrawal of lucky prizes order' is a unilateral move which may be rescinded a couple of days later or not remains to be seen. Also I think it's rather undiplomatic of Radzi to have described the whole scheme as silly as it tends to put the former Home Minister Azmi Khalid in a bad light. By the way I wonder which orphanage is Radzi going to donate the RM50,000 Perodua Myvi to?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Government made the promise and rescind?! No wonder the rest followed!

8:39 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous singh said...

Home Minister has mastered the art of David Copperfield. It was an illusion in the first place.
But, rightly why was it necessary to offer a carrot to malaysians to do what is necessary by law to be done.
Be more consistent.

8:17 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GRex said...

The lucky draw was indeed a stupid thing to begin with. But watching Radzi being questioned on TV was even better.

It turn out a promise can NOT be a promise. It can be undone with a flip of finger.

But at the end it comes down the same rant I always have. A promise being undone and still no retaliation, the PEOPLE themselves had it coming.

10:56 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiya! Why withdraw now, it's my turn to win! I purposely delayed to change my Bunga Raya Kad to Mykad just for the prize, now no more... Maybe there'll be new surprises in store for the late comers?

How nice if all government departments have prizes to give to al defaulters like Registration Department giving cars and bikes; Transport Dpt giving discount for summons; ....Hey, LHDN, think abt it, why not give late payment an incentive? How abt interest rebate for the late payment? Hehee, if ok, then everyone Gong Xi Fatt Cai lor...!!

11:43 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder if the implement of Lucky draws were approved by the Cabinet in the first place, but Radzi said it's "silly", so if they did, who were those silly?

11:45 AM GMT+8  

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