Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Crocodile Farm Denies Its Reptiles Are On The Loose.

With the 'crocodiles on the rampage' scare adding to the flood woes of our unfortunate citizens, there was some consolation when a crocodile farm in Kota Tinggi denied that its crocs are on the loose.

The Teluk Sengat crocodile farm, Monday denied rumours that some of its reptiles had escaped from their cages due to the unexpected flood in Johor. Its spokesman said the farm and the crocodile cages there were not even flooded. "As such, it is not possible that our crocodiles have escaped," he told Bernama, here Monday.

It was reported Sunday that villages in the Kota Tinggi area had claimed that 15 crocodiles from the farm were on the loose after escaping from their cages. There are about 500 crocodiles in the farm, which are bred for their meat and skin. Rumour has it today that villagers at Kampung Tembiuh, near here shot at least two crocodiles roaming in the area.

However, Kota Tinggi District Deputy Police Chief DSP Muhammad Samsuddin when contacted said the police had not received any reports on such killing.

Johor Lama Assemblywoman Asiah Ariff said she had not also received any information on villagers shooting the reptiles. (Bernama)
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