Thursday, December 28, 2006

Asia's Internet, Phone Services To Be Largely Restored Today.

If this information from TheStar (latest news) is true, then we can forget about attempting to use proxy servers as an interim measure for the current internet snarl. Read on..........

......... A Taiwanese telecommunications official has said 95% of Asia's earthquake-disrupted data transmission service and 80% of its phone service will be restored by noon Thursday.

Lin Jen-lung, vice-general manager of Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom Co also said that four ships with crews to repair the two undersea data transmission cables ruptured in Taiwan's powerful earthquake will arrive in the affected area on Jan 2.

The repair work is vital for restoring regular telephone and Internet services throughout Asia.

Earlier, Chunghwa official Wu Chih-ming said repair ships were expected to depart soon from ports in Japan, the Philippines and Singapore.

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***** In the event you still want a proxy server, an easy step-by-step 'tutorial' is available at Walski's myAsylum



Blogger walski69 said...

For those who need to reconfig their proxy, I've put together a non-geek-friendly guide on how to do it, for IE, Netscape and Firefox browsers.

The drawback of doing proxy reconfiguration is that ALL traffic gets rerouted (unless you set up exceptions). Since bandwidth is a scarce commodity these next few days, hope that we all be a little judicious with using the 'Net - like, lay off the online WoW sessions for a few days.

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