Wednesday, December 27, 2006

PM's Mystery Yacht - Turkish Company Denies Alleged RM30 Million Order.

Kobra Yatcilik Turizm ve Turizm Limited Co., a Turkish yachting and tourism company, has denied that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has placed an order for the construction of a RM30 million yacht as reported by a Turkish newspaper recently.

In a letter sent to the Hurriyet daily, the company said the article published by the newspaper on Dec 17 was false.

"The honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia does not absolutely have any order for the construction of a cruiser through our company," it said in the letter, a copy of which was sent to Bernama Wednesday.

The article had alleged that Abdullah made a refuelling stop in Bodrum, Turkey recently to inspect the construction of a boat which he purportedly had placed an order four months ago.

In the letter, the company, said "your news report that the referred stop was actually a visit for the purpose of an inspection is not authentic, is circumstantial, hearsay and false".

In the letter, the yacht company referred to an article written by Hurriyet's journalist Yasar Anter published on page 8 which had made reference to the company.

"We wish to attract your attention that this article has not only despaired our company but put us in desolation and misery.

"We wish to take this opportunity and find it our responsibility to inform you of the reality," the company said.

Abdullah had since denied purchasing the yacht, dismissing the report as a blatant lie.

"It is a lie. I don't know where it got such facts," he told reporters during his recent visit to Venezuela. (Bernama)

***** Now that the company implicated in the 'construction' of the yacht has vehemently denied the allegations, should the matter be put to rest? After all it is a question of our PM's political credibility, integrity and honesty. Whom do you believe or want to believe? A journalist from a newspaper in Turkey or your Prime Minister? The choice is yours.

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Blogger Billy said...

I strongly believe that the Turkish company must have been pressured by its own government to issue that statement, for the sake of diplomacy, as they say. Come on, you are talking about the Prime Minister of Malaysia visiting your country. Don't you think that before any article about him goes to the press, the facts must have been authenticated prior? Secondly, doesn't it sound odd that the yatch company issued the statement and not the press in a form of an apology? My gut feeling tells me that there is more than meets the eye and with the kind of credibility our government has these days, the Turkish people will need to try a whole lot more harder to convince us. As the saying goes: There is no smoke if there is no fire.

11:19 PM GMT+8  
Blogger monsterball said...

This shows Pak Lah is getting more popular and liked by the people.
Rumour mongerers will go to any extent to down grade PM out of jealousy and loyal to one who hates PM. I give you one guess who is the mastermind.
If you are smart enough to be able to know that person's character and his abilities to twist and turn cunningly and like dirty politics to survive....then you know how. This is my personal conclusion. Think about it!!

9:46 PM GMT+8  

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