Thursday, October 26, 2006

HRH Sultan Of Selangor Should Ask For MB Khir Toyo's Removal.

In the NST today: An annoyed Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has ordered palace staff to compile information from the public on errant local councilors and elected representatives, including Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros, for him to stop the hanky-panky of these officials.

***** What wonderful news this! It really made my day to know that at least the Sovereign cares for his state, when obviously the Selangor state government and the federal government couldn't care two hoots where the state is heading and what muddied and slimy corruption it is wallowing in. People like Zakaria Mat Deros are merely representative of the deeper muck and venality which rules the mind of the state government. And presiding over all this corruption is the Menteri Besar Md. Khir Toyo. It is through him that every major right or wrong decision taken on behalf of the state must pass and only with his active connivance can large-scale abuse of power take place. To not accept this fact is not to understand the reality of the political situation in the states which form the federation.

It is therefore incumbent upon His Royal Highness to obtain from trusted palace officials the unexpurgated truth and details about the activities of his MB from the time he took office and see for himself what this man has done to Selangor. There have been crooked MBs before Toyo but they have had the common sense to at least show their benevolent side to the public now and then. But this short statured pemimpin couldn't be the least bit bothered with the common man's burden and in fact has been sued several times by desperate citizens and groups and a couple of court cases are still pending.

Over the past few months I've more than had my say about Toyo and it is now up to the public to come out with instances of injustice, corruption and abuse of power by the state authorities and convey their true feelings to the palace aides as commanded by His Royal Highness. If the accusations against the MB is found to be true then the Sultan must demand that the BN remove him from office. It's not as if this politician is irreplaceable.


Blogger Billy said...

In one of my previous postings in another blog, I suggested that instead of summoning Zakaria, His Royal Highness should actually summon Toyo, him being the MB and head of the state government to be followed by a tongue lashing. Since these bunch of people are so thick skinned that a royal summon means nothing to them, then the PM should be summoned and be informed that His Highness wishes to see the entire state cabinet be removed and to move for an early state election instead. I believe His Highness has said it loud and clear, "The buck stops here!"

2:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless he is a Houdini I'd suggest Toyo quickly look for assylum in Saudi Arabia, but of course nobody will want him !

Maybe the circus ?

10:38 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

The circus? Now that's a capital idea toniXe!

5:46 PM GMT+8  

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