Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Immigration Department Gets Over 14,000 Applications For 1,366 Posts! I Wonder Why?

The Immigration Department has the daunting task starting next month of interviewing over 14,000 candidates to fill 1,366 vacancies in the department.

Immigration Director-General Datuk Wahid Mohamed Don said Wednesday the vacancies were for various levels and the department hoped to fill them by early next year.

Besides boosting personnel, the Home Ministry had also approved the construction of new quarters for the department's staff, including those in Johor Baharu, he told reporters after visiting the staff at the Johor Causeway here today. He urged the staff in Tanjung Puteri to be patient because they would be moving to more comfortable premises when Gerbang Perdana was ready next year.

He also announced opportunities for non-graduate immigration officers with excellent and long service to be promoted to the graduate scale of KP41 to 54.

The Public Service Department would issues a circular on the promotion scheme soon, he said.

**** Its nice to know that the Jabatan Imigresen is sooo very popular among our potential pegawai2 kerajaan. What is it that the young fellas applying for these posts find so attractive about the department? The challenges of safeguarding the nation from the entry of undesirables from a dozen and a half impoverished countries? The satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of the economy by being a sentinel (along with their brother pegawai in Jab. Kastam etc) against the smuggling of humans and contraband across our borders? The sacrifices which they consider their duty to King and country and the long hours of hard work they are willing to put in to ensure that our citizens are actually citizens and not orang asing wolves in warganegara's clothing? How laudable indeed!

I'm sure that all of them have purely altruistic motives. I'm positive that it has nothing to do with perks, 'fringe benefits' or any 'inappropriate advantages' that may well be dangled in front of them during the course of their duties. I have as much confidence in the incoming pegawai2 as I have in the present group already 'serving' to the best of their ability. Jabatan Imigresen Boleh!


Blogger mob1900 said...

Probably the Brand BMW comes to mind ever since Customs Dept revealed they have customs officers in these 'confiscated' goods put into great use, i.e. for chasing smugglers around. Life on the fast lane if you ever get into Customs!

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