Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Africans In Malaysia - An Increasing Menace.

AFRICANS are no longer just customers at brothels in Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Bintang area – now many of them are the ones running the business, Harian Metro reported.

The daily said many Africans have been running some of the brothels since the middle of the year. It is understood that they could earn up to RM1,000 a day as pimps compared to their previous job of selling watches and leather products.

A survey by the Metro team found that the awang hitam (black guys) gang loitered around the area and sat in front of brothels. They offered prostitutes in their premises only to foreigners, as it is easier to make a bigger profit, the paper said. The Africans are also rich enough to spend thousands of ringgit every month on rented cars to chauffeur prostitutes from their homes to the brothels.

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Kamal Pasha was quoted as saying that many of them continue to live a life of crime as they had no proper occupation. He said the crime rate involving Africans was lower this year than last year as there had been more operations conducted by the police at their usual haunts.

**** I remember a diplomat from an African country who a couple of years ago reminded the Malaysian media not to generalise and refer as 'African' to whoever is charged for a crime hailing from that continent but specify the nationality. Fair enough. But how many of us can differentiate say a Nigerian from a Kenyan? Therefore I have no choice but to refer here to those from sub-Saharan Africa as 'Africans.'

They are increasingly becoming a menace especially in KL and Selangor. I know that most of us don't harbour racist feelings against these people and like all nationalities are welcome to come here and spend their vacation or get an education in our institutes of higher learning. But what they apparently are doing is nothing but abusing our hospitality and taking advantage of our openness. There is no reason why so many of them should be involved in crime if their real purpose here is to get an education.

Confidence tricksters among them are a dime a dozen and now it looks like they've 'diversified' and branched into prostitution. What next? The numbers racket? Bank robbery? Hired assassin? Weapons smuggling? The possibilities are endless and these people have no lack of genius.

Not that our own people are saints. Our monkeys have recently been caught in Taiwan, smuggle drugs into Australia, work illegally in Japan and do menial jobs on the sly (while on tourist visas) in Chinese restaurants in the US and Canada. But they are not part of any official programme bringing our slime into those countries. I wonder how many of these nationals of African countries are here as part of the South-South Cooperation schemes that were signed when Dr Mahathir was PM?

If they are here as semi-permanent residents for reasons other than as students or bona fide businessmen, then it is time our government took a firm decision and pack them home before they cause more trouble and misery here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I *am* wary of them. They seem to hang around in the day time with nothing to do.

They also don't wear business clothes that might indicate at least they are legitimate businessmen (and hence not inside an office)

Plus, there were 2 fights involving Africans at my very own peaceful condo. Police were called in.

12:09 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Alex said...

woohoo... pimp daddies. wearing sean john? haha

3:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Tang said...

There's one hawker centre where this african guy always walk up to patrons as they are eating to sell wrist watches. The best part is, its happening hardly 20m away from the pondok polis!

4:31 PM GMT+8  
Blogger KadidiaTerri said...

you wrote: But how many of us can differentiate say a Nigerian from a Kenyan?

would it be asking to much to refer to their passports?

7:42 AM GMT+8  
Blogger KadidiaTerri said...

Generalizations are deeply insulting.

You said you can't tell a Kenyan from a Nigerian. That's fair, I can't sometimes can't tell an Indonesian from a Malaysian.

The BBC managed to make differentiations when they said "This latest group of detainees is said to be made up of people from Liberia, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone."

During my three year stay in Malaysia, I've met Africans but most are from Islamic countries in West Africa. Maybe that is because I am a Muslim and I don't frequent areas where there are brothels etc. The Africans I meet are students and professors and Qur'an teachers. They are Mothers and Fathers and smiling children and neighbours.

Please look at them as they are. The Africans are like the Asians and the Europeans. They do not all represent the same culture, religion or WAY OF LIFE. Believe it or not, many are an asset to Malaysia.

7:51 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled into this page by mistake and I've found it to be the most disgusting nuisance ever to be created on the internet. RACISM is fast becoming an obsolete issue in the world today...and here you are saying stupid things just to further destroy the name "Africa". If you're too jobless to notice that there are still many genuine Africans also living here in your so called wonderful bukit bingtang...then I guess you're simply a "yellow monkey" as caucasian would rightly call all you racist nincompoops.
There's no doubt that certain unpatriotic Africans are committing hideous crimes in this country...but then what is your police doing about it. If it's really a menace to you...then get hold of them and deport them. That's a better thing to do than to spend time on this bloody blog to say trash about the name "Africa". There are millions of nice, decent and principled Africans alive today...therefore, saying trash like this affects them too. You have to respect that...if you call yourself a human being (of course, I sometimes doubt that everyone in asian is human). I've never been this upset about something like this...but it seems like you (I mean all of you who has made nasty comments) have this racist feeling that Africans are bad...fuck off...I blame the media for all this nonsense, however, if your sorry personalities can't do the right thing by having a neutral mindset about Africa...then you might as well be confirming my belief that most asians are retarded. In case you don't get that...ASK YOUR MOTHERS

2:12 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn Monkey ass colourless Asian's .. Tell me how many skin colors we got in the world today .. Black and white .. Racist Asians, tell me what you are ? Colourless , Odourless Gas like Hydrogen Gas ..

3:45 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realised all they show on TV programs about the African are sometimes true, but it doesnt apply to all of them.
Some African countries are poor, while many are rich. but these press publish out only the poor countries in AFrica, they dont publish the many other rich countries. Africa is the richest country in the world, based on the fact that they have the most of all natural resources. They are gifted with this.

Check it out, many of the Africans here are rich, but many of them disguise like they have nothing because they are afraid of the indians gangsters. Many of them have snashed their bags and rob their houses. And when they carry these case to the police, the police do nothing to it because they are Africans, the police just bury the case and case closed! That is very bad.

Many of the Africans, they have killes here and they just close the case like that because they are Black. Thats very bad!

I dont support my country malaysia for that. I'm a deep and pure muslim and wont support bad issues unlike the muslim for mouth and not for mind.

12:28 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

most of the Africans here have been robbed by the 'so-called' indian gangsters. So, why would you expect them to dress like somebody who has money?

Not only robbed by the indians, many of them have also been killed. And when their fellow Africans take the matter to court, they just bury the case and put all the blame on the African with an ungenuine reason because they are Africans. This is Disgusting. I'm not proud to be a malaysian!!! wicked souls we are malaysian!

12:32 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We Malaysians are not being fair, especially the police. the police lay false allgations on the innocent africans. Sometime ago, three Malaysian raped an innocent Africans lady; when her Fellow Africans detected this, they report to the police station instantly. They drag the issu for some months and they bury the issue just like that. The police told three of rapist that, 'dont worry, the case will be seetled, after all, they are Africans and you are malaysian'.

This is bad for a Muslim country.

12:37 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to all of those nice guys who want to appear as good, loving people i should say that you are going nowhere with your idiotic emotions. You refuse to admit that generally Africans are more likely to commit crimes, and conduct immortality and evil actions. Well you are simply fooling yourselves by closing your damn eyes on truth. Have you ever asked yourselves, why some people say Africans commit crime? Do you think it's accidental? No!!! Why nobody say such things about Mongolians or Japanese or even Europeans?
I don't understand you so many people are afraid to criticize Africans. While you always talk about Indonesian and associate all of them to crime, which is not true.

7:33 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted by the way Malaysians generalise people..sad to say, we are one of the most racist nation.How easy to point finger and blame the minorities in the country for social problems.do you mean to tell me that without black people in Malaysia, there will be no problems with prostitutions etc.

What colour of the skin they have should really not matter. The number of students who travel thousands of miles in search of a better future (by ths i mean to gain foreign exposure by studying and living abroad)only return home to be dissapointed and in most case totally hating the way we treat them.

I have many friends from African countries and i have personally witnessed the way Malaysians discriminate againts them. I have been asked many a times why i am friends with them. Many even say that they are scared of them..It's so bloody sad. Just put yourself in a foreign land. Will you like it if people treat you the same way? And what the hell is it with the title 'Awang HItam'??? i have read many reports on Malay newspaper on these innocent victims.I wonder, is there a name to to refer to the Indians, Chinese and others in this country.
Please learn to be more tolerant. Practice what you preach..the colour of your skin and where you come from does not make you who you are...

12:22 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh for fucks sake, u'r truly a talentless idiot.WTF reason taking time 2 write these dumb shits about Africans?why u dont take ur time go fuck d stupid Malaysian girls,dirty yellow stinky pussy,ass & lick them all.Dirty animal.Ok.Are d dot head muslim or the camel muslim?I think d stupid of them, they all same."camel fucker"?u assholes. terrorrist are crazy, flying planes in2 building & wiping ur asses wit ur left hand "nasty fuck"

d best part of u has obviously ran down the crack of ur mommas ass & wound up as d brown stain on d mattress.I coul'v been ur momma but d family dog beat me up d stairs.

11:29 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an African-American and was thinking of visiting Malaysia, but now I am having second thoughts. I cannot believe what I just read. People are still so recist? It's just so shocking.

Africa is a continent. When will people realize that? What is so hard in verifying someone's nationality? I don't walk around calling every person with slanted eyes chinese. Nor do I call every person that smells like curry an indian.

Malays and all other asian countries should stop being so ignorant. Start to realize that all people are not the same. There are good and bad anywhere you go.

To be honest, I believe that if Africans were able to earn an honest living in Malysia, they would. Yes they are supposed to be going to school. But don't they need to survive? They have to be able to pay their bills and put food on the table. How can they do that if Malaysia does not want to give any jobs to Africans?

7:50 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous AFRICAN pearl$$$ said...

oh my,look @ that...racism in today's world.ok,asians,dont even let me start wif you guys.its not our fault[africans]that u are too lazy to work hard and get money ok.
its not our fault that all u could do is to sit down,grow SHORTER,eat stuffs that makes your BREATH SMELL even worse all day long.the PUSSY that made this blog is an imbersile ok for saying"bla bla..we welcome them and they take advantage..bla bla""FUCK u!what welcome hun??the welcome we recieve when we enter a shopping mall and all u pricks stare and momour?fuck u 2x!!i am so pissed.
just incase u dnt knw,malaysia has its own good for nothing that call them selves gangsters...ewww.my gush,this is a cursed place infact!sluty girls and weak men!what other curse cld an enermy wish for!u hate us and we HATE U TOO!
[now this goes out to all the real assholes..not to the very few good asians]
.......mmmmm now i feel better!

10:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous AJ Mepanza said...

AFRICANS!!! My brothers & sisters, let's leave these folks. They are so stupid & poor they can't afford a decent flight to African countries to see things for themselves! Crazy laggards! Is it because we speak better English?? lol
The continent you despise is same that produced Barack Obama & Oprah Winfrey. You dance to Beyonce Knowles, P Diddy, Rihanna & you think their eyes are like pencils and they wear curry as perfume??! Who have you produced?
Frm US Pres. Bill Clinton visits Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa for charity & vacation...& trust me Malaysia ain't close to his schedule one bit! He & Colin Powell attended a musical concert in London organized by Nigeria's Thisday Newspapers in collaboration with African artists from Ghana, Congo DR, Kenya, South Africa, Mali, Cote d' Ivoire & Senegal and guess what they danced!! They danced to "YAHOOZEE"!! Bet you are so 'no lah' you don't even have a clue. Barack Obama will visit African countries BUT WILL NEVER GET CLOSE TO THIS REGION! African students in Malaysia will make sure that happens! You, Malaysians have no idea what you are breeding here!!
You are so lucky Africans aren't as united as they should be. If we decide to launch an aggressive campaign against your country on basis of racism your economy will beg & cry for help!! AND LET ME SOUND A SHOT OF WARNING HERE...if this is the mentality with which your generation intends to lead in 21st century then we Africans are more prepared to HAMMER YOU WITH EVERY FOREIGN POLICY STRATEGY WE CAN MUSTER!!!

My name is AJ Kuru Mepanza. I'm studying here in Malaysia but disappointed so far by your attitudes towards Africans. I will be President of my country someday and I will mobilize ALL of Africa to pay you back in your own coin!! Crazy laggards!! Can't even qualify for a world cup & you hate Africans...What a beautiful Malaysia you rubbish idiots have decided to destroy. WE ARE AFRICANS! WE WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR OUR WAY OF LIFE NEITHER WILL WE FALTER IN ITS DEFENSE!!

Whoever started this crazy blog had better APOLOGIZE or re-phrase the statement! ANU MPAMs!!

(Meanwhile I have forwarded the link to other international organizations, networks & links).

2:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous AJ Mepanza said...

Aj Mepanza here again...

My sincere apologies to ALL well-meaning, honorable & truly God-fearing Malaysians. You must fight for your country's good name. Save it from laggards like those fools who are African haters! Its in your hands not to affect our relations in any way. CONDEMN RACISM wherever you find it!!
And report ALL cases of crime to the police.

Aj Mepanza.

2:36 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous May GOD pardon Shameless Rascists said...

disgusting, absolutely disgusting. i'm a foreigner here, and the way i see fellow afro foreigners treated here, it calls into question the moral intergrity of the malaysian society.These are people claiming to be holy,welcoming and hospitable. Yeah, the fellows are involved in some petty cases, but don't, infact NEVER genaralize it, because they are good people.should the taiwanese hate and be scared of all malays because a couple of them were drug dealers? Or should the world be scared of a muslim malaysian and label them terrorists because of bin ladens actions? the authour has blattant hatred for the afro guys.The funny thing is, in europe and the US,where there is a little injustice and mockery towards asians, its black people who speak up for them.May GOD have mercy on you.

1:21 PM GMT+8  
Blogger De Great1 said...

This is a clear indication that Malaysians, maybe with few exception, are still living in oblivion, with the mentality of 14th century. It sometimes sounds somewhat sarcastic when you hear people say you guys are backward in life. But believe it or not, Africans you know are people of great exploit, agents of modern civilization and genius of the new era. The potentials are in the ingenuity to make Malaysia just as lively as the united state of America. Every individual has two sided character, the good side and the bad side therefore; man’s interaction with the people and the environment in which he finds himself determines which side of the character he exhibits. We have so many good things to offer than bad, but that could only take effect if, and only if you people can follow us with positive mental attitudes and respect the genuine personalities of Africans. Generalize us as bad people I don’t care about that, becuase I'm not asking you of any favor. you are the cause of it. Be good to me and I will be good to you, be fair to me and I will be fair to you. That is a universal law of conduct. We appear to be all bad people because you all seem to be bad to us as well, discriminating against us even right inside the mosque. You foes of Africans,I have a question for you. Is it not the Africans who are ruling the world today? Is it not the Africans who are winning the Noble price awards every year? Do you think they are different from us here? Look! Don’t you ever try to rub shoulder with us because we are not equal even though you don’t understand that.

12:38 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Chenghan said...


negros in malaysia are getting out of hand. i couldnt give 2 fucks to what anon wrote knowing its from the same person. yea you heard me you fucking negro pussy.

9:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lmfao! Chengha, Is that supposed to be an insult? What planet do u live on simpleton? Dont u know we blacks transformed the meaning of that word Nigger, and it is no longer offensive to us? as we use it ourselves? It was done precisely to frustrate mono brain cell half wits like u. u may as well try to offend homosexuals by calling them gays?! Go and bury ur head in a bucket of sand.....some of it may trickle into that cavity you call a head and fill some of that space! By the way? Do u consider yourself intelligent? ;=)

1:48 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Siti said...

What can I say that this is the most stupid article I come across so far. How can you address African country as poor nature? Maybe the person hasn’t been to Africa. Believe it or not Africa still remains the richest nation. China is fastest growing Country today is because they produce raw material to be useful and African come into China with billions of dollars every day to purchase. Beside for the African in Malaysian, no Africa you see in Malaysia Street that worth less than $20,000 USA dollars. Being it selling watch or what ever. an African man is full of talent and God is with them wherever they are no matter what people think they are. Talking about being involved in drug case and all the cheating I think that the Government should find out who is the head of all the crime. Bringing drug to Malaysia is done by Malaysian people not Africans. a Malaysian man who can enter the Country without been search can bring in drug worth of millions in one day without any one suspecting him. Through the sea they can bring in ship load of drug so if anyone wants to fight crime first of all find out who is the leader of the crime. Catching the small fish will never put and end to any crime. The leaders are mostly Chinese and Pakistan Drug Lord. So African and all the Malaysian girls involve in drug are the little fish. the question is who hire those innocent people? How can student who is 20-27 years old be dealing on drug? When did he grow wings to fly. Drug lord have their roaming phone numbers cruising around the world while people work for them in the street trafficking drug from one Country to another for them. They only convince all these little fish. Anyway I think the world should unite together to fight crime. Fighting crime from one end will never lead you to the root. Let the world unite being it Muslim Country or Christian Country. Unite to fight crime all over the world. Without this the crime in this present generation is just a start to the new modern crime that I am foreseeing. Believe me or not there will be a time that that 90% of the world population will be criminals. Many will be stealing with pen, others through internet, many dong their own openly. Being a whore is now a professional job. Need to register undergo training before you start the job. the same with gay whores. oh this world is coming to an end. Corruption everywhere. the government with bloody hands are ruling the clean ones how can someone with blood in his hand lead a country and you believe God will be happy? Check if you know any Government with bloody hand. being it in Malaysia and the world. God anger is growing bigger. Also the world should stop killing innocent children being used for drug trafficking. When you get them give them life while there are in prison not killing innocent souls after selfish judgment. Allah never teach killing in any part of Quran the same goes with Bible.

8:39 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous AFRICAN PEARL$$$ said...

i just want to reverse what i said because i am a devoted christian now and i don't let stuffs like this get to me any more.i am sorry -to all asians[some of you really have kind hearts]so ummmmm,yeah.i'm really sorry for any bad words i used against u guys..thank you.

*just one last thing-pls stop the sexual harrassment to the female blacks,you just make your self a laughing stock[i am being honest]stop the "HELLO!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUU"hail from your cars,its sickening.also stop the shameful masturbation u do in your car[its disgusting,if u can't help it,then dont let me see it ok?]this additional note is to whom ever it may concern,i love you all.
[and i am also very sorry that black guys date almost all the asian girls-that is,if it upsets you....it upsets me too]:)
with much love,african pearl$$$.

9:13 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate africans. lazy morons. if africa is so great morons, go back to where you came from!

5:44 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do africans know? Cheat is the only word that is closest to them. I used to pity africans because of their poor country and I would like to help them but cheat is what they do after they have grown up. Other races go to other countries to earn money with their sweat but this bloody race only cheat everywhere, sms, email, prize winning, etc. Spit on you bloody africans!

6:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was 3 african who harass the guards in Ampang near Carefour. They told the guards "U know who i am?!! " when they were stopped from entering the housing area. One of the took the car lock bar and went near the guards threatening for a fight. But the guards (local indians) were not amused and still refuse their entry.
One of the african threaten "I am king in ampang, you dont let me see ur face here"

Can the police just get these fukers out of Malaysia?

- Ampang folks

12:50 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

malaysian..malaysian..malaysian!!!!!!you guys hv not learnt from racisim???how long will it take???you kicked out the chineses because of racisim and now the same people you kicked out rule you(SINGERPORIANS)always tryin to reach there economy.....untill the day you will learn you will always be thier servants

3:33 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is exactly what Europian think of asians in thier countries....why do you thng is so hard for asian to get a visa?

3:38 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehehe...if Africans cheat u?? they are the fool or u are the greates fool???u should answer the question!!hahaha...and did anyone call africans lazy??Hahaha, that shit is worthless!!`DO u think we have to wait for the indians, bangladesh and whatsoever to fuck our wifes and pay them just like u do??!! or do u think we would so dull "ok la no la, come la,already' kind?? sorry,another mistake ur making there..
And ah crazy retard,we'r ready to leave ur country just when ur people decide to leave our country too!! law of universal conduct!

3:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi every1.....
to the malaysian...some are nice,some are bad,but to me i believe that,every1 cannever be the same,in a country there must be bad and good.
to the africans....to be sincere some of our people do f**k up,but its ok,lets all just remember that its there country and they have right over it,i think if ure not bad,u dont have to be insultive,just try and see things in there own way,it is there government that brought us here not the innocent souls.
generally......malaysian government themselves knows that they re suppose to provide jobs for africans,but the problem is that the neighbouring countries that are suffering also are too much(bangladesh,india,myanmar,indoniesia,nd so on and so forth)that is why it seems that we africans are not getting jobs,but been a racist the worst group is chinese am sure the person that wrote this is chinese,nd the main fact about chinese is that they are jealous of africans nothing more nothing less,because they make this town,but now that we are here they feel threatened thats all.but all i want to do is beg all my african brothers and sisters,pls lets also see it from their own point of view,and to the government given student visa,as if ure doing bonanza,be careful,if u knw u dont have what it takes for you to take care of the people you want to bring,kindly deny them visa,atleast it will cause less problem for you,and you can be able to monitor and take care of people,ure bringing in.
thanks to every1,the africans and the malaysian,and lets all promote one love,if malaysian are racist,africans too should try to be truely friendly,and at the end the malaysians will not have choice than to be friendly.i love everybody,africans malaysians europeans just mention,so please lets just be at peace with one another.CHEERS ONELOVE.

8:34 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All i can say is that what is killing malaysian is that they cannot do what we do.. i know they want to be like us but they cannot..

First you need to study and learn how to speak english then you can talk you fools that call themself malaysian..

Go and fuck your mum as you use to do.

2:07 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Ash said...

How to tell a Nigerian from a Kenyan?

12:29 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Ash said...

How to tell a Nigerian from a Kenyan?

ok Malaysians here you go...

so you can tell who is making the trouble and don't blame others!!

Just take the thought that Africa is a country out of your heads, Africa is actually a continent of more that 50 countries.
any way if you want to tell Africans from each other you must know that we divide our self to 3 parts, West Africans, South Africans and East Africans.
and don't worry about the north because rarely blacks live there its full of Arab Mujahidin who stole our lands centuries ago.
so I am talking about the sub-saharan area.

South Africans and West Africans usually have the the same features: wide nose, big lips, small head, curly hair, and they usually tend to be big boned, they also have all shades of black and some shades of brown and they usually come from countries like, Nigeria, Cameron, Niger, South Africa

East Africans have, small noses, large foreheads, the same curly hair, and they usually have small figure or are considered small boned, they have all the shades from black-brown and they come from countries like, Kenya Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia/Somaliland,

so who's making the trouble?

well I have to be honest, I was living here for 3 years and have my own experience in this, I have friends from a lot of places in the world, Especially from my Africa so i will give my sincere opinion.
I think the people who are making these troubles are mostly West Africans, Because in my life I haven't yet seen a Sudani selling joints at let say Sunway, or in Bukit Bintang pimping ,and I am sure that if I ever needed some .... I would call my Nigerian friend.
they are also in the drug business Weed/cocaine you name it, and not only Nigerians, I am talking about people from ( Ghana, Cameron, Guinea, Rwanda, Congo and 1 guy I knew from Sierra Leon).
but still I haven't seen a guy who is from Somalia or Ethiopia selling anything except legally, their people send them here to study, so they do, and they are usually from poor families and have scholarships and they have people waiting for them and thats EXACTLY why they don't go to trouble.
but you can some times find an East African who is is a criminal, you go back to his roots, and you'll find that he's father is a manger of some big company, WHY DID HE BECAME A CRIMINAL? because of his west African friend, AND simply because HE CAN.
and this is the problem of most West Africans, they are giving Africans a BAD name SPECIALLY Nigerians, for God sake my friend is in China and he says that Nigerians are the same there WHY WOULD THEY DO THINGS LIKE THESE?
the media, all the music videos, they think that they are Hustlers or Players the real NIGAS or whatever but what they don't know is that they are giving us bad name! those of us who only came to study and then head back to home, HEll a Nigerian guy would never go back to his country WHY? Because he have more problems there than here and don't act like you don't know that! I've been smoking with Nigerians that I can even tell a Heebo from a Fulani, a Muslim from a Christian so easily, you'll be siting with him just to know after that that his father works in some high position in the government! obviously he doesn't need MORE money but still he will look for it to chase the dream ( fast cars, busty chicks and more more money).

you can find also those who sell watches and stuff, they usually are poor and just made enough money to come to Malaysia and to work here illegally.

I am not generalizing here, I am just stating facts and getting things off of my cheat and talking from my own experience.

you can hardly find a Nigerian guy that's not into something in Malaysia, why cant you be like other Africans. PEACEFUL.

12:36 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Ash said...

stop selling weed, drugs, illegal thing cuz guys it will not make you cool!

you even have GANGS for god sake! and when YOU do something wrong WE get the bad credit, lets say the Chadian and Somalian students who both got killed this year and last year respectively, God bless their souls

and to the guy who posted this blog, I hope you understand thing, but still i sniff a bit of racism from you, not all Malaysians make me feel good...


12:37 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i don't have much to say here.all i want to say to Malaysians,chines,Indians or any race here in Malaysia is just to take there eyes off the Africans and face there business,an African man can not come to your door and start making problems you people are the once going after them.that's all i have to say here.one love

4:01 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:48 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so disgusting that the same people who benefit from our investments are the one who can paint us so bad,most africans come here to study, they invest in a lot of money and your own people do accept this as good money, you dont reject and say its african money.Now you are still holding more firmly into your daily bread, "Racism" it is not surprising because almost everyone who comes to malaysia knows that you cannot even live peacefully amongst yourselves as locals, you descriminate against others as inferior and follow what you call principles of Rukun Negara, when shall you open your eyes and see the real world and stop being stuck in your stupid thoughts that africans are bad.

there are so many bad things that Malaysian do in foreign countries, they have been caught in Taiwan with drugs, Malaysia was recently blacklisted for trafficking by America and now they will be blacklisted for racism, it is high time your leaders stand up against this racism and media monitoring should be strengthened, it is so disgusting how the writer of this article did so stupidly and shouted to the world, "Look we Malaysian are racists" it is the same person who should be promoting peace and common understanding between africans and malaysians but s/he is continuing to divide them.

I am so proud to be african and i want to say to my fellow africans, do not be discouraged or offended when they mock you for the greatest man is inside you and the more time they take on hating us, we shall conquer their land and we shall eat the fruits of it thereafter. We are such a blessed nation as Africans because the almighty did not divide us by giving us different colors,he made us black and made us universal, He gave us minerals and made us strong to walk and roam the world as much as we like, Africans unite and show the world we are the best.

Not all Malaysian are racists but because they are scared of being scorned and hated for being righteous they choose the wrong way, Let us remember that one man for himself, God or Allah shall judge every humanbeing seperately, He shall not generalise like you do and let us be careful of the pride we have while on earth and ask ourselves if we are worthy enough to judge others.

As a journalism student i would tell you that to be a reporter you need to know about ethical reporting as well as bear in mind that whatever freedom you have should not deprive others of their freedom, write responsibly and publish responsibly or otherwise sometimes you may find yourself in trouble, from your own people who you are giving a bad image.

To the reades of this article, let your feelings not make you lose your temper, this is the real malaysia and it is better said by malaysian than a foreigner and i can say the storry has been told of how we africans are discriminated here in Malaysia.


11:38 AM GMT+8  
Blogger John said...

I live in Malaysia for 1yr and i have to leave the country bcos i couldnt bear the racist attitude,in train they dont seat beside you,i am now in the UK and there is jobs everywhere,if u dont want crime give africans job,why would u let them into ur country when u have nothing to offer them to keep there life going

5:26 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

malaysia is full of evil and wickedness . only God will deliver them

2:33 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:34 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



8:51 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for a country of three distinct races, people should not be shocked at the authors remarks... if their thre races cant hardly get along then dont expect a visitor race to be welcome.. simple

6:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



10:40 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame on the person who wrote this,there are many of our own Malaysian brothers who are stealing and killing people.Many of which are involved in homosexual activities!i love Africans they are just like us.they have bad and have good aswell.malaysia has bad and also gud....this racist articles should stop and to protect malaysia we should show respect to all races...shame on the writer of this article,yu are tanishing the name of Malaysia.

9:40 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahah........!!!!!! shame on you Malaysia, am not surprised, you are evidently still primitive. that is why u still discriminate among yourselves.
i wouldn't be surprised if the person who created this blog is a Malay-Malay, because you are the most retarded among the Malaysians. no wonder the Chinese-Malay are developing faster than you,much as you have more benefits from govt than them. and as for you Chinese-Malay, go and read your history in case you have forgotten how you came to Malaysia. Indian-Malay, i have no words for you coz you surely are not worth my time.
Malaysia tak boleh.......!!!!!

11:25 AM GMT+8  
Blogger vjustin74 said...

What are we africans taken for in this Malaysia? why should we Africans here in Malaysia treat like an animals? to the xtend our emabassies are not regarding us as anything to start with, you will have a problem and report to the ambassador he will start by calling you names and after all he will do nothing, then, what is the essence of his WORK here? whom is he protecting? On sarturday at 2:00am police and Immigration stormed our area in WAJA and break our doors, not just to say, this is real, break our doors and enter, oh my God, Infact to the xtend my friend is in the hospital now for serious injury of his spinner cord is no longer in shape now, bcos of how they break his door withiout knocking, he think is a thief, and he jump for his life, now he is passing through pains, African here in Malaysia are seeing hell, and we dont treat like human beigns, they break there fellow called malaysian door and enter now they are answering for it now, but we africans are animals bcos we are not human beigns as them, What have we done to deserve this? Do other countries treat this people as a slave, like they treat Africans here? that we are foreigners here doesnt means that we are slaves, Why are we suffering in the hand of this people? the story of this malaysia is bad to listen, and is too long to tell.

5:49 PM GMT+8  
Blogger vjustin74 said...

What are we africans taken for in this Malaysia? why should we Africans here in Malaysia treat like an animals? to the xtend our emabassies are not regarding us as anything to start with, you will have a problem and report to the ambassador he will start by calling you names and after all he will do nothing, then, what is the essence of his WORK here? whom is he protecting? On sarturday at 2:00am police and Immigration stormed our area in WAJA and break our doors, not just to say, this is real, break our doors and enter, oh my God, Infact to the xtend my friend is in the hospital now for serious injury of his spinner cord is no longer in shape now, bcos of how they break his door withiout knocking, he think is a thief, and he jump for his life, now he is passing through pains, African here in Malaysia are seeing hell, and we dont treat like human beigns, they break there fellow called malaysian door and enter now they are answering for it now, but we africans are animals bcos we are not human beigns as them, What have we done to deserve this? Do other countries treat this people as a slave, like they treat Africans here? that we are foreigners here doesnt means that we are slaves, Why are we suffering in the hand of this people? the story of this malaysia is bad to listen, and is too long to tell.

5:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LISTEN AND LISTEN GOOD...you pple act as if we wrote an application to God and told him to make us black!!!How can u let people in your country and dont let them work or do something with their lives.Thats why u see your country will never beat the western coz of your STUPIDITY.I mean u dont have to tarnish our "BLACK" name just to feel good about yourself..if u dont have something that we do,learn to live with it.

I was having a very good day until i read this article...seriously malaysia is a good place if we all decide to live in harmony.But since you guys decide to act like the size of u small Asian dicks i have no choice but to abuse you.Bukit Bintang????Can u even SHUT THE FCUK UP.....i been here for 3 months and i hella hate this place.

U see us around and u all ogle at our beauty.U just have to face the fact that us "BLACKS" have features to be admired thats y u sit,point n stare at us.For the "BLACK" men...y are ur malaysian women all over "OUR BLACK" men??yet you know what CV they have??U see,at the end of the day u end up being screwed coz u too foolish to realise what u want.

Can whoever who wrote this thing,go buy a dildo n fcuk himself with it.OWWWWW I ALMOST FORGOT...lemmi tell u...how do u differentiate a nigerian from a kenyan??U just better watch out what you write young man...any person out there knows the difference....i can spot a nigerian jus by his dress code...or better yet as someone said...ask for the damn passport.About the brothels...hmmm,u skinny bitches are the ones putting up lil businesses in the name of "foot reflexology","facials" and "massages",wen all u do inside there is ask a man to pay u to have sex with him.U BETTER DELETE THIS ARTICLE COZ TRUST ME U WONT LIKE WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY.

U guys better grow up...maybe wen u do...some things may mature as well....if u have anything to say against what i just wrote....comment and i will put u in place.Next time wen u too idle and have nothing to do...THINK BEFORE U WRITE something.FCUKING ASSHOLE....Some of us are innocent souls,just because one is bad doesnt mean we all bad.

12:09 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is very insulting especially that u got 2 mention my country...we r not immoral and YOU ARE JEALOUS that we have the ability to rent cars, etc...u should stop preaching racism in your country....

12:21 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OHHH NO U DIDNT MOTHERFUCKER..... If your too pissed by the blacks us you call us then show your face to one n tell them what you are saying. BITCH you hating on blacks n saying we all poor n shit, n ur PUSSY FRIENDS saying that they hate blacks. Man if you aint got better shit to do just go fuck your MAMA. N never throw shit like that again coz BITCH u can fuck with an African but never fuck with where they come from. N IF YOU THINK ITS A JOKE CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS.... **N NO APOLOGIEZ ABOUT IT **

12:32 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! this blog is truly a Racial based blog that contributes less to Malaysia as a country. News Flash! To Malaysians, if you expel the so racialised Africans or Negroes as some of you call them, The Malaysian economy will tumble down and collapse. These vices that you speak of were with you as a country but they had not been exposed. The question is, Were you waiting for an African to join into the trade for you to apportion blame? Are you trying to find a scape goat to reality? For someone to establish a brothel as you say, they need connections and help from the Local Malaysians and the administration. The problem you are facing is within your system and has been with you. The person who wrote this blog should face the facts and not accustom blame on people based on their color and race. As far as i am concerned, this is just a racial publication and an attack on the Black community. Every society, be it countries or nations face the same problems (there are vices in every society). To all My Malaysian brothers, i am African but let us face reality (Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon). When vices increase in a society, it is evident that the system that is mandated with the responsibility of curbing against social injustices has loop holes or it has failed in its delegation of duties and responsibilities.
Don't base your story on your personal dislikes or your personal opinion. Other countries have excelled with Africans or people of African decent in their Midst, My advice to you is to borrow a leaf and look deep in to your system, fish out the problems within, correct them and then learn to excel. Lets be human before anything else. Everyone deserves to be respected and treated with respect. it is wise to think of the consequences before publishing something that would jeopardize the sanctity of people and a nation. To the blog Writer, learn to respect people. I have Friends of Malay origin and their view of me as an African is truly not how you have published. It takes anyone to write something but it takes someone learned to face facts, do a good research and publish the truth as it is.

7:06 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Iiiii said...

Isn’t this ignorance to the max? “Some” Malaysians need a mindset shift. You’re entitled to an opinion but he needs to check his facts before commenting. Why is he quick to put blame and not to look at the underlying issue by specifying which countries? You seriously need to stop blaming the masses and start looking at the damn passports?

I like how he has tried sealing the loophole “I remember a diplomat from an African country who a couple of years ago reminded the Malaysian media not to generalize and refer as 'African' to whoever is charged for a crime hailing from that continent but specify the nationality. Fair enough. But how many of us can differentiate say a Nigerian from a Kenyan? Therefore I have no choice but to refer here to those from sub-Saharan Africa as 'Africans.'”

I wonder what this man looks like; does he look like a man with sane & rational demeanor? Well his performance or actions doesn’t.

2:51 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Iiiii said...

Isn’t this ignorance to the max? “Some” Malaysians need a mindset shift. You’re entitled to an opinion but he needs to check his facts before commenting. Why is he quick to put blame and not to look at the underlying issue by specifying which countries? You seriously need to stop blaming the masses and start looking at the damn passports?

I like how he has tried sealing the loophole “I remember a diplomat from an African country who a couple of years ago reminded the Malaysian media not to generalize and refer as 'African' to whoever is charged for a crime hailing from that continent but specify the nationality. Fair enough. But how many of us can differentiate say a Nigerian from a Kenyan? Therefore I have no choice but to refer here to those from sub-Saharan Africa as 'Africans.'”

I wonder what this man looks like; does he look like a man with sane & rational demeanor? Well his performance or actions doesn’t.

2:54 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

.......I am an African, and proud to be, as I come from a continent that has so much to offer. I am also a student in Malaysia who is saddened by the vision many Malaysians have of us as Africans. I do agree that there are a few select Africans who are involved in illegitimate dealings and the likes but it is wrong to stereotype and look down upon a whole community just because of the actions of a few... In my time here I have on occasion received my share of racial slurs and taunts from some of the locals just because of the color of my skin and so i ask;for a second, put yourself in our shoes, especially in the case of students. some of us are here on our own, away from our families and friends in the pursuit of better education only to be met with hostility for actions we have not done or those out of our control. Malaysia is a wonderful country, one that won my heart with the unity of its people, the love of their religion, the diversity in cultures and the beauty of the country in itself... but these actions against Africans and all racial profiling as a whole should stop as it will only end up tarnishing the name of a beautiful country. thus i urge you all, when you see an African, do not be so quick to jump to a conclusion just because of the color of our skin or the way we speak. we are after all human too....

9:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Buddy said...

No matter how many million years, the large majority of black Africans are still not civilised and lack of intelligence. They cannot rule their countries. Since gaining independence, they remain most underdeveloped. The world's most poorest countries are from the African continent, despite having abundant natural resources. Most of them are very ignorant of the way things work and very difficult to educate. Technologies and programs that work very well elsewhere would fail in Africa. They are very lazy and just pull out and let the continent becomes backward and primitive. Their stupidity and cruelty not only made them go to never ending wars but also made many of them believe that they will be healed from HIV or AIDS by raping a few months old baby girls. They are wild, aggresive and can be very dangerous when they have a chance to commit crimes. They cause trouble no matter where they go. Africans in this country are not students nor tourists, instead they are criminals who already black listed by many countries. They come here to con people, push drugs and pimp their girl friends or wives. They don't respect other people's lives here by being a public nuisance day and night. I hope the authority will check them out more often and arrest those who break our laws.

6:38 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert Mugabe, possibly the world's worst dictator of the current era, has developed extremely close ties with the Malaysian government. There is even a suggestion he will use Malaysia as a bolthole WHEN (no if) he leaves office.

Malaysia, look in the mirror before you paint the great continent of Africa with one stroke.

And to the person who commented that all sub-Saharan Africans look the same: that is a superbly ironic statement coming from an Asian.

Lastly, if you think Malaysia has problems with Africans, come and see what Asians are doing to Africa as they recolonise the place!

9:40 AM GMT+8  
Blogger evision said...


5:51 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys sure have a lot to say~

well anyways see it like this... we all have goods and our bads... taadaaaa~~~ peace out~

4:04 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by some of the racist comments made so casually on this blog. Obviously most of the people making these comments haven't met many Africans, otherwise they would realise how ridiculous and utterly ignorant they sound.

Making generals statements like these are imprudent and insensitive. And quite frankly, just immature! I had a better impression of Malaysians before reading the comments on this blog. However unlike many of you on this blog who have not based your comments on personal experiences from people you have actually met nor taken the time to get to know 'Africans', I will not allow your insolent comments tarnish my view of ALL Malaysians and I shall judge each person I meet on an individual bases, as any sensible adult would.

5:44 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Anonymous
you are fucked mother cook succor
what ur broud off. do u still believe that myth??
- I am noth african man but luckly I am nt african
you still believe about your shit myth even all study show diff
but please me you are special in few case yes agree with u
- dam shit smell
-monkies face
-dam morality where all of u nt some do illigal business
-yes bad and nice in every race but ur race are all the worst creat
by the way I hate malaysia you know why .. bcz is really strict otherwise I will fuck dozen of monkies face like you everyday
fucking smelly stinky monkey

9:33 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Foreigner said...

You all gather here for the sake argument or righteousness or felt superior toward the other has mostly make pointless remarks. The fact that we are all human and we are sinners where god designed us with the ‘ability’ to discriminate the others to protect our own interest. I must say that every 1 whoever posted a comment here, deep down inside him or herself is racist enough.

Ain’t you Africans nation racist enough to discriminate your own kind?? You discriminate yourself as a ‘West African”, ‘EAST AFRICAN’ or ‘South African’ !!!
Don’t you hate another white boy to muscle you out from rapping better than you ?? danced better than you ?? and sings better than you. And you would also laugh at the face who tried to be better than you. Trust me, most of my black friends does, unintentionally, nothing personal but it is nature.

Don’t get me wrong here; I am not starting another session of Racism bombardment. I am telling the truth of your own kind – The kind that was designed by God; You are indeed a very proud race, VERY confident in kind. You have the ability to survive through under the most difficult situation. You are strong and endures pain and suffering ‘a lot’ more better than any race around the world. Your world is rich, but your nation is politically poor.

The Malaysians who criticizes you here, some have encountered and suffered ‘problems’ caused by some ignorant niggers who have no respect for others. It is easy for us to throw our anger at you for you are not a Malaysian nor stay here ‘forever’. I would not encourage however of the abusive terms some had used, because we are all survivors and are no different afterall.

You see, Malaysia has its own problems themselves as they have a very short record of histories. Within the three main races in Malaysia, there are conflicts in culture, believes and lifestyle. They have struggled among and are still learning to live with each other. 60 years has past, this nation however, has evolved and developed through bad times and improving to love/accept one another. The time has come to the entire Malaysian to have self-awareness and being protective of their motherland. Then comes the Indons, the Banglas, the Koreans, the Europeans and the Arabians. Malaysia has yet again to adjust to this population strategically, and thankfully of their efforts this nation has survived through recession and brought economic bloom.

My beloved African friends, you are not being hated because you are black (or white). The Asians in particular just do not understand you and your way of socializing. Your well-being in this country is being judge at all times for you being a foreigner, and is regard as a learning experience for us in fact. I have live in England long enough to see many blacks who have done great achievements in the society and gave back to the society, and they were proud to be British. Your value here is not judge by how much money you have brought, it is weighed by the love for us you would show.

I must share this story however. There was once a young nigger walks into my office in Manchester and asked for food and water during a windy winter. Without hesitation, I offered him hot coffee and biscuit not because he was scruffy, but because he was a foreigner like I am. He thanked me and then pulls out a gun at my face and demands for my wallet Then I asked him: “Do U have a place to stay brother?” He gave me back my cash, wept and ran out of my offi

6:03 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:44 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Teacher Valarie said...

The world people are the same... we have the same blood colour... We are all made of flesh and blood... please never bring this issue up to our children...

9:29 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant deferentiate an indonesian to a malay ..so ths guy , i think he is insane ..kind of retard .u better go and learn good manners , learn to differentiate between things

10:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a nice place but the citizens has third class mentality. Most of them think that every Africans are bad especially the Chinese.They wind up their cars when an African is passing near it and hold their bag tightly as if Chinese are all saints. Our presents irritates them here. But thousands of them are living in Africa making millions and don't want to go back. The problem with Malaysian towards Africans is that most Malaysian never traveled outside their countries and are timid and intimated when they see Africans. Malaysians who are educated abroad or those who worked abroad are different in their attitude towards Africans because they are exposed. But the kampong ones who never enter flight to others countries are the most racist amongst them. Malaysians should know that Africans are spending Millions of ringgit to study here and should be accorded some respected as they contribute to the economy of Malaysia as well. Malaysians should remember they also have their citizens living in other counties. If they are treated as they do to the Africans here, it will not go down well with them.

9:02 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

almuslim ahul Muslim,that is what the religion of Islam say's but to malay it means something else,they call you brother with a smile on their face but deep inside it's hurrible.
pls be guided it is very bad to talk of other people like.
what goes around comes around,cos that does not say the malays are holy but only local champions.

as for the chinese ,they are the common monkeys of the new world era cos you see them every where in world trying to make a living.

1:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well who wouldn't worry about you OM's (Orang Minyak).You think you treat us Malaysians good in Africa? Hey think again, you bully Malaysians in Africa.Show your so call Idi Amin kind of dictatorship in your country using foul language and hat not. So do you think you need a Red Carpet treatment in of Beloved Country? Get Lost...Ever since you OM's came here our country is like a dump.
You are trouble makers OM's so don't bark like a dog but go back to Africa where you belong and never come back. Oh one more thing...you guys really stink like a the sewer. I think if you want to leave here were can offer ou our sewer area where you can coexist with our local rats & roaches...:-))

3:40 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you can condemn the Chinese but look a China today and look at Africa today....Are you Africans really stupid and face the reality of life? Everywhere you go you are big trouble you Kunta Kinte's....You call the Chinese monkeys..I think you got it all wrong...look at yourself in the mirror...you are the monkeys with you thick lips, orang minyak skin and loud voice you are the freaking monkeys idiots. Pot calling the kettle black. Give me that give me that Banana...I think you know that song right..hehehe Kunta Kinte

3:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Africans are good at "sugar coating" their problems. Whenever they are the ones that caused the problem it's racism, oppression, and xenophobia.
I'm sick of listening to the propaganda that "africans are without sin". This was common during the Apartheid era in S.Africa. While the Whites are being demonized, Blacks did nothing to improve their images. It's a shame that after years of modernization, there's still not much modernization of African cultures.

1:54 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Search at en.wikipedia.org for anti-african student protest in China in 1988. Search African immigrants in Europe, Race riots or racism in Africa. You'll see the similear problems.

African Culture and Asian Cultures are like oil and water.

1:59 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those good honest Africans here should cooperate with the authorities if they know someone from their continent are doing bad things like scamming, pimping, raping, etc. Instead tried to cover up or sugar coat their wrongs.
The excuse that Africans are discriminated against because of their dark or black skin in Malaysia is total bullshit. We have Malaysian Indians who are darker skin than African but was accepted by society here. Look at downtown Kuala Lumpur and witness how Chinese and Indians coexist peacefully for generations despite their skin colors.

2:24 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all is because they don't like black, how can someone will be in your country and you dont give the person work to do,i think they will find work for their self. even last time i was taking abus with malaysia boy, and the drive told me that am i sure tha the money i give him is correct. all calling blacks negro here

3:10 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All i will say is M'sians need to improve on their mentality n to broaden their knowledge, the Chinese community is too wrapped up in themselves, they dunt know much abt other ppl's countries, AND they dunt want to know either, that's the problem. To them, Africa consist only of Nigeria, all blacks they see are from Nigeria, that is their mentality. M'sians are also fond of staring at ppl, the whites do not do things like that. M'sian women are so fond of white men, that is y they are victims of scams, what is the obsession abt white men? With yr silly mentality, do you really think the white men will fall for you? Seriously....

4:17 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the chinko community of Malaysia : U think yr colour is the best? From wat i heard, most chinko women dunt shave, dunt apply lotion to their skin, sum smells, their hair is long but smells and u think the darkie stinks? I also notice the african women dress better, they are more fashion conscious..
Wen chinkos see a darkie walking towards dem, dey dodge and walk the other way..wat sort of mentality is dat? Shame on u chinkos!

4:36 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it would be great if the malaysian govt could give africans jobs. the economy is hard on them. seriously, its unfair they have no opportunities. They come here to study most times but they still need to WORK so that they can reduce the stress on their parents who pay their fees. thanks

9:55 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous African dude said...

fuck all of the africans insulting on this blog. im an african living in malaysia. instead of insulting, why dont u guys say the truth on your mind. We need job opportunity from the govt. If we keep insulting, how do u think the locals here are gonna respect us? How? please think twice before making a comment. Thank you

9:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one can never tell how much these ppl contribute to our economy..since they never pay their school fees on time...never pay their rent until we cut off the water..they prolly owe most of the shops and restaurants lotsa $$$..and they wanna talk contribution to our economy? maybe to national debt..africa was much better under Apartheid rule...and i met many South Africans who agree on this....and Africans please get your facts right...out of the Top 10 fastest growing economies in the world..5 are from Asia, 3 from South America, 1 from Europe and 1 from Africa..which is Sudan mind you and they prolly have $$ to roll cos they made a lot of it holding Ships for ransom..bottom line..there was this line from Blood Diamond.."God has left Africa"...so please respect our hospitality..you're hated all around the world..we only took you in cos we felt sorry that you have the highest genocide ever, u talk about racism..well explain the Hutu's and the Tutsi's? fucking dumb cunts..at least we dont run around killing everyone..and you constantly abuse our hospitality..go back to your fucking continent and c if you get your hands chopped off,.."short sleeve or long sleeve"???

10:17 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysians are pretty brown too

4:31 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to study in USA before. I thought the people who'll give me troubles are supposed to be the Whites since most of them believe in racial supremacy. Instead I got more racist problems from Blacks. My Cambodian-American friend told me it's because of my light skin color. African also hate East Asians (Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese) because of their light skin color and ill perceived economic status. South African Blacks hate Chinese and Japanese because during Apartheid Era, East Asians have the "white" status.

12:01 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Nazri bin Ghani said...

Most of the time, I heard on the news that Africans died of drug overdose. The false comments by most Africans here makes me sick. All I heard from my juniors in College bathrooms is that African men are often seen smooking drugs and boasted about how many local girls they used as sex toys and not in for serious relationship. What about the 2 chinese widows in Kepong that have been sexually assaulted and murdered ? Also Malay girls being sexually harrassed and raped by African men ? Indians used to idol worship African-Americans in the past till now after several incidents where an Indian girl in Lim Kok Wing University was gang raped by Botswanan students. Also Indian taxi drivers complaining that African usually refused to pay for the fare. Malaysian government better get rid of those Africans ( Singing Baboons) before they destroy our culture and rape our daughters.

12:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Nig said...

A ship sinks and the only survivors are a Russian, American and an African. At sea for days, they finally come within sight of land. The Russian opens a hidden bottle of Stoli vodka, takes one swig and throws the remainder of the bottle into the water much to the others dismay. The Russian explains that where he comes from, there are plenty of Stolis'. They're worth nothing and mean nothing at all. Then, the white man from America throws the African into the water.

2:41 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the hate from the Africans.

Nobody is trying to hate on black people. Those are just the facts, if a group of people create problems, people are going to learn to be wary of that group.

Rather than attacking everyone else for pointing out what is happening, why not u attack the people who are giving black people a bad name as a whole?

9:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

F YOU ALL BLACK AFRICAN! U all look sucks, like fxxxing ash , black like xxx !

11:12 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

F YOU ALL BLACK AFRICAN! U all look sucks, like fxxxing ash , black like xxx !

11:13 PM GMT+8  
Blogger George said...

Who so ever post this must have been a moron and a competent imbecile with a racist mentality.... Don't we have Asians or Europeans who are are prostitute in other countries.. why must you single out Africans as whole.. If any black have offend you find out is nationality and criticized instead of generalizing the whole continent.. Because Terrorist are many in the Arab world does it means all Arabian countries are terrorist?

7:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Subang Jaya USJ. It was so peaceful until this Black African Mumbas one by one start moving into our peaceful neighborhood. First there was one of them and now theres 5 of them. I wish our Government will do something about this....Get rid of this menace once and for all from our country. Don't we have enough problem with other clans from our neighboring countries that are infesting our country. Pretty soon this NEGROS are going to plague this country with their presence here? Social problems & crimes are on already on the rise. Get rid of this Black mumbas ASAP. Try going to their country see how they treat us over there and see how we treat them over here.No need to go to their city, just at their airport arrival hall and see how they will try to grab you bags even though you don't need assistance. They will forcefully grab your bags on the trolly to bring it for you to the taxi stand and demand a big tip. When you decline to tip them handsomely they will case a big commotion in front of everbody to make you embarrass and you will finally pay them without a fuss. They will talk with their loud tone of voice to frighten you and they tend to gang up on you even with the presence of police & military. Their enforcement suppose to protect foreigners from this barbarians but everything NFA (No Further Action). But look when they come to our country nobody bothers them at the airport...thats why they know our weak points & they start notifying all their collegues in their bloody country that "ahhh don't worry come to Malaysia nobody can touch you here..we are Kings over here...we can do whatever we want coz our African government giving lots of money so nothing can happen to us...moreover we are more strong than the average Malaysians..we eat plankton everyday while Malaysians eat rice that makes them weak.." This I heard from a couple of Africans here in Malaysian. One of them operates a Pub in kuchai lama & ampang. The culprit is a Swedish guy married to and Cameroonian Kunta Kinte who talk bad about our country.They said we are cheap.... imagine living in our country and talking bad about our M'sians.
This are monsters..they bully us and they look down on us. Why are we still tolerating this menace....get rid of them...revoke all their visas and send them back...bring all their diseases and what not and contaminating our Beloved country. Get Out!!! Get Out!! You SOB's, take your garbage and get the hell out of our country we don't need trash like all you Kunta Kinte's over here so piss off..we don't need your business or your presence here in our country...whether or not you are from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya whatever you are all the same...birds of the same feather flock together so who are you trying to kid man uncivilised barbarians. You will never know our culture and neither do we want to know about yours...its just a bag full of crap and we don't need crap we need decent foreigners who really come and be contributing to development not causing havoc over here. You are a menace in society which ever country you go. Why don't you knock that hard coconut shell head of yours with some good sense instead of being a real shit head, jackass numb nuts...

12:09 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are not a dumb ass please read the article below.. and check the statistic of crime blacks are committing compare to all other Asians, you will know your the Asians are indeed racist indeed... read the last paragraph below..

KUALA LUMPUR: Seventy-six foreigners, most of them Nigerians, were rounded-up by the police in a special operation early Tuesday to curb Internet scam.

The operation, code-named Ops Tiong, was carried out in Ampang, Sentul and Kepong from 11pm Monday. It involved 42 officers and 300 members from the Immigration Department, Higher Education Ministry, Tourism Ministry, General Operations Force, and police from the commercial crime investigation and narcotics divisions.

Commercial Crime Investigation Department Deputy Director II Datuk Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof said the foreigners, comprising 70 Nigerians (67 men and three women), three Cameroon men, two Papua New Guinea men and a Thai woman, whose ages are between 20 and 30s, were arrested following three months of surveillance.

"They will be sent for urine test. Those without valid travel documents will be handed over to the Immigration Department for further action," he told reporters after the operation.

Mohd Rodwan said the participation of the Higher Education Ministry was to verify on the status of those who entered the country on a student visa.

"This is because we receive information that there are foreigners who register as students, but are involved in activities to cheat and deceive Malaysians through the Internet," he added.

He said that between January and October this year, a total of 740 people had been detained for involvement in Internet scam, 187 of them from African countries, 535 from Asean countries and the others, from other countries. - Bernama

9:24 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the only problem is how the media portrays them, and how the citizens look at them stereotypically. It's unfair towards the Africans who come here to study and find legal jobs... the government-controlled media just makes it look as if a majority of them are criminals...

2:34 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think these generalizations are quite dangerous. Crime is Crime, where ever it may be. It is a crime, but if you look at averages and not point fingers you might find the 'African' element is actually low in terms of population in Malaysia. Those who are studying and those who are genuinely employed. The people running brothels are criminals, but would you be able to tell who are the pimps etc if they were Caucasian or from the region. My point is, an African in Malaysia sticks out now matter what. An African, doing something 'illegal' sticks out even more. Being African and spent 5 years in the region, I have noticed a change in hospitality. Example: I was with my wife who is Italian, we were at the airport going to Hong Kong, due to the weather we were grounded. Upon disembarking the plane. As the majority of people on the plane were Kenyan, they were quarantined(immigration wanted to make sure they had a yellow fever certificate.) I was separated from wife whom I was travelling with, not to mention I had been in the country for a month and didn't these papers and am not a resident in Africa. I had to argue with the immigration people, if it was not for the fact that people from other European who got involved, they definitely would have separated us and who knows what else. This unwelcome aggression I find deplorable because of this over generalization. There are Malaysians in Africa too, some legal others not. Separation of what people are doing is important. By the end of my stay, it was clear being African meant reduced rights, hence travelling amongst Europeans. This reality is very sad, I truly love Malaysia.

5:19 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Abaraham Falseprophet said...

People of Asia from Japan to India are not involved in African Slave Trades. Don't force the "Political Correctness" on Malaysians. The 3 major groups that's responsible for African slavery are Arab Muslims, Colonial Europeans, and Sellout Africans.

10:57 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You malaysians are too selfish and greedy. I see alot of your students here in aussie studying and working, why not give others that same opportunity in your country? all u guys want to do is rip those africans off, thats a scam u know. i will say that your own policy is also a scam, u guys are scamming the africans living in your country, so stop complaining and deal with yourselves. Here in australia malaysians advitise themselves on the news papers for prostitution so cut the crap and stop being racist.

9:57 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:03 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia and its people are just mad bcuz they didnt want outsiders comin into their country makin money and now that the African ppl as they say are makin more money then them they are mad. this is not a malaysian thing......what about the malaysian ppl comin over here to canada ant the usa with thier problems and gangs and drug smuggling? lets talk about how they just party and fight over here......dont descriminate bcuz thats all u see in ur country...its world wide....ever culture, every people, all over the world u will find this stuff happening....not just the nigerian ppl in malaysia.....if u dont like it then stop payin the african ppl that work their peanuts.....pay them what u would pay the local ppl....stop hatin if u see a man sellin watches.....yall some haters....thats why u cant get ahead and a people and ur still stuck in a communist country.....this wouldnt even hold up in the real world.....the whole country of ,alaysia has a problem with prostitutes and it damn sure didnt start with the african ppl.....it started with ur mothers and fathers selling their daughters....now the african men come over and take that money from u so ur mad.....U TAUGHT THEM HOW TO DO IT!!!!! the malaysian women should know better....what we say over on this side of the worl DONT HATE THE PLAYER HATE THE GAME.....its not an african problem u have in Malaysia its a society problem u have.change ur government then u might find change in the ppl. until u look at foreigners as equal ppl they will never treat u like u decent ppl.

2:22 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Women leather jackets said...

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5:15 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm confused. So it's alright for a man of another race to be a pimp or a prostitute? Or what point are you trying to drive here?
Because if you're trying to say that it is only Africans that do this kinda thing... Come on!!! Be real.

I get the impression that your problem is more the African race than the illegal activity going on... Please list down your problems precisely, see if they make sense, post them and maybe then we can have a better, more educative and rewarding thread to participate in.

Also, not being able to differentiate Africans is just but ridiculous in this day and age. Open your eyes, listen more carefully as we speak and you will tell the difference. I couldn't distinguish arabs and asians for the longest time... But I got my mind out of the gutter and my stay in Malaysia has been much more decent. I suggest you do so "The Malaysian"

Meanwhile, I'd suggest you delete this and start a new blog about the illegal activity, including all those involved. Feel free to dedicate a section about Africans from what you know and not heard. Because apparently we fellow Africans seem to know less than you and many other bloggers do.

Bottom line is, you have unfairly touched nerves and have been rather insensitive here. I hope it's because you do not know how to put your thoughts in a words in the right manner. Read more... Watch news... Watch movies then talk to the public. Or else you could stir up an unexpected and unwanted war.

//Oh yeah... Racism is old news, Mr. "The Malaysian". (And your name is not suitable btw. I'm sure my Malaysian teacher, my Malaysian housemates, my Malaysian shop keeper, my Malaysian librarian etc have very different things to say about Africans). Style up!

1:55 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what i have to say to malaysian are they dont know what their are saying because i have been in malaysia for a long time and i know what is going on here,why always african africa why a lot of white fox here are doing what is more than,what african are doing,african are good people, caring people,love people of all race,here in malaysia we have been looked down up on a malaysian killed a liberian what came out of it nothing,a police man killed a liberian what came out of it nothing,malaysian are making money from the african student,malaysia people should stop say stupid things ok come to africa a lot of malaysian are there and they are happy no body give them problem,malaysian are not better than african's so if you are there thinking that you are better than africa you are still sleeping thank you

4:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger p.phillips said...


5:57 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Women leather coats said...

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12:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloody lying Awang Hitam condeming Malaysia and the hospitality of the people. All colleges in Malaysia should stop issueing student visa to those barbarians Orang Minyak. They are destroying us socially with their scams,pimping, and drug trade. Malaysian women please be wise. Stay away from them.

12:46 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These stupid malaysians refuse to grow up in this day and age and you are still typical racist. If you dont want Africans in your countries then why dont you let your dumb government remove all your embassies from our countries together with its citizens since you choose to behave like a bunch of rats.There are many malaysians and chinese and indians here in Africa and day in day out they continue to swarm in from their over populated countries like a termite colonies enjoying the peace and hospitality we offer them, breaking every law.Thank God for the nigerians who are always there to teach you some sense. they should continue breaking your laws, dupe you and all kinds of bad things you can think of. Most asians are like that, no wonder your eyes look like an anus... hahaha anus eyed asians.

4:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should also organise an anti asian group in Africa. Why should these idots be allowed here and why should any African study in asia where they cannot read and write any good english. You can study Western Europe or America where there is maturity. Not these immatured dumb malaysians who cannot grow up. With their big heads flat round faces and short bodies like dwarfs... not to talk of their eyelids that needs constant plastic surgery. The most ironic thing that they say is they cannot differeciate between Africans. Who can differeciate between asians? Asians are so boring... Those stupid malaysians want to be like westerners to the extent that they have copied the USA flag... so boring. You are fake and will never be like USA.

5:37 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

malaysians are a bunch of idiots who are foolishly obsessesed with being fair, malaysians can use all the skin creams they want to become fair but they'll never be like us whites because their minds wiil always be malaysian which is simply stupid... macaques!!

7:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love what yur saying,,more people like you to speakout,and who the hell they calling monkey, ,africans,,,u people are such retard,,i see on my fb page where these malaysians or whatever,eat a blackman,there were shoots of photographs,,where the man is lying dead and they severe parts of his joint and his head, theze people cook the man b/parts and eaten,wicked and disgusted sets,,,i don,t ever would want to go to that country,,theyugly too

1:53 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Jazzee said...

You allow people from other countries to get an education in your country. You take their hard earned dollar for tuition, rent,food, transportation and other necessities for living. But, yet, you don't allow them to work in your country. They have no way of supporting themselves while they are getting their education. And you are wondering why they are forced to live on the streets and adhere to crime to survive? You Malaysia are creating more slums and poverty by not allowing ALL people in your country an equal opportunity to the right of working and self-supporting themselves and their families.I am a Canadian citizen who recently visited your country...I am appaled at how the black man is treated there. I have friends there who are struggling severely to survive while trying to complete their education. Most of them are away from their families, have no means of supporting themselves when their education funds deminish. If it weren't for their comorodity between fellow brothers,their positive attitude, and their faith in their Lord, survival in such dire circumstances would be unbearable. Why not a job-placement or apprentice program while the students are in school. A chance for them to experience their career hands-on, giving them the chance to support themselves, and in return reflecting a positive impression on the country and their fellow population of Malaysia.

12:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont believe that African are bad either cause I had been friend with them for quite some time.

They are friendly but the latest news I heard about an African boy been pushed out of the balcony in Mantin's apartment is too much! The African boy died but no one knew what happen to the Malay jealous man that pushed him out. It was said, the Malay man found his ex girl with the African boy because of jealous and cant accept the fact that the girl leave him. Even the police told me I was very stupid to befriend with African but they cant and shouldnt say that. They dont even care of the human right for African here.

Students are struggle to survive... sometime they dont have anything to eat. Cause they cant work with student pass. And if they are hired to do jobs... their pay is very small and can only survive for a day.

Malaysian people are the one that take advantages on their misery. Dont we have heart? We claim ourself to be a muslim country. This is not the way Islam taught us. We are very racist.

My brother who studying in USA. Cause Malay are darker than the US people sometime we are called as black too.

I dont care what the authority or media says, I will help them if they need food to eat. Even if we are in their position, we hope that kind people will help too.

11:04 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In japan , people talk about malaysians committing crimes. now what do you think about that? I am so tired of this racist crap and malaysians are just about as dark as some africans with their stub round noses and their short bodies... and other small areas on them.. your post is disgusting. Malaysia can go fuck itself.... i like it much better in Japan and back home in the usa. DONT COME TO MY COUNTRY THE USA YOU RACIST FUCK IF YOU CANT EVEN LEARN HOW TO NOT JUDGE A MAN BECAUSE OF HIS SKIN COLOR. If you came to the usa, some people would look down on you for your short penis and small eyes and yellow BROWN skin. dont even get me started.
ANd the question was before about how to know the difference between Kenyan and Nigerian? well in most countries people wouldnt know the difference between a malaysian and vietnamese or mongolian... as they think all asians look the same. now how do you feel about that? sometimes i dont even want some of my asian friends to visit the usa as they come under racism too and they dont know what it feels like until it happens to them. i have seen koreans get pissed when someone thought that they were chinese or cambodian lol...

1:02 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

am African lady and am so proud of my self,and you Malaysia are dirty fool,your religion is killing you people,wake up and brush up and look like other countries.we African make money and we enjoy money,if you are jealous of us or call use cheaters i swear you block my way i cheat you,you fools and morons,u hate Africans i hate Malaysia with all passion stingy bitches dirty things..

1:51 AM GMT+8  
Blogger dnamiva said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:18 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's is way the malaysian are still stupid! I've visited many countries in Asia and I found out that Malaysia is the one which still keeping its people DUMB AND BLIND. Open your mind and let your self go, you will see that the life is so BEAUTIFUL as never ever. Let the african enjoy the life, it has been more than 500 years of suffering, pain. Now the africans are free to enjoy their wealth.

11:20 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:50 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Author deletes some and condones some. This country may fall sometime soon..I wonder where Malaysian will turn to...I hope not though...
And to the guy who said we should be treated like dogs..Ask your Govt. How much Nigeria aid they took as loan to help your lazy ass! Time shall tell..It may be your turn today..Tomorrow may be mine to treat you and your kids like yellow monkeys? I have donated blood in Malaysia and that same blood was used to save a life. Think like humans and not infidels.

1:34 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These blacks are NOT humans. If you kill another human being, it is manslaughter. But like I said, they are NOT human beings; they are subhumans. There is no law that protects a subhuman. The closest they can identify themselves to is that of animals so if you lynch a nigger, you will be charged for animal cruelty act. You will be fined, but you won't face a serious sentence like that for manslaughter. So if you kill a nigger and you have been arrested, you can get a lawyer to defend you - just charge it under animal cruelty act, because that's what niggers are. They are NOT human and they shouldn't dare to claim to be one. It's a lie,

8:41 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im a white man and i love malaysia so peaceful . today i saw a negress woman with her 2 little monkey children.... what and why are they in malaysia ? they are like a virus and poison. stay in afreaka dont come to asia and ruin this place like you have ruined your homeland !

8:57 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all you idiots talking crap about malaysia ! i have never heard of a malaysian involved in major crimes or syndicates scams murders etc ! very isolated cases. this country is number 20 on the global peace index. i have never had any hassle or problems here ! i have seen little poverty (less than the usa )my birth country. the only time get hassled or bothered is when i walk down the street , from the indonesian whores coming here to sell their bodies. fruit, veggies and gasoline half the price of the philippines (a basket case and destitute).the malaysians let me stay 90 days and the filipinos only 21 ! taxes are low here just 6% service charge on some items ,in philippines 12 % vat on ALL items. i dont want these monkeys i.e. blacks, indos or flips here ruining this nice country like they have ruined and destroyed their own countries! very few malays reside overseas .. why ? cause they arent starving to death like you who are hell bent on coming here.
i dont kiss anyones ass and besides nobody knows who i am.
signed anonymous

9:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article is highly offensive to all Africans globally. I am a Nigerian and I came Malaysia to study, I concluded my studies and now I am legitimately working in Malaysia on an employment pass and paying my taxes. Every location has some bad eggs but don't generalize it. Are you a robot or a human being? From one human to another, how could you post this degrading article and stigmatize the good name of Africans all over the world? It is possible that you probably just had a bad and unfortunate experience with an African and I sympathize with you but this article is not the right way to let out that anger, seeing a Shrink/anger management therapist would do you much good. My African friend and colleague at work is from Kenya and she was recently attacked and beaten by two Malay theives who tried to steal her purse early in the morning when she was on her way to work. She's currently on a 6 weeks MC as a result of that incident. Well, I take consolation in the fact that you and all those in support of your point of view who are just some ignorant bunch of gluttonous lazy nicompoops with way too much time to mess around don't actually speak for the whole country. Go and do some research and you will see that Africa is one of the strong pillars holding Malaysia's economy. You're too ignorant for me to indulge you, assume what you will, your government knows better.

2:57 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After going through some of the comments, I address this comment to the creator of this blog. I just hope that you are happy that your blog has become a place where racists can rant and chant freely. If this was your intention, then you have successfully accomplished it. It is just really sad that in this modern day and age we still have people who are as shallow minded as you. The President of the most powerful country in the world (USA) is an African, President Barack Obama, and more people are coming from Africa who are going to dictate the affairs of this world and who racists like you will bow down to in humble subjection either by will or by force. Mark my words. Africa rules!!!

3:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ni66ers are sub-human animals, and is verified by the Genome Project. Sub-Saharan Africa never had a written language, mathematics, literature, architecture a building exceeding two stories, or even the wheel. They are and always will be a drain on any society wherever they infest.

4:58 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Malysian, but I agree with one of the African's comment that Chinese people think that they law abiding citizens and other races as CRIMINALS!!!! Fuck U you Scrunch Up Faced MOngoloid FILTH!!!

3:55 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian Muslim and I say that all Africans are welcome in Malaysia.

5:39 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

formalaysians we better think. nothing last forever. we may think we have arrived but nothing is certain including our present success. we brag that people are coming to us today but tomorrow we might be the one running to other nations for a better life. war, earthquake or the unexpected might befall us. who knows. remember the world is watching how we treat human beings like us. every seed of today is the harvest of tomorrow. dont complain if ur citizen are treated the same way in time to come.....

11:31 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well well reread what you yourself wrote and see that you yourself are no better than oh so racist malaysians.first,this is quoted from a *TABLOID* newspaper!! The uk has it tabloids so does malaysia. Second the part of malaysian eating an african is a hoax.its thais medical students training on a thai of darker colour corpse (yes some asians does have dark skin like african,even some of the malays looks like africans,mat kilau the national hero was dark skinned as an example) a simple checking back the facts through google through trustworthy sources instead of taking any news as true would not make you sound like an utter retard. *pinkies out,sips tea*

1:06 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its from a tabloid... and some malaysian themselves are of african descent.

1:09 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im sorry for these kind of people in my country but due to the malaysian brain drain many of the more educated malay,chinese,eurasian,indian,sigh etc took job overseas and coming back only for retirement,leaving behind these less or uneducated backward thinking portion of our populace behind. These people wound up being the majority instead...

12:26 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um... african women students prostitute themselves too here. There are even african males that do the same i still remembered an interview with one bottom gay african selling himself here. We are giving you all the chance all these years,but the numbers of africans students committing crimes is not doing any good to your rep and they outnumber other foreign students thus why this is becoming an issue. When we become wary and distance ourselves for fear of safety this wound up being labeled racist despite the fact it is not based on skin color,some malaysian are of even darker colour than africans. We just becoming worried by your actions.

12:41 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Unknown said...

Why must we give u jobs when our oen malaysians have no jobs. And its not about racism. We hsve no problems with other races because they behave not loiter around commit crimes n cause discomfort to general malaysians who wan to live peacefully

2:23 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Anonymous said...

If your country is so great stay there my friend no necessity to come here. U dont hear us flooding Africa lol

2:25 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Anonymous said...

If your country is so great stay there my friend no necessity to come here. U dont hear us flooding Africa lol

2:28 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Anonymous said...

Why must we give u jobs when our oen malaysians have no jobs. And its not about racism. We hsve no problems with other races because they behave not loiter around commit crimes n cause discomfort to general malaysians who wan to live peacefully

2:29 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Najib Razak is keeping quiet. He wants the Bumiputeras to master Swahili thats why !

Perhaps Najib wants a big black dick up his ass too !!

8:12 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you leave your front door wide open, burglars will come in also and that is the case with
the African menace in Malaysia. Looks like any scammer, burglar, rapist etc. can enter your country(Malaysia) very easily. Najib Razak just sits there doing nothing. Pressing his arse. Had he done something, there would perhaps be only good Africans in Malaysia. Now Malaysia has African Bumiputeras too ! Mainly B.B.B(Bad Black Bastards !). And the longer Najib sits pressing his cock, the worse it will become. Malaysia will be full of conmen and scammers in due time.

6:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There will be Bumiputeras from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Chad, Burkina Faso etc. etc in Malaysia in the next 10 years ! You may even have an African Malaysian P.M too ! And UMNO will have many African ministers. Isn't that nice, Najib ? Or will you just press your arse & let that all happen ?

2:27 AM GMT+8  

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