Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Specific Guidelines On Usage Of Malay And Employment Of Muslims Needed.

On the one hand our authorities encourage the use of the Malay language as a medium of instruction in schools, in daily conversation, sign boards and official letters as well as promoting it as a language of knowledge. On the other, the same language proponents become paranoid when Malay is used as a language in the writing of anything which they find unacceptable, suspicious or distasteful especially if it pertains to religion.

Recently the Utusan Malaysia highlighted a story of a buku komik agama bukan Islam berbahasa Melayu diedar percuma in Cheras where the said comic was being distributed by Malay youths. The Utusan writer himself obtained a copy at the car park of Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras.

The writer then poses this question, persoalannya kenapa komik itu dibukukan dalam bahasa Melayu dan diupah belia Melayu untuk mengedarnya? Mengapa pula diolah dalam bentuk komik? A valid argument on the face of it. My questions are very simple. Is it an offence for a Muslim to be employed or tasked in any venture, free or profit-making, which deals with an item or any literature connected with another religion? Does he automatically lose his right of employment even if he personally has no objections, if another religion vaguely comes into the picture? Are Malay translations of non-Islamic scriptures and literature forbidden by law?

It is better to issue very specific guidelines and if these guidelines are already in place, then publicise them, to prevent the type of insinuations made in the Utusan report which gives the 'Islam in danger' kind of uneasy feeling to the average Muslim.

The full Utusan report here.


Blogger walski69 said...

"Komik itu menyebut ‘Allah’ bagi maksud Tuhan sedangkan agama berkenaan tidak menggunakan nama ‘Allah’ dalam kitab dan ibadat mereka."

I think they do in the Arab lands (maybe even in Indonesia, which is where the comic books apparently came from, by the way, as reported in Harian Metro yesterday).

The more coddling and over-sensitivity there is, the more every little thing becomes a concerted conspiracy. Frankly, it's becoming very tiresome, and, in a way, an insult to the intelligence of the Malays/Muslims (or at least to some of us).

Are minds becoming more closed within this community in the 21st century? But I guess when you're bombarded with "Islam is under attack" every waking moment, those who can't think for themselves would probably buy into the hysteria.

I probably sound harsh (and some won't hesitate labelling me a variety of things... heh-heh), but it really is getting tiring to hear the same 'ol insecure crap time and time again, you know?

And gee... more rules and guidelines? Yeah, why not. The more the merrier - but, seriously, no amount of rules and regs will ever be able to overcome deep-seated insecurities like these.

I personally believe that religion and morality are two things which should stay in the personal domain and not legislated across the board, whether one agrees to them or not.

Not a popular view, I know... but it seems more and more that common sense is losing its popularity, too.

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