Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't Worry Too Much About Indoor Air Quality. Ensure A Breathable Outdoor Environment.

Our authorities believe in running before learning to crawl. With the damned Indons blitzing our atmosphere with their perennial forest fires we should be seriously worried about health problems as a result. Now one of our 'run before you crawl' political types wants to regulate and monitor indoor air quality after doing a survey of 2000 people.

What have these chaps been doing about the forest fires in Indonesia as well as the thousands of cases of open burning which has been going on with impunity in our own country? Nothing. But now according to Negeri Sembilan Environment, Human Resource and Public Complaints Action Committee Chairman Datuk Peter Lai Yit Fee, the government wanted to ensure that those working indoors or inside commercial buildings were breathing quality air!

Bloody hell! Here we are getting choked off and on by all the rubbish that is being burnt, while the authorities are merely paying lip service instead of actually doing something substantial to overcome this problem, and our hero Peter Lai wants to champion indoor air quality proponents. If some 'enterprising' politician gets to know about this, I'm sure that he'll see to it that the government comes out with not only stifling regulations but also newfangled gadgets and devices to 'monitor' the air quality. And guess whose company or interests will manufacture these devices? Don't underestimate our chaps. They are immensely qualified to be the biggest and the most crooked capitalists in the world today.

So thank you but no thanks Peter, we'll manage indoor air quality ourselves temporarily while you and your caring colleagues in government concentrate on helping us by making sure we have at least some quality air to breath when we are outdoors. We appreciate your concern.


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Blogger shanghaistephen said...

Yes Malaysian,
Now some crony will introduce a new gadget for all first, govt. buildings the all others and what do we get ....another entity like IWK. the real monkeys-in-suits in parliament are actually helping these "related" consortiums rape it's citizens dry to profits.
What has IWK actually done to better our sanitary system ?? Nothing.And if they so claim to have "done anything" why are our assesments bills still so high ? Are'nt we paying for roads, drainage,sanitation and rubbish collection in our assesment ????
If IWK is taking care of "sanitation" why is there no reduction in our half-yearly bill "minus/less sanitation" ???

8:04 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

shanghaistephen, as I've said before, IWK is a gross abuse of the privatisation policy intended to bilk the people of their hard-earned money.

1:34 PM GMT+8  
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