Friday, August 18, 2006

Who Is To Blame For This Ignorance And Stupidity?

Today's headlines in the NST is: Shocking!High degree of sexual promiscuity and ignorance on campus.

Why should this be so? Why are so-called 'smart' kids so ignorant? And foolish? One in two young adults are having sex. Eighty per cent of them do not use contraceptives. Sexually-active university and college students, between the ages of 18 and 25, do not even think about condoms when they hop into the sack.

These are frightening figures and it openly exposes the total lack of responsibility and perhaps even a semblance of care and knowledge about the terrible dangers awaiting our sexually-charged youth.

Whom should we blame for this very regrettable state of affairs? The youths, their family and society? I think all of them must in some way shoulder responsibility. But the biggest culprits are the pressure groups both the religious ones and the cultural-moral crusaders who have kept our children in a state of darkness as far as sex is concerned. They have stymied various efforts on the part of the education authorities to have comprehensive sex-education lessons, giving every possible excuse, born of their ignorance and prejudices. For all you know their own children are probably suffering as a consequence of their stupidity.

These idiots who screamed bloody murder everytime the subject of sex education came up, were joined by the champions of race, religion and morality. The politicians of course took the easy way out by giving in to these silly demands. The final tragic result? Young men and women who are exposed to the ravages of sexually transmitted diseases and much worse.


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