Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Practical Umno Youth Chief Invites Guests To His Wedding By SMS, Email

Riding on the wave of a new trend, an Umno division youth leader who is getting married next month is sending out invitations to his wedding by SMS and emails.

Sik Umno Division Youth chief Mohd Tajudin Abdullah, 41, who is tying the knot with the division Puteri deputy chief, Norashimah Md Nowar, 25, on Aug 12 at Rimba Takwa are inviting 3,000 guests by SMS and 3,000 more by email.

However, the traditional way was not discarded with 14,000 more guests who would be receiving their invitation cards, he told Bernama Monday. Sik Umno Youth Division members are assisting Tajudin to send out the SMS and emails.

"I hope those who receive the invitations by SMS and emails as well as verbally do not feel at a disadvantage," he said adding that his courtship with Norashimah bloomed while they were engaged in party work.

**** Firstly my congratulations to the couple. I think it's a great idea to dispense with invitation cards which take up quite a chunk of wedding expenses. While the elders of the family and other important persons should receive cards, all the others I'm sure, would not mind being invited 'electronically'. The only drawback with SMS invitations is, if some prankster should send out a couple of thousand invitation messages to those who are not on the list.

I hope this trend catches on, but not the other earlier and now aborted SMS by divorce. That I hope never sees the light of day again. I still can't figure out how the syariah court magistrate allowed that type of divorce in the first place. At that time, I felt that the silly magistrate should have been reprimanded and transferred and the order should have been sent to him by SMS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on...
20,000 (14,000+3,000+3,000) wedding invitation and you call it Practical UMNO Youth???

10:38 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Ha Ha! Actually I did not want to comment on the huge number since I don't know the compulsions behind it. But good point anonymous.

12:05 PM GMT+8  
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