Thursday, July 27, 2006

A 'Half-Brain' Idea From A BN Nitwit.

Sometimes I wonder if in the mornings, Pak Lah on hearing of the antics and sheer stupidity of some of his BN 'leaders', shakes his head in disbelief and disappointment. He probably would, if he had heard of the 'part-flyover' logic of this part-brain BN nincompoop.

THE half-completed Semabok flyover is open to motorists, but anyone who uses it travels at their own risk, said state Works and Public Amenities Committee chairman Datuk Hamdin Abdollah.

Hamdin said he has convinced the contractor to open part of the flyover to the public, having promised in the previous legislative session that it would be completed by June 30.

"We opened the flyover because we want to honour our promise. It’s only half completed, (but) we feel that we are honouring at least part of our promise," he said.

"Neither the Government nor the contractor will be responsible if anything befalls the motorists."

The flyover is part of the Semabok- Muar highway project, which is scheduled to be completed by Dec 31.

Gan Tian Loo (BN-Duyong) had asked if the decision to open the flyover would be reviewed.

"It is dark and the road surface on the flyover is bumpy. Why not review the decision to open it, which could endanger motorists?" asked Gan.

Betty Chew (DAP-Kota Laksamana) asked if the contractor would be blacklisted for the delay.

Hamdin said there was no reason to blacklist the contractor because the highway’s contractual completion date was Dec 31.

**** What an idiot! Imagine proudly announcing that he's honouring at least part of the promise by allowing half the flyover to open despite the known dangers. On top of that he makes a disclaimer that neither the government nor the contractor will be responsible if anything untoward happens! This is the heights of unaccountability and irresponsibilty. What is the CM doing in the meanwhile? Waiting for a few innocent and unsuspecting people to die before taking action?

Will the ACA go through this case and see to whom the contractor of this project is linked to? If they do I'm sure they'll come across a few interesting 'discoveries'.


Blogger fishtail said...

That guy would certainly qualify for the Top Idiot of the Year award.

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