Thursday, July 27, 2006

No Hike In Sugar Price, Says Abdullah.

Looks like it is the season for Pak Lah to say "no"! Yesterday he gave a firm no to the IFC and many frowned. Today however is a happier "no" when he said that the Government will not raise sugar prices at the moment as the move will lead to prices of other goods to increase.

The Government must be careful when taking any action with regard to sugar price increase as many other items also used sugar, the prime minister told a press conference. Goods smuggling, including sugar and fuel, by irresponsible traders and entrepreneurs was an "anti-people and anti-consumers criminal act."

"Traders and entrepreneurs only want profit, they do not consider the people's interests, they don't care," he said. He urged the people to provide information to the government so that enforcement action could be taken against such people.

Abdullah said smart consumers would ensure traders did not sell goods at exorbitant prices to their whims. He said goods sold at high prices would receive less demand from consumers. Abdullah gave an assurance the government would ensure the prices of goods and services in this country would remain cheap even after Malaysia became a developed country by 2020.

"The Government will continue monitoring the inflation situation in the country so as not to burden the people," he said, adding that prices of clothing and goods, transportation cost, communication services fee, housing price, education and medical treatment must be within the people's affordability.

He, however, said the people must be wise not to over-spend besides being sensitive to the current prices of goods.


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