Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Congratulations Ravichandran.

"Ravi who?" you may ask. His name is Ravichandran Tharumalingam and this determined Malaysian reached the peak of Mount Everest yesterday, 15th May 2006 at around 4.15 pm Malaysian time. The peak incidentally is at 8,848.15 meters.

What is especially interesting in the case of Mr. Ravichandran is that he is a businessman who is the Managing Director of the TR Group of Companies and is 40 years old. He has already scaled several peaks in Malaysia, as well as Mera Peak, Island Peak, and Kala Pattar in Nepal.

In a New Straits Times Report on March 27 2006 Ravichandran said that Malaysians have less knowledge about climbing from the side that faces Tibet because they usually climb from the south side. "The Tibet side is new for Malaysia. I hope to be the first Malaysian to climb it from this side and add to our knowledge". The Tibetan route is more difficult to navigate. Strong winds and harsh weather contribute to a lower success rate. According to Ravichandran, three out of 10 climbers do not survive the climb. This route poses more dangers but they have not dampened his spirits.

Aside from gaining a new record for Malaysia, he hopes to raise RM2 million in donations from companies to help charity organisations across the country. My congratulations to this brave man and I'm sure all of you share the same feelings too. At an age where some of us mistakenly think that we are 'old', Mr. Ravichandran's feat should be an encouragement to all those pushing forty and older. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are precious and they are very valuable assets that money can't buy.

It would be very interesting to see how our authorities i.e. the Sports Ministry receives this conqueror of Everest. There have been over the years whispers and murmurs that the government both Federal and States have two different standards when felicitating and rewarding excellence in sports and other fields - one for the bumis and one for the rest. I for one would like to think that this is not so, although on occasions the thought has crossed my mind.

Let us see whether this true example of bravery and courage that Ravichandran represents is adequately welcomed and commended as a Malaysian hero by the authorities or whether they pass the buck to the MIC to felicitate him as an Indian warrior. We'll know over the next few days won't we?


Blogger bnaipal said...

Ravichandran must immediately check his birth certificate details : nationality & RELIGION - the Registrar of Births & Deaths is known to have itchy fingers! Further he has to ensure that no woman, Muslim by religion has been married off to him by the Syariah Court even without his presence or knowledge.
Ravichandran, I sincerely hope your name is not changed to Mohammad Rafik bin Abdullah. Please ensure that you do not wear any headgear that resembles a songkok or you may appear in the frontpage of Utusan Melayu!
He has successfully conquered the Everest, but now he has to conquer the formidable Malaysian society.

5:30 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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