Monday, May 15, 2006

A Stable And Peaceful Malaysia - Largely Due To The Malays.

The general elections have just ended in Fiji. A once peaceful country it has undergone a lot of trauma in the last decade following the victory of a non-indigenous dominated party in elections leading to a military-led coup. Years later the appointment of an Indian as Prime Minister in 1999 caused more instability, and martial law was declared in the year 200o. Ever since then Fiji has seen its fortunes plummet and it is still to come out of the doldrums.

In contrast Malaysia is a symbol of peace, stability and prosperity in the developing world and in countries with multi-ethnic populations. A lot of reasons can be given for this stable and peaceful environment: A democratically elected government, responsible fiscal policies, firm civilian control over a disciplined, professional armed forces, an efficient public service, a comparatively free and fair judiciary, relatively free mass media and the evenhanded treatment of her citizens by the authorities. A description such as the above is bound to be disputed by those who have their own opinions on the matter and it is their right.

However in my view the one overriding reason for the calm and stability we enjoy is the Malay himself. (For convenience I am using the masculine gender in this post). It is the innate sense of fairplay and justice the Malay possesses, that in a way contributes to the peace which we take so much for granted. A Malay dominated government like ours if it wanted to, can, with such a huge majority do practically anything it wants including suppressing the non-Malays to an extent where it can really hurt. Instead this and previous governments have chosen the path of non-confrontation and cooperation. The harsh truth is that the Malays can rule Malaysia without the help of any other race and there is nothing you can do about it.

It is Malay generosity which has empowered the other races and given them a strong 'voice', credible leaders and opportunities to represent their respective communities. It is primarily the Malay who is still upholding the provisions of the constitution despite hiccups now and then. After five decades of independence they have no problems with maintaining a western democratic model of government when they have no obligation to do so.

In the field of education despite all the rumbling and complaints of the non-Malays they have been given so much leeway. Mother tongue education in ethnic schools run without official interference is not a right in most countries. Here they have been permitted to teach their young without hindrance yet the people complain. Learn gratitude from the Malays, it is inculcated in them from birth, as is politeness, respect, obedience and the practice of fairplay and justice.

Human nature is such that we don't appreciate something until it is no longer with us. The death of a loved one leads to yearning for the deceased and even regret ("I should have spent more time with", or "I could have been more affectionate" are common refrain.). Only after an illness do we really understand what it means to be healthy and vow never to take good health for granted. That very same attitude prevails here in our relationship with our countrymen, our leaders and our government. We take them for granted.

On the internet so much untruth is being written about the Malays. Why even in the national press a survey publicized that the 'Malays are lazy'. All I can say is don't fool yourselves. Out there are literally hundreds of thousands of highly skilled and talented Malays motivated enough to give you a run for your money. Their 'good time' came long ago but instead of taking it all they shared it with you. Understand them. Appreciate them. Respect them.

In conclusion admittedly there are many things that are not right in Malaysia but which nation is perfect? Singapore? The U.S.? Some unnamed European state? Every country has it's own peculiar problems and the really good ones deal with them by seeking solutions. My purpose in today's post is to urge you to appreciate the good that you already have and help to find ways to overcome our problems and not consume yourself in hatred and self-pity. It could have been worse; you could be in Fiji.


Blogger Dorian Alexi Wilde said...

Still, it is unfair to give an upper hand to the bumis when there are many hardworking non-bumis that have to strive twice as hard for places in university compared to their bumi counterparts, who are practically guaranteed a place in university regardless of their results. If what you said is true, why not have a fair fight between all races and see what happens. Malaysia will not have come so far without the Indians and Chinese, and the Malays will have to admit this.

We are all racially tolerant of each other, but will it hurt for the Malays to let go of their crutches and show everyone that they can do it and shut the mouths of their critics once and for all?

4:10 PM GMT+8  
Blogger akuboleh said...

I totally agree with you Dorian alexi wilde. If the malays think they are that good, why not let go of all their crutches and see what happen,,.the truth is they are reaally afraid of their own shadow.

6:18 PM GMT+8  

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