Monday, May 15, 2006

Article 11 Forum Hijacked; Along With The Malaysian Federal Constitution.

Some mischief makers must have had a good night's sleep; all in all it was a great day for them yesterday. They had the 'guts' to go into a hall, disrupt a legal forum and forcing it to end prematurely while at the same time making a mockery of the police force. Well done, you must be proud of yourselves; more brownie points for you in the hereafter.

Please read a part of a report in The Sun: A forum on 'The Federal Constitution: Protection for All', organised by Article 11 (a coalition of 13 groups), which has the required permits, was forced to an abrupt end midway by a protest by about 500 people on Sunday. The forum, attended by about 200 people, started as scheduled but was interrupted by a group in the hall. The hecklers stood up to accuse the organisers of holding the forum without a permit. Plainclothes policemen seated in the crowd told them to calm down. To contain the situation, police advised the organisers to end the forum by 10.15am, two hours before the scheduled time stated in the police permit. Only three of the five speakers had spoken. Earlier, the forum participants found police personnel stationed around the venue, a hotel on Penang Road, when they arrived......Many of them held anti Inter-Faith Commission banners and placards, but they must have been misled as the forum did not even touch on the subject. (The Sun)

Now who could have sent these goons to disrupt the forum? They definitely would not have acted on their own volition, having the combined IQ of a rotting cabbage. I wonder how much they were paid and to whom they reported. Whoever they are congratulations - you have struck another body blow to the already bruised and battered constitutional provisions of freedom of speech and assembly. As for the police what can I say? The Chief Police Officer Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee said all action taken by police was for the best interest of the public and the people's security. He's an excellent, conscientious officer and I'll take him at his word.

As for the government let us see what explanations are forthcoming regarding the incident, whether such hooliganism is in tandem with what it preaches, what measures are to be taken against the hired thugs and their masterminds and what are the plans to prevent future escapades by these mentally challenged maniacs and their ilk.

The very concept of democracy seems to escape the minds of these shallow minded people. 'I don't like what you do therefore you shouldn't' is their train of thought. The reverse however does not apply! Every argument is twisted and mangled with liberal doses of religion, race and their own insecurities, little realizing that the puppeteer in the background probably has nothing but contempt for them anyway.

If any in the ruling party are jumping for joy remember that it is the Federal Constitution which has been trampled, the same one your leaders have sworn to protect and obey. There are no winners in this fiasco. All of us lost a little yesterday. The image of the country lost a lot more.


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