Sunday, August 29, 2010

Najib's 'No Racism' Warning Is Just Another Sandiwara

Come of it lah brudder! You can't fool all of the people all of the time. Najib knows those wise words, but hey what's another lie for a person who by nature is a deceiving trickster? When our PM came out with the warning about racist remarks in public, my first thought was whether he was referring to the recent imbroglio involving two utterly stupid makcik masquerading as headmistresses or had he by any chance grown a ball or two and decided to caution that supremely ugly Malay supremacist Ibrahim Ali.

But having an inkling about the devious ways in which this man operates, the thought crossed my mind that he may have actually been targeting MCA, Pakatan and ordinary non-Malays for commenting on free speech, more rights for everyone and basically wanting a more just and equitable Malaysia. Non-Malays asking for a fair deal and true democracy is in Umno's world nothing but pure racism and sedition and the 'racists' should be subjected to lynching.

So I wouldn't give much thought to Najib's admonition. It's a waste of time and energy. He is simply not going to lift his pinkie and he won't specifically target any one Malay individual or group spewing racist venom. If it's to his advantage he may even arrest Chua Soi Lek but Umno connected Malays are apparently above the law.

Meanwhile the country is fast going down the slippery slope and national unity is but a far distant memory. I'm seriously thinking of moving to Singapore at least for the sake of my kids. To be sure racism does exist in Singapore too but not the increasingly venomous kind that you find here. The final straw for me was when almost the entire top leadership of Umno both in and out of Cabinet, except for Khairy and Nazri, kept absolutely silent in the wake of a tsunami-like uproar from the public. That the Umno leadership condones such ignorant racist talk is very apparent. Downplaying the issue like what Hishamuddin did as well as the dismissive attitude of that educated idiot Alimuddin Mohd Dom, DG of Education only made matters worse.

Everyone knows that our education system had gone down the longkang decades ago. What kept it propped up for a long time was the pool of dedicated and talented teachers from all the races. As the last of this group of educationists retired over the seventies and early eighties we and our children were set upon by a massive horde of locally trained 'teachers' almost exclusively Malay. We and our nation have yet to recover from the trauma of this onslaught. The racist Hajjahs in Johor and Kedah are merely two examples of an entire generation of BTN indoctrinated goons let loose in our schools to maraud as they wish. In the process all pupils, both Malay and non-Malay, have been deeply affected and their future jeopardised. Those in Chinese schools, accused of producing social skills disadvantaged, exam passing automatons had at least escaped this mediocre fare dished out in sekolah kebangsaan. At least for a short period in their vulnerable lives they had been spared the ravages of racism spooking the classrooms of our 'national' schools.

And please don't expect that Najib will suddenly have a change of heart and perform a miracle. He won't. What we need is not a change of heart but a change of government.

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