Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whose Citizenship Will Be Revoked If Syed Ali Alhabshee Was In Power?


From today's TheStar:
The Government should revoke the citizenship of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Cheras Umno division chairman Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee said. His activities could affect peace in Malaysia. Citizens who are not patriotic should not be given a place here.
Thus spoke one of the most brilliant criminals among the dozens who are currently infesting the Umno sewers. You can count on this Ethiopian-Arab slave descendant who morphed into an UMNO-MALAY to be in the thick of any issue involving the racist party. After all he knows which side his bread is buttered on. It is significant that the Ministry of Finance extended for two years the contract of this a**hole to continue his tenure as The Chairman of Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd effective from 1st June 2008. So the chairmanship is up for renewal in two days time and this dog is barking at his loudest to be heard by Najib. Renewing his contract means another couple of hundred thousands in his bank account. He is also Chairman of Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation which too is controlled by the Ministry of Finance and is the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of Tanjung Offshore Berhad (Tanjung). He also holds directorships in IIUM Holdings Sdn Bhd and C.I. Holdings Berhad.

Can you imagine the chaos which would ensue if this brainsick maniac pulled the levers of power in Malaysia? There would be literally hundreds of Malaysians who would lose their citizenship, mostly for being against Umno's corrupt and racist rule, for being fair and trustworthy, for being courageous in defending human rights and for being overachieving, successful non-Malays.

Apart from the usual 'unpatriotic' opposition leaders like Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Tok Guru and Zaid Ibrahim the list will also include flavor of the month pro-government supporters like Samy Vellu and his son.

Among the first to go will be that 'traitor to the Malay race', High Court (Appellate and Special Powers Division) judge Datuk Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim who ruled that Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is the rightful menteri besar of Perak.

High Court judge Datuk Lau Bee Lan
’s controversial ‘Allah’ ruling will guarantee her a place in the top ten hate list.

Another Malay 'traitor' is National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC) Chairman Senator Tan Sri Amirsham Abdul Aziz for espousing the New Economic Model (NEM), betraying the 'social contract' and having 'forgotten' his roots.

Squash player Nicol David may be stripped of her citizenship for not knowing her place as a woman. Going around the world and winning titles while wearing revealing skirts may be a little too much for the likes of Alhabshee. A woman's place is at home!

Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor is another candidate who our lunkhead has never forgiven especially since she bested a genuine Malay darling - Faradina Mohd. Nadzir (Dina)- in the Idol finals.

However Alex Yoong, race car driver would narrowly escape the net because of his less than spectacular F1 performance. If only he had climbed up the podium even once he would have lost his citizenship.

Marina Mahathir would be right on the top of his list but the very thought of the Tun's ire will send shivers up and down his spine and he'll quickly bury the thought, lest any rash act buries him.

Lee Chong Wei would be booted out. How dare he 'deprive' a Malay juara of his rightful place as champion and agree to a datukship as well!

Jimmy Choo and Michelle Yeoh will be on the hit list for spending too much time overseas (and for being highly successful).

Of course this list can run into thousands of pages. If you'd like to suggest some names, please do in the comments section.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

HELP ! i might be in it's list !!

5:50 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing malay about this monkey is that he has 2 eyes,2ears and 1 mouth.And calls himself a malay? Why not a Ethiopian-Arab Malaysian?

So one can see why the Malay race does not exist.It is these pseudo-malays who claimed themselves to be Malays that has taken over this country.The real Malays has been pushed aside and marginalised.

9:25 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Jawatan Kosong said...

wow.. never expect this

9:41 PM GMT+8  
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Blogger The Kid said...

Very interesting. I am not from Malaysia but only read stuff on Channai Malaysia here

But this politics is very interesting!

1:03 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Absar @ Go Go Elite said...

We must take our country back from these fraudulent politicians!

2:52 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Syed Ali ada blog.........kah kah kah, sapa tolong tulih.......kah kah kah

12:17 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I am not a Malaysian but I am surprised by the language you use on your blog, I was not expecting to see a person, a human and your fellow Malaysian called a monkey, anyway if I may ask, are you a Malay, Chinese or Indian?

4:44 PM GMT+8  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are very childish

5:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Alhabshee" means "The African". His name says it all but it does not say "Malay".

His threats are also stupid. I gave my citizenship away because I valued freedom, equality, meritocracy and fraternity of all mankind above anything else. But I am a winner as my new country has given me all that I value and more.

4:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please don't call an African dude a 'monkey' - it just shows YOUR racist nature - You're pretty lucky to be in Malaysia - if you were in one of those 'liberal european' countries - they would have arrested your ass for racial hatred! Go hump an Israeli if you are so desperate for approval by those hypocrites - isn't that what Anwar Ibrahim was doing BTW?

6:10 PM GMT+8  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the eye opening news, this Syed Sh#$^t Ali is even worse then a donkey. Please expose more of these people so that Malaysian would not be so naive(ie being bull-shit by them) in the next general election.

8:53 AM GMT+8  

thanks for sharing

6:27 AM GMT+8  
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5:42 PM GMT+8  
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