Monday, December 24, 2007

Koh Tsu Koon 'Worried' Of Opposition Designs In Penang. Be Wary Of Umno & MCA, Your Real Enemies.

Gerakan has always regarded Penang as a hotspot during general election as the opposition parties have often tried to make the state their power base.

Acting Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said it came as no surprise when former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin noted that Penang was one of three “hotspot” states in the country for the next general election.

“We have always regarded Penang as a hotspot. This is not something new for us,” he said.

The Penang Chief Minister was responding to Daim’s statement that Kedah, Selangor and Penang were potential hotspots in the next general election.

Daim was quoted in the China Press as saying that the Government should pay more attention to the three states ahead of the general election.

Daim had said that based on his findings and feedback from the people, the Government should give priority to resolving existing issues affecting the three states before the general election.

***** Koh should be well aware that only during elections is there danger for Gerakan from opposition parties. For the rest of the five year period of their rule the gravest peril they shall face will be as a result of the devious machinations and unrestrained greed of Umno and the MCA. Of course he cannot openly say that can he? Not as a junior partner in the Barisan National where the first and foremost rule and commandment is "thou shall not speak the truth about Umno, lest you be expelled from the party and/or branded as an 'anti-Malay' traitor with links to terrorists and jailed under the ISA".

When Daim Zainuddin referred to the 'existing issues' to be resolved, in the Penang context it can only mean the disgruntlement of Umno Pulau Pinang and their perceived 'less-than-satisfactory' state of ketuanan Melayu there. Nothing short of taking over the state government will diminish their resolve, and in the meanwhile whinging and whining all the year round will be their continued sumbangan to bangsa, agama dan negara.

Of course, political realities dictate that the chinaman must rule Penang and to Daim it doesn't matter if it is Gerakan or MCA at the helm. And frankly I don't think that he cares two-sen about whether the MCA is happy or not at being shut out and probably considers them a greedy bunch of cowards who have become increasingly adept at licking Umno boots.

Read the full report on Koh's 'worry' HERE.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Koh Tsu Koon 'Worried' Of Opposition Designs In Penang...

So, just declare himself Emperor of the Koh Dynasty and behead anyone who dares oppose him

2:30 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Thou shall not speak the truth about Umno, lest you be expelled from the party and/or branded as an 'anti-Malay' traitor with links to terrorists and jailed under the ISA".

Yes, that's true. Sitting through an MCA meeting can be so mindless as they try to justify "balancing the needs of UMNO and the Chinese community". It was simply surreal, like people were trying to convince themselves of an alternate reality called Malaysia According to Barisan Nasional.

About this Special Position of the Malays and how it should not be questioned is such a load of B***S***. Every time a minority community -- not so minority mind you when Malays are a majority at only 60%, which includes the "imports" -- brings up issues, we get the same "don't touch our special rights and privileges".

It's all B***S***.

Koh is definitely the Eunuch King. He even beats the MCA mules.

3:22 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloody fools to the highest core.

Approximately ( I might be wrong on the actual number, but below is fairly accurate)

Gerakan -10 seats
MCA - 10 seats
UMNO - 10 Seats

If Umno and MCA pakat, Dr. Koh, u can't get the Chief Minister post.

That's why u bloody boneless assholes ara trying to screw Paranjothi. Let me tell you, all politicians are bastards.

Self interest is the main point.

6:09 PM GMT+8  
Blogger DIASPORA said...

Koh Tsu Koon is only worried that he may lose his Chief Minister's post. Is he so dull that he is so afraid to tell the UMNOPUTRAS that they should hold their reigns and their mouths and shield the Kris before attempting to correct others. Is UMNO Youth God Given saviour of this country or the crowfd that is waiting for the old timers to go so that they can pick up whatever is left behind for them in the lockers of this country.

I salute the Gentleman who had the courage ato stand up and say his piece. Ig GERAKAN explels him - so what. It must be far greater honour to be expelled from this chicken crowd than to be accommodated for er more. Or, is Gerakan trying to show that it is loyal in the face of the recent rallies or is it hit by the effect of what Samy Velu got at the public gathering or Forum in Penang on 23rd December 2007.

Dear Gerakan. If you have no stomach to hold up to your principles and stand up as Men of Honour - please step down or close the organisation and fade away instead of giving news for the pliant newspapers of today to report as if though the world has fallen down.

9:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree with this article. The greatest threat is from within.

4:11 AM GMT+8  

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