Sunday, November 26, 2006

Some Schools Have Introduced Apartheid.

A primary school in Ipoh has been ordered to stop the practice of placing pupils of the same race in the same class.

State Education director Datuk Mohammed Zakaria Mohd Noor said the headmaster had been told to revert to the system of streaming the pupils according to their academic achievements. Zakaria said the matter came to light following a complaint.

“I checked with the school and found that the headmaster did this because he wanted to make full use of the limited resources and facilities in the school,” he said yesterday. The headmaster does not have a hidden agenda by putting pupils of one race in a class. It is to facilitate the pupils’ timetables for their religious and moral lessons,” he added.

He stressed that the headmaster was not practising “religious segregation.” As such, I have told the headmaster to stop the practice and revert to streaming pupils according to their performance in school,” he said. The school would have to accommodate all the pupils by having a timetable suitable for their religious and moral classes, he added.

According to the complainant, her son had been slated for the “B” Class instead of the “A” Class although he was among the top 10 pupils in the school. She said the best class was reserved for pupils of a particular race although some of them had fared worse in the examinations than her son. “It is difficult for me to explain to my son why he is not in the first class,” she said. I don’t want him to grow up having misconceptions about the various races in the country, or that discrimination is a common practice. This is wrong. This is not good for unity,” she added. (TheStar)

***** Unfortunately this is not the first school that has introduced this form of open racial segregation and neither will it be the last. The excuse of 'facilitating' religious classes is a silly one and meant to cover-up a serious wrong. It is an attempt to hoodwink the public into thinking that the measure was aboveboard. Isn't it a coincidence that in all this facilitating being done, the Malay pupils are always placed in the top class while the others are lumped together in the lower classes? This is the work of a racist and religious bigot and the authorities should not shield him or give excuses on his behalf. A misfit like him should not have been allowed to be a headmaster in the first place.

However there are dozens of his ilk both male and female, administering schools throughout the country and happily overseeing racial segregation. Some parents just keep quiet or privately complain to friends and family for fear of retribution. Only last week someone had emailed me and asked me to highlight in this blog, a similar scenario in a primary school in Cheng, Malacca. However because the details were scanty I did not post on it. So it does happen everywhere and parents should boldly come forward and expose these 'educated' racists and practitioners of apartheid.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did the guy get to be a headmaster? :)

12:14 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I experienced the same during primary school in Johor Bahru.

They would say that it's to accomodate the religious and moral studies but if had been the case, why classify the classes? Why differentiate between class A and class B?

But then again, we were taught to accept it as it was and to never question our wise-but-silly-looking headmasters. Sigh...

1:10 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Yzerfontein said...

The tragedy is that these lessons are getting instilled in the heads of young impressionable minds, and this apartheid South Africa mindset is likely to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

2:07 PM GMT+8  
Blogger devonic said...

Apartheid is creeping in our Malaysian way of life..You can't deny the existence of this discrimination covered in guise of constitution and man made laws..
What this head master did, is what he does best...Dashing the hope of hundreds of student he had and still having under him...The boys and girls will grow up feeling inferior to each other...Even in the national school ex-students ,the inferior thought still persist...Imagine you are a high achiever in your school and the guy next to you who posted scores far lower than you, was admitted into U's and you are left behind in cold wondering what you did wrong...This memory this haunts us till today..

This segregation at primary school under pretext of stream lining religious classes and maximum utilization of asset will bring self destruction to our own community later.
Then revert back to the old system of having a Malay school,a Chinese school,an Indian school,a school for other races,a school for boys,a school for girls and so much of other kind of segregation,not pounding the idea of a national school, if this fools of our ailing system loves segregation so much...
Guess the headmaster follow suit his boss the "kerismudin" in championing the wrong ideas..
A new Malaysian "Nelson Mandela" has to be given birth in this country to save it from the wrath of this extremists...

2:10 PM GMT+8  
Blogger prl said...

It goes to show the low quality of the teachers/headmasters. How does the racial segregation enhance the resources? Is national unity less important?

As usual AAB can say all the nice things but he never means what he says. Everytime he says something there is no follow up or he is ignored. We should also ignore him when the next election come. He can say whatever he likes, probably, nice things to soothe the electorate, but there is no follow up. On the other had he is ignore or action is taken entirely contrary to his wishes. Let us follow his example.

6:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

honestly, what classifies an 'A' class or a 'B' class? Good teachers or good peers?

If every top tenth student wants to be in the 'A' class, then classes can be very, very easily streamlined. 1-40, 41-80, 81-120 and so forth.

it's a bigger case of kiasu, and no doubt the racial segregation is madness. if all our teachers had caliber, it wouldn't matter which damn class one enters, and assortment and randomness in determining classes could be used.

sadly it is not. so parents of top-ten students want to be in first class. sometimes, if top 30 students is malay or chinese also cannot cos in the name of racial segregation, everything will run riot again.

randomness, i say, is the best policy. i am a fairly recent product of our substandard, old fashioned, out of date education system which promotes dictatorship and silencing of the mass, who teaches you how to write formal letters when you are probably 15 so that it's too late to write one to formally complain about the last 8 years of your education, and i did not care which class i went into, a,b,c,d or e also can.

and i turned out alright.

11:11 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comparisons with Apartheid is not totally accurate. South Africa was a case of a minority repressing a majority. In Malaysia's case a better comparison can be made... with Nazi Germany.

2:09 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can see ure a doctor ;)

8:11 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Ambo Ore Kelate said...

Believe you me, that headmaster will soon get an honorific title. Screwy as it may sound, but this is Malaysia and what else can one say?

8:31 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe schools are where it all begins! I am not saying all Malay teachers are racist and bigots. But in most schools, there are a small percentage of such kind that starts the polarisation process.

But what do you expect? The minister in charge of the education is the Master bigot and the leading racist of the country.

9:14 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think it breeds inferiority rather hatred.

12:41 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Shanghai Fish said...

Shabas Hishamuddin the racist !You have clearly created bigots and fascist headmasters all over the country.At this rate, soon carrying a kris will be mandatory like wearing a badge on you school uniform.
Shame ou you,I sincerely hope your late father is proud of you and your actions !
You have kids too,right, Hish ?teach them well. You will be a "shinning" example of parenthood !

2:15 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For warrior2 info, doing this is the starting point for polarisation. Don't you see it?

The school does this and the children automatically stick to its own race!

4:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is the government so halfhearted in its facist racist policies? The government should set up separate Malay schools and be done with it. That way the purity of the race and religion will be protected. Then move on to pure Malay companies, then towns, cities, and soon we will have a pure Malay Malaysia. Glorious Fatherland!

8:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have babboons as ministers and MPs, you can be lower than primates to be principal of primary school.

But if apartheid is practised out of the primary school in our everyday life, so what's news that it conquered the final bastions of fairplay in malaysia. Let your children know about the facts of this ugly politics in Malaysia, and use that to motivate him or her to do better than the "preferred race". the world is the oyster now, move overseas and contribute your energy to the betterment of the world and to the downfalls of these Nazis.

5:28 AM GMT+8  

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