Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whose Citizenship Will Be Revoked If Syed Ali Alhabshee Was In Power?


From today's TheStar:
The Government should revoke the citizenship of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Cheras Umno division chairman Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee said. His activities could affect peace in Malaysia. Citizens who are not patriotic should not be given a place here.
Thus spoke one of the most brilliant criminals among the dozens who are currently infesting the Umno sewers. You can count on this Ethiopian-Arab slave descendant who morphed into an UMNO-MALAY to be in the thick of any issue involving the racist party. After all he knows which side his bread is buttered on. It is significant that the Ministry of Finance extended for two years the contract of this a**hole to continue his tenure as The Chairman of Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd effective from 1st June 2008. So the chairmanship is up for renewal in two days time and this dog is barking at his loudest to be heard by Najib. Renewing his contract means another couple of hundred thousands in his bank account. He is also Chairman of Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation which too is controlled by the Ministry of Finance and is the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of Tanjung Offshore Berhad (Tanjung). He also holds directorships in IIUM Holdings Sdn Bhd and C.I. Holdings Berhad.

Can you imagine the chaos which would ensue if this brainsick maniac pulled the levers of power in Malaysia? There would be literally hundreds of Malaysians who would lose their citizenship, mostly for being against Umno's corrupt and racist rule, for being fair and trustworthy, for being courageous in defending human rights and for being overachieving, successful non-Malays.

Apart from the usual 'unpatriotic' opposition leaders like Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Tok Guru and Zaid Ibrahim the list will also include flavor of the month pro-government supporters like Samy Vellu and his son.

Among the first to go will be that 'traitor to the Malay race', High Court (Appellate and Special Powers Division) judge Datuk Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim who ruled that Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is the rightful menteri besar of Perak.

High Court judge Datuk Lau Bee Lan
’s controversial ‘Allah’ ruling will guarantee her a place in the top ten hate list.

Another Malay 'traitor' is National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC) Chairman Senator Tan Sri Amirsham Abdul Aziz for espousing the New Economic Model (NEM), betraying the 'social contract' and having 'forgotten' his roots.

Squash player Nicol David may be stripped of her citizenship for not knowing her place as a woman. Going around the world and winning titles while wearing revealing skirts may be a little too much for the likes of Alhabshee. A woman's place is at home!

Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor is another candidate who our lunkhead has never forgiven especially since she bested a genuine Malay darling - Faradina Mohd. Nadzir (Dina)- in the Idol finals.

However Alex Yoong, race car driver would narrowly escape the net because of his less than spectacular F1 performance. If only he had climbed up the podium even once he would have lost his citizenship.

Marina Mahathir would be right on the top of his list but the very thought of the Tun's ire will send shivers up and down his spine and he'll quickly bury the thought, lest any rash act buries him.

Lee Chong Wei would be booted out. How dare he 'deprive' a Malay juara of his rightful place as champion and agree to a datukship as well!

Jimmy Choo and Michelle Yeoh will be on the hit list for spending too much time overseas (and for being highly successful).

Of course this list can run into thousands of pages. If you'd like to suggest some names, please do in the comments section.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

MACC's Attempt To Boost Its Image Doomed To Fail

There is an interesting report in today's NST that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's 13-member Anti-Corruption Advisory Board has made two recommendations to turn it into a more credible institution.

One is that the Federal Constitution be amended to pave the way for the creation of an Anti-Corruption Service Commission for the appointment, confirmation and promotion of members of the anti-graft body.

The other is for the top graftbuster to be accorded a position equivalent to the inspector-general of police.

But these are merely cosmetic changes that benefit the MACC staff and will in no way lead to improvement in their dismal service. What does it matter if the head of the MACC is accorded a higher rank? Will it make him less subservient to the Umno leadership? Or will he suddenly develop larger testes to take on government-sponsored corruption? It is a fallacy that creating an Anti-Corruption Service Commission which will result in a better deal for MACC staff will in itself cause the officers there to suddenly become more efficient. On the contrary a sudden infusion of 'goodies' will have the undesirable effect of making the already pliant MACC thugs more beholden to Najib and gang.

The NST further reported that the board, chaired by former chief justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad, said despite a credible performance last year, the MACC’s biggest challenge was to rectify the negative perception the public had against it.

"The long-term goal should be to make the MACC one of the leading anti-corruption bodies in the world and for Malaysia to be seen as a corruption-free country," it said.

As everyone knows, former chief justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad is himself a disgraced and discredited figure having bent over backwards to help former PM Dr Mahathir oust the then Lord President in a government backed coup d'état against the judiciary. This man should first be removed as chairman of the board.

The only recourse for the MACC to become more credible and help repair their battered public image is:

Be made answerable only to Parliament. This will at least limit the level of executive interference somewhat.

Remove as many of the deadwood from the highest ranks to the lowest officers as possible and recruit a more ethnically balanced force.

Stop sourcing completely from the morally and ethically challenged Royal Malaysia Police.

Endeavor to employ highly qualifed and experienced foreigners such as those from the Independent Commission Against Corruption Hong Kong who won't be easily susceptible to licking the rears of government leaders.

Of course none of this is going to happen until Umno is blown away in the next G.E. Hopefully the Pakatan federal government which will take over can preside over the creation of a genuine anti-corruption force we can be proud of.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Samy Vellu, Malaysia's Mr Invincible

It is incredible that a person who had lost his parliamentary seat in the last general election, actively sidelined by the government and not given a senatorship or cabinet post can still rule the roost in everyday politics. Samy Vellu has been leading MIC for 31 years (since 1979)! The veteran politician recently announced that he would vacate the party top post "eight or nine months" before his current term expires in May 2012.

Despite being overtly vilified by detractors within his own party, the online and print media, fellow leaders in the ruling coalition, opposition parties and Malaysians in general, he has still managed to regularly cock a snook at all and sundry.

Although his personal political fortune is at its nadir, Samy Vellu even to this day remains as arrogant and recalcitrant as ever. Only yesterday he without consultation or justification sacked the MIC Youth deputy chief V. Mugilan who had demanded Samy Vellu's resignation. A few days ago he had similarly expelled MIC division chief V. Subramaniam for telling the MIC president that the party did not belong to him or his family. His haughty reply to those who oppose him is that he would "destroy" those who destroy the party before he steps down as party president next year.

No one, not even Najib can get away with such a unilateral display of arrogant power without paying a heavy price politically. There is a limit to dictatorial hubris and most politicians tend to steer clear from the type of controversial conduct that Samy Vellu revels in.

But the most annoying thing about this whole situation is that Samy Vellu is getting away scot free without any obvious political damage. It is as though he is being judged by a different set of standards which even the PM is not entitled to!

Just what is enabling him to cling on to power so long after the use by date? After all, he has his share of scandals and accusations of graft. Perhaps not as much as the multi-billion ringgit corruption charges involving Umno and the MCA, but still quite significant. The average Indian has only contempt for him and he has also completely lost the respect and support of the ruling coalition. Any other leader in this uncomfortable position would have been hounded into oblivion. Yet there he is, still flaunting his apparent invulnerability. Why? Does he hold secrets which the ruling elite in BN wouldn't want to be made public? Anyone out there who wants to hazard a guess?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Latest Study Finds No Link Between Cell Phones, Brain Cancer

One of the largest cell phone studies to date was just released Tuesday looking for links between cell phone usage and brain tumors.

The Food & Drug Administration's findings, though, are not entirely clear cut, or without controversy.

More than a quarter of a million Americans use cell phones -- and a new comprehensive study published Tuesday finds there is no increased health risk associated with radiation and cell phones.

"As far as we know it doesn't have the capability of damaging cells," said Dr. Ron Ennis of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital.

Ennis is a radiation oncologist who treats cancer patients.

"There's pretty good evidence that cell phones are very safe, not 100 percent proven. We could find out later on that there is a risk. The likelihood is very low," Dr. Ennis said.

Critics, though, are pointing to one key finding. The study did show an increase in tumors among heavy users. A small part of the study defined as using it 30 minutes every day over 10 years.

"There is a 40 percent increase in malignant brain tumor with 10 years of cell phone use and the public really needs to know that," Elizabeth Barris said.

And advocates for greater cell phone oversight say children and pregnant women are more vulnerable and should be warned against any overuse.

Four states are introducing legislation to attach warning labels on cell phones, stating they may cause brain cancer. Six countries have already warned against excessive cell phone usage --especially in children. Users, like one expectant mother we spoke to, said all the conflicting information can be confusing.

"I try not to talk too much on the cell phone as a general rule," said Nicole Tecco-Reece of Brooklyn.

"I use the earpiece so I don't have it connected to my head," added John Deloney of Far Rockaway.

In all, 13,000 people were part of the 13-country study. Cell phone industry group CTIA said in a statement that the: " … conclusion of no overall increased risk of brain cancer is consistent with conclusions reached in an already large body of scientific research on this subject."

Still, watchdog groups are calling for more independently funded studies that better mirror our cell phone addicted society's heavy use of the devices.

Common sense precautions include: using an ear piece or the speaker phone, or text to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation.

For detailed information on the study, please click HERE.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Najib's 'Bribery is The Best Policy' Election Strategy Fails

Ban Election Bribery

So the opposition dramatically snatched a parliamentary seat in Sibu, a hitherto BN stronghold. This can be rightfully described as an 'historic' by-election, no doubt about that.

Two important conclusions that can be made from this result are 1) The influence and unlimited power of the BN and Umno is approaching its nadir. This is good for the country's future. 2) Money, even tonnes of it, can't buy everything. Najib splurged and promised millions in exchange for votes. But this sort of bribery didn't work with the Chinese. (Malays and Indians are a different kettle of fish however and we can fully expect Najib's 'development philanthropy' to target these communities more intensely in future polls).

You can bet your last election bribe ringgit that the Umno leadership especially its middle echelon will be wild at the 'ungrateful' Chinese. These leaders are so used to the 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours' practice, that any sign of independent thinking or action immediately elicits the 'you are a pengkhianat' knee jerk reaction. We can expect the Utusan Malaysia and a few intellectually challenged crony Malay 'patriots' to lead the clarion call to punish the Chinese in whichever way possible. 'Revoke the citizenship of these pendatang', 'don't test Malay patience and generosity', 'Malays are under threat by kafirs who will take over and enslave us' will be some of the more idiotic statements that will be made.

Amidst the hysteria, Tun Dr Mahathir will proclaim that this is what happens when the people continue to forget May 13 and ignore the noble intentions of 'ketuanan Melayu'. "If Umno and Najib continue to sideline Perkasa and other well meaning groups and persist in pampering the non-Malays and implementing the unfair NEM, we will become slaves and servants in our own tanah air," Mahathir will lament.

Ibrahim Ali, foaming in his mouth, may call for a Malay 'boikot' of the Chinese without giving details. He would probably conveniently omit selling all shares in and resigning from the board of directors of Chinese owned companies.

Najib however will as much as possible avoid commenting on the debacle and will instruct his henchmen to redouble efforts to create at least five more 'independent MPs' so that his 1Malaysia matlamat can take root.

All the non-Malay BN component parties will secretly curse Umno for this embarrassing loss while outwardly dismissing it as a minor setback.

All the above reactions may or may not take place but what the DAP should ensure is to NOT allow itself to gloat or appear pompous after this fine win. Modest deportment in the wake of a well deserved victory is a sure vote winner.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong Has Quit PKR

So it has come to pass. The Wangsa Maju MP has finally crossed the Rubicon. There had been speculation for quite some time now that Wee Choo Keong was going to take a walk to the 'other side'. And keeping to current 'fashion' he joins that fastest growing grouping in Malaysian politics -- 'independent' elected representative.

When the chips are down for Najib and Umno they can be assured of Pakatan reps saving the day by declaring themselves independent. It happened prior to the Hulu Selangor by-election and is again occurring with the Sibu by-election less than a week away. To be sure, there will be a mini exodus in the next few days when rank and file Pakatan members, lower echelon office holders and maybe one or two more prized catches will be paraded for photo-ops and speeches to run down the Pakatan leadership.

Don't be surprised if the Umno pet dog, MACC even arrests a couple of Pakatan leaders on corruption charges over the weekend. Then Umno can go to town in Sibu and tarnish Pakatan as the corrupt party!! To such levels has descended the state of politics in Malaysia today.

What hope is there when Najib can go to Sibu, 'donate' RM15 million to Chinese schools and brazenly say that he is helping them, therefore they should help him too and they should know what 'help' he is talking about. This is out and out bribery. But to Najib it is merely aiding 'development' there.

But through all this I have the feeling that the electorate in Sibu is not as gullible as Najib thinks. They may have all these decades been rubber stamp voters for Barisan, but the mechanics has changed in the past two years and even they in the East have been profoundly affected by the many issues and controversies, the race baiting, the religious chest thumping and the monumental corruption. The country is psychologically ready for a paradigm shift in national leadership. Umno is merely attempting to slow down the inevitable. Wee Choo Keong's 'declaration of independence' is merely another futile attempt at retarding the pace of reform and change.

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Sack This Unabashed Cop Lover

From today's TheStar.
Cuepacs has called on politicians, non-governmental organisations and the public to stop bashing the police and be fair to them.

Its secretary-general, Ahmad Shah Mohd Zin, said of late the police had been under relentless criticism from various quarters over isolated incidents.

“Certain quarters just jumped on the bandwagon to pour out a barrage of hatred against the police for which they do not really deserve. Most of the time they are doing a great job, but hardly honoured,” he said.

He hoped Malaysians would refrain from unfair criticism of the police as it would demoralise them without any mention of the gratitude so many feel for their work.
***** What is wrong with this guy Ahmad Shah Mohd Zin? Who is he to advise us about whether we should criticize the cops or not? Is he saying that the police is above the law and therefore have some sort of immunity? Or is he simply currying favour with the authorities as it is perhaps time for his next promotion? If the cops behave like thugs then they should be publicly berated and brought to book. THAT is accountability and not what this rear licker is advocating. Cuepacs should sack this self serving slime ball.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why The Umno Inspired 'May 13, Melayu Bangkit' Rally Will Be A Damp Squib

10,000 members from 45 Malay non-governmental organisations with the purported aim of 'uniting' the Malays, are scheduled to meet in Kuala Terengganu tomorrow. They will gather to 'commemorate' the 41st anniversary of Malaysia's second most tragic event, eclipsed only by that greatest Malaysian horror of horrors - the ascension of Dr Mahathir to power as prime minister.

While the facade will be that of Malay NGOs, independently and with the future of the Malay race (whatever that may be) uppermost in their thoughts, 'berjuanging' and raising to hysterical proportions the spectre of the great Chinese threat to their immediate existence, behind the green screen will be the devious, puppeteering Umno hand -- the very hand that feeds contracts, plum positions, goodies, freebies and cold cash to this avaricious bunch of greed merchants populating these NGOs. Why do you think that there are hundreds and hundreds of Malay NGOs ostensibly 'berjuanging' for the same cause? Why the numerous duplication of Malay badan2 for the same cause cé·lè·bre? It's all about the money. Period.

These fake 'strugglers' for Malay rights couldn't give two hoots for the average Malay on skid row as long as their bank accounts, wives and brand new luxury cars are well cared for. They are frauds who without a second thought place expediency above principle, opulence above mundane matters of standards of right or good conduct. And in the process they lead the illiterate, the blind and the plain uninformed among otherwise well meaning Malays to the poisoned well of racism and urge them to drink from it, demi bangsa, agama dan negara.

These are the genuine traitors to the Malay race. These are the real enemies who have over the past decades slowly and steadily pushed to the abyss, in Tanah Melayu, successive generations of unsuspecting, blissfully ignorant Malays. And up there, standing at the very pinnacle of the tower of duplicity and trickery is the high priest of intentional perversion of truth, the purveyor of expediency, deceit and cunning, the Machiavellian manipulator and symbol of everything that is wrong with Malaysia, racist par excellence, then, now and forever, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. (Taxonomically it is very difficult to determine and classify the species from which he originates, but the world's most venomous snake comes to mind)

There was a time when this 'Melayu Bangkit' chicanery would have worked wonders. That was during the dictatorial rule of our very own Robert Mugabe, Dr M. And it would have had the intended effect of rousing Malay passions unnecessarily. But alas those were the days my friend and Mahathir thought it would never end. But his era of total domination is gone for good, never to return, thank God. But his worldview apparently hasn't changed even a teeny weeny bit and he is poised to head the blood chants tomorrow, leading 10,000 greedsters and buffoons whose days of basking in the limelight have long gone past the expiry date. These extreme right wing egomaniacs and assorted nutcases would be a sorry spectacle to observe come tomorrow.

Of course we can expect the ultra racist Utusan Malaysia to trumpet the great 'success' of this rally of 'super patriots'.
Can one honestly expect Utusan to say that celebrating the bloody riots which killed so many Malaysians is a sign of mental illness and all those gathering in KT are perverted sickos? What else can Utusan do except continue bullshitting to its subscribers in the same vein as in the past? Utusan does not know anything else. It's main reason for still being around is to cheat and connive along with Umno and continue defrauding the more gullible among the Malays.

And lurking in the shadows will be Najib, awaiting any political dividend from this unholy rally of the walking dead. Oh yes, he will at the same time be preaching 1Malaysia in Sibu, attending functions at some Chinese tokong or school, spreading muhibbah around like so much confetti, pretending that he does not have a clue about what is going on in KT. He would of course be aware that many well informed Malaysians know full well about his machinations. But he could not bothered. The end justifies the means. He'll do anything and everything to achieve his ambition. And if he has to lie, cheat and manipulate, so be it. He has been there, done it. It's in his very nature, it's in his blood.

Fortunately this time around such acts of inanity would not be left unanswered. The age of the Internet would assure such rallies would be condemned for what they really are - politically provocative sandiwara. PAS for example has strongly taken to task Umno for their hand in this basically silly venture and that puts paid to Umno wingnut plans to 'unite' the Malays. Malay voices of reason across the political spectrum too have done their part in exposing the true reasons for this misadventure.

Of course there will be those, who despite every evidence to the contrary, will continue to see a grave Chinese threat to the Malays and would wholeheartedly support the wingnuts. That is their privilege. But most of us would more or less opine - "Thanks, but no thanks. Keep your racist agenda to yourselves."

**** Update 5.30pm:
May 13 rally called off (According to one of the organisers, “we had decided to postpone it after we were instructed by the country's top leadership, who are worried about the security situation." So these 'super patriots' DID take instructions from the top Umno gestapos. I'm sure that the Sibu by-election must have loomed large when they made the decision to stand down. 'Nuff said)

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