Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gerakan Will Not Join Opposition Even If It Pulls Out Of BN

Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia will "in no way" join the opposition even if it pulls out of the Barisan Nasional (BN), Selangor Gerakan chief and Central Committee Member A. Kohilan Pillay said Sunday.

He said Gerakan was looking at all possibilities, including becoming an independent entity, but stressed that the party would not join the Pakatan Rakyat.

Whatever decision the party leadership made, it must be acceptable to the grassroots in unison, he said.

"This matter concerns our status and future and it would be dealt with in depth. We don't want to become another SAPP (Sabah Progressive Party) or MDP (Malaysian Democratic Party, a splinter of the DAP), where a crucial decision had caused a split in the party," he told reporters on the sidelines of the Gerakan national delegates conference, here.

After suffering a massive defeat in the March 8 general election, Gerakan saw many of its members quit or defect to the opposition, and this put tremendous pressure on the leadership to take drastic action for the betterment of the party.

Kohilan Pillay said the issue would not hamper the party's efforts at revitalisation.

"Those who quit were disappointed as they could not fulfill their personal agenda in the party. But now the ground sentiment on Gerakan is improving and I believe we are doing the right thing and heading in the right direction," he said. (Bernama)

***** With this kind of half-hearted disposition and lily-livered, cowardly attitude there is little hope for Gerakan in the future. It looks like they are trying rather foolishly to straddle the divide while attempting to threaten Umno and hoping that the racist party would throw a few large size crumbs for the Gerakan leadership to enjoy.



Anonymous Gerakan-member said...

No wonder the party is moving further and further away from its grassroots.

"Whatever decision the party leadership made, it must be acceptable to the grassroots in unison, he said." So how is Kohilan Pillay going to answer if the grassroots favor joining the opposition?

9:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Q33NY said...

any component parties that wanna join the opposition are welcomed.but they must know the price they had to pay if they dare to defect.

Gerakan for instance have been with BN for so many years.i can be said that the Gerakan benefit alot by being with BN.but what the opposition had to offer them?

if the opposition offer them wealth and place in the PR,will they (Gerakan and other component parties) accept that deal and work together side by side with the opposition?

there are many pros and cons in decision that we make and we have to bear any consequences once we made up our mind.

9:25 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Q33NY said...

oh any by the want i would like to congratulate Mukhriz and Razali for nomination accordingly on UMNO Youth Chief and Deputy youth chief.

9:29 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By supporting umno, Kohilan Pillay is just hoping to get a datukship from Najib. Who knows, he would be appointed a senator next month

2:34 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gerakan is Chinese Based Party although they claims the party is multiracial. What you say and what you do is two different things. You can convinced and confused rakyat for short while but when "Zaman Dah Berubah,Rakyat pun berubah" you are not prepare to face it. There were many indicators Rakyat want Gerakan to change but you ignored it because what you say and what you do is two different thing.Now what you want to create another concept of non partisan Rakyat to be BN member which Rakyat perception the party still belong to a group of people who say and do two different thing.

5:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous gerak kilat said...

Gerakan patut mengamalkan semangat setiakawan, bersama2 ketika susah dan senang dan bukan mencari jalan mudah.

2:39 AM GMT+8  

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