Monday, July 21, 2008

PAS Will Split Up If Muzakarah Is Held, Says Nik Aziz

PAS spiritual advisor Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat Monday called for a stop to any muzakarah (discussions) between PAS and Umno as it could cause a split in the Islamic party.

He described the attempt by Umno to have the muzakarah purportedly to strengthen Malay solidarity as merely a gimmick aimed at causing the fall of PAS.

"I want to ask the PAS leaders (reported to have held talks with Umno) whether they are interested in safeguarding PAS and Islam. Trying to be friends with Umno is like "sleeping with the enemy," he told a press conference here Monday.

The Kelantan Menteri Besar was commenting on remarks by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Sunday that high-level talks had been taking place between Umno and PAS on matters relating to Malay unity and strengthening Islam.

Abdullah, however, said Nik Aziz was not among the PAS leaders in the talks.

Asked if he would be having a word with PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and other leaders of the party who were for the muzakarah, Nik Aziz replied in the negative but said certain statements issued by them did not make him happy.

However, he denied that that he was no longer on the same "wavelength" with them but warned that if they were not careful, they would be taken on a "nice ride by Umno".

He added that it was best to let the grassroots decide on the muzakarah as PAS would be holding its muktamar (general assembly) very soon. (Bernama)

Tok Guru is a man of great experience and wisdom. PAS would do itself a big favour by listening to him. He is absolutely right when he says that t
rying to be friends with Umno is like "sleeping with the enemy."

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Anonymous Roc said...

I suppose he has the experience to speak about. But if this is really his wishes, surely the party will respect it? In any case, is it so easy to split up a party of that long-standing?

9:55 PM GMT+8  
Blogger toyolbuster said...

Looks like this pissing arrogant piece of dung Hadi never learnt his lesson. He was wiped out of Trenggannu after a brief demonstration of Hudud power in 2004. Next GE guys, you all should know what to do with this imbecile and his goons.

10:05 PM GMT+8  
Blogger toyolbuster said...

Well Tok Nik,
you have my greatest respect and admiration. I salute you.

10:13 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Warga Tua said...

Tok Nik memang bijak. Janganlah PAS diperdaya oleh UMNO sekali lagi.

10:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PAS bukan saja perlu berwaspada dengan umno malahan dengan siapa sekali pun.tak kira dari parti apa.

11:05 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous onuor abraham said...

Bawak muzakarah ni bagus juga, jangan terlampau negatif, ini mungkin akan menguntungkan banyak pihak.

3:46 AM GMT+8  
Blogger WY Kam 甘永元 said...

compare kelantan pas and terrenganu pas would give a good comparison of Tok Nik and Tok hadi's style of governance and politics. little wonder why pas terrenganu only lasted one term.

4:51 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's the same old Hobbesian choice for the rest who don't count: side with the racists or the Khilafascists (Gilafascists?)? Maybe we should get Thailand to invade and clean house.

9:48 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tok Guru is spot on!
UMNO does not give a damn about anyone or anything but themselves. If there is a collaboration with UMNO, then PAS will surely "split" not to mention "betray" their partners in the PR & betray the Rakyat who voted for them & not BN (read: UMNO) in the last GE.

11:08 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PAS and umno meeting on Islam and Malay unity is a total farce. It will never work just as the time of Asri. Umno as usual is playing up the racial card that the Malays would lose their rights. The true fact is not the Malays but the umno people, even umno members are not well of, grass roots are still just as poor. It is the top people like PM,DPM and umno supreme council members and cronies who will stand to lose if PR becomes the government. To say the Malays will lose their rights is completely deceiving. The poor Malays are just as poor today as they were 50 years ago, has the NEP truly benefitted the Malays or just a selected few ? Go to the villages and see for yourself how the poor Malays are living, drive down KL and see who are in the big foreign cars like BMW, Mercedes and Jaguars. It is the selected few umno malays, just as in Trengganu, the poor is still trying to work to pay for their protons and who just bought 13 Mercedes ???
Please stop using Malay rights to justify the corruptions that is practiced by BN. PAS will regret if they ever go to bed with UMNO, PAS will feel how it is to be sodomised by umno. But if you Malays cannot see how umno is screwing you day in and day out, no one can help you, you will continue to be just as poor in your villages, 50 years more of NEP will not do a little bit of good for you but it will sure enrich the likes of Badawi, SIL, MohdX2, Dolly, too many to name them all, you smart Malays can see and figure for yourself.

11:19 AM GMT+8  

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