Thursday, July 24, 2008

BN Must Take Care Of All, Regardless Of Race, Says Ong Ka Ting. Rather Late In The Day Isn't It?

Barisan Nasional must take care of all Malaysians with fairness regardless of their race, said MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

He said Umno should take into consideration the opinions of the Barisan component parties when having dialogues with other parties concerning the interests of all ethnic groups.

“Umno has a right to discuss with any party regarding the racial harmony and religious issues,” he said Thursday when asked to comment on the high-level meetings between Umno and PAS after chairing the party central committee meeting at Wisma MCA here.

When asked whether the MCA would hold dialogues with the DAP, Ong said:

“We are not having dialogues with DAP. We will have discussions for the benefit of the people with our component parties.”

On the party election, Ong reminded the candidates to comply with the party election rules and regulations.

He said stern action would be taken against those who were involved in immoral acts including money politics and violence during the campaign period.

“We want to have a clean, fair and democratic election,” he said, adding that the party state convention would start from Sept 7 in Johor and end Oct 12 in Perlis.

When asked whether he would endorse his brother Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan for the higher party posts, Ong said:

“As I said before, I will not interfere in the party election. Let us have a fair and democratic election,” he said. (The Star Online)

***** It's funny that now the various BN component parties like the MCA, MIC and Gerakan are down in the dumps, their leaders have surprisingly found their voices. People like OKT, Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Koon who pretended to play dumb until their parties got walloped in the last GE, have now suddenly become fervent supporters of fair play and have on occasions even started 'advising' Umno. As if that's going to make any difference.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup I agree a bit too late in the day to make any difference.

10:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Purple Haze said...

Also funny how OKT, SV and KTK are now saying things which resonate better with their electorate only after getting thumped in the GE.

Also probably becuase they are on their sell-by date and fully aware of that.

11:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous bennyloh said...

blur, until now still don't what party they are in


12:49 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What he means by take care of all?
be specific! Datuk Ong, like giving 10 "datukshit" to MCA a year or giving non malay 20% of nation wealth? You have been saying that for many years, but never really dare to speak in front of your racist master.

1:08 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous be kind to me said...

i've heard such moreless statement like this before.(read:He said Umno should take into consideration the opinions of the Barisan component parties when having dialogues with other parties concerning the interests of all ethnic groups).heck,at least he speaks rather than keeping it quiet for himself.better late than never,eh!.

10:17 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's NOT Rather Late In The Day... It's Rather Late After almost 51 years

10:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly OKT is so very late in what he has to say. The MCA is nothing more than umno lap dog to sit and stay as ordered, same goes for MIC. Now that MCA is no longer relevant and the chinese know how useless they are, OKT is now starting to bark, too late you bloody umno lap dog. MCA has never taken care of the Chinese so why should umno look after the other races ! MCA politicians only enrich themselves, otherwise they will not go through all the trouble to fight for position. This has been a fact from day one, not a single president has the guts to speak from the days of Tan Siew Sin till now. See what is happening to the Arm Forces and the police, for namesake it is multi-racial but look at the true composition of races. When air force was recruiting they took one or two chinese, one indian and 97 malays, what did MIC and MCA had to say. No they keep their friking mouth shut just as a good obedient lap dog. Say what you want OKT, your party is no longer relevant and so do you.

1:17 PM GMT+8  
Blogger colorless said...

Bloody hyprocite. You make me puke for all you shit you spew pre-election days. Either MCA leaves BN or be decimated come next election.
Join PR before it's too late.
I'm Chinese Malaysian but certainly did not give permission to MCA to represent my voice.

2:37 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous darcwil said...

It IS going to make a difference, It's normal, when a party gets weak, they will be certai parties taking advantage of the opportunityto ask for this and that from BN and current govt. Remember SAPP? And then now some other parties too. It's called political mileage strategies.

7:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous dinx said...

Bukanlah bermakna UMNO bermuzakarah dengan PAS, BN tidak menjaga kepentingan bangsa lain. Masih ada langkah2 lain yang dilakukan oleh BN untuk menjaga semua itu. Perkara menjaga kebajikan untuk semua kaum adalah penting kerana ini menjadi kunci kemakmuran kepada negara berbilang kaum.

2:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OKT, SV & KTK can actually "undo" a lot of thier past sins by telling UMNO to get stuffed & threaten to leave the BN because of the "BS" that UMNO is constantly throwing in thier faces!

9:46 AM GMT+8  

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