Saturday, May 03, 2008

Police Awaits Directive From A-G To Pursue Molest Case Involving Ex-Minister. So What Else Is New?

Police are awaiting directives from the Attorney General's office to take further action on a case involving a former minister alleged to have molested a woman at a hotel near the KLSentral station last month.

Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman said police had completed their investigations and the investigation papers on the case had been submitted to the AG's office.

"We have taken statements from the victim and the former minister as well as a few witnesses. It is now up to the AG's office to pursue the case," he told reporters after an anti-drug operation here, Saturday. (Bernama)

It would be interesting to see if the A-G has the required guts to push for the prosecution of the ex-minister, despite what many are convinced would be shoddy 'investigation' by the cops. Or will he take the expedient route by conveniently using the letter of retraction by the woman who had earlier filed the molest report?

Will he take the high road and opine that the courts of law should should rule on the culpability of the sidelined Umno politician? Will he leave it to the judiciary to decide on the admissibility of the said letter and determine whether it was written under duress or due to the dangling of expensive 'carats'?

I have my doubts. The current A-G, just like those before him, has been a terrible disappointment and will continue to disappoint.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The AG is known for his famous statement "No case due to lack of evidence". So don't hold your breath on this one.

5:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said... more BN "BS"!

6:31 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tun,
I think you don't have a right to speak on this matter. First and foremost, with whose ever advice on earth, you still appointed the Judge. I feel, the appointment and termination should be done by an independent body. You had undue influence on the whole process. Second, you had vengeance in your mind. With Ku Li almost knocking you out, you wanted everyone in your way to be removed. Tun Salleh, obviously preferred Ku Li and you knew that. Hence you wanted him to be removed. Third, I always doubt when you champion the cause of the Malays when in fact you are Indian Muslim. Just because you have little bit of Malay blood, does not make you a Malay. Your siblings and the extended family members are somehow Indian Muslim. Hence there is a mockery on the definition of Malay. Fourth, you say you are not racist. How come, your policies are so racist oriented. I am a Malay, borned after the independence, and I feel disgusted with your policies. You and your cronies like Daim, Mamak Zam, Sheikh Kadir, and loads of Penang Mamaks are claiming to be Malays when in fact they are Indian Muslims. You people really follow the saying " Act like the Romans when you are in Rome!!". You are absolutely a racist. UMNO on the other hand breeds cronism,nepotism and favouritism. All scholarships, subsidies, contracts are given to UMNO Malays. I am a Malay, who grew up in the heartland. We did not get anything. I worked hard and go my self to London, whereby I am working as an investment banker. The goverment did not help me. I believe, the whole philosophy of UMNO is to be a racist party. Fools like Ali Rustam, Hishammuddin, Khir Toyo are all racist people.
You claim to have brought much development to Malaysia. I guess you brought more menace than development. You brought inefficiency, wasted public fund, and of course the core moral values were all corroded from the Malays at large.
I hope in your remaining days, you just remain quiet.

A Learned Malay Who Is Not Racist

7:36 PM GMT+8  

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