Friday, May 09, 2008

Britons Waste Food Worth £10 Billion A Year!

The cost of wasted food in UK households is £10 billion a year, nearly two billion pounds higher than previously estimated, according to a new research by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

The research gives detailed new insights into the nature and amount of food waste thrown away in the UK and is believed to be the most comprehensive study of its kind ever carried out.

The research found that salad, fruit and bread were most commonly wasted and 60 per cent of all dumped food was untouched. It revealed that the average household throws out £420 of good food a year. For the average family with children it is higher at £610. Researchers also found that more than half the good food thrown out, worth £6 billion a year, is bought and simply left unused or untouched.

Environment Minister Joan Ruddock said: “These findings are staggering in their own right, but at a time when global food shortages are in the headlines this kind of wastefulness becomes even more shocking”.

For example, each day 1.3 million unopened yoghurt pots, 5,500 whole chickens and 440,000 ready meals are thrown away in the UK.

The study revealed that one billion pounds worth of wasted food is still “in date” (not expired).

It costs local authorities one billion pounds a year to dispose of food waste.

***** What a monumental waste of resources. At least we in Malaysia are not that bad.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its true the brits waste a lot of food. they are very fussy about what comes out of the kitchen. they order what they cant eat. the food that is brought back are hardly touched but for health and safety issue, we have to throw it away. i used to work part time in a restaurant to notice this. i believe this does not happen in malaysia as i know malaysian will eat everything whatever that is ordered.

5:47 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A family friend in London originally from Malaysia, easily throws about 200 Sterling pounds of food every fortnight, mostly even unopened. Crazy but true. What more for the british themselves.
If they live live in Africa and starve now and then, than they understand the value of food and hunger.
Even some of the rich in Malaysia has this sheer wasting attitude.

11:02 PM GMT+8  

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