Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Publish Names Of Students Awarded PSD Scholarships, Says MIC Youth

MIC Youth has urged the Public Service Department (PSD) to publish the names of students who were being given scholarships to ensure transparency.

Youth chief S.A. Vigneswaran claimed there were complaints that PSD scholarships were being given to students whose parents had “connections” with politicians or who were wealthy.

“The PSD should publish the names of the students as well as the parents, so that there is transparency in the awarding of scholarships,” he said on Monday, adding that students from poor families should be given priority. (The Star)

***** One of the best suggestions to come from the MIC in decades. What a welcome change fr0m the fawning pro-Umno praises of the pre-March 8 election days.

Firstly the cash given out as scholarships comes from the people, including and especially the taxpayers. The hundreds of millions doled out as scholarships do not belong to the officers sitting pretty at the PSD or the Umno pemimpin at Putrajaya. It is our money and we have the right to demand why, how and on whom it is being spent.

Releasing the complete list of names of those who have been awarded these scholarships is the least that the butt-warming pegawai2 in PSD can do. Either they should comply with the call by MIC Youth or face the risk of a court order compelling the information be made public. The days of distributing largesse secretly to undeserving candidates, cronies and their kids and Umno supporters is pretty much over.

Many have blamed Pak Lah and arrogant Umno leaders for the BN's loss at the last elections. Another big contributor to the groundswell of hatred for the ruling party and the government is the racist, corrupt and apathetic civil servant.

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Anonymous malaysia born said...

...."one of the best suggestions to come out of MIC....."

If all it takes is for MIC to lose seats to come out with best statements, then by all means, keep losing!

12:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MIC is bullshitting. There is no way UMNO wants anything to be transparent (except women's skirst, if the activities of a certain ex-YB are to go by).Even MIC is not transparent. Perhaps it can make a start by publishing the accounts of the Batu Caves Hindu Temple or at least make them available to practising Hindus, something it has always refused to do.

Even better, Samy Vellu can explain about the value of his proposed $150,000 each course for unrecognised foreign medical graduates that he was approved by the Cabinet and the Ministry.

People joined BN to get what they could for themselves and very little else. They are not going let us have their dirty laundry willingly. We will have to kick them out first.

12:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous novice101 said...

It is definitely a good suggestion but MIC Youth should turn this into reality. It should be prepared to carry this to its implementation. If the PSD refuses to do as suggested, MIC Youth should bring them to court. Is it prepared to do so. I'm sure the public will give MIC Youth the support.

Making the government accountable is our right. It is not only in this case that follow-through actions on good suggestions should be the logical next step. Many good suggestions had been made in the past, but because of this lack of follow-through action, they died a natural death. The BN government knows by stalling, these suggestions can be ignore and they will die a quite death. This is what they had done in the past. Are we going to allow this to happen again? Are the 'concerned' segment of the Malaysian society a group of 'hot-air' blowers?

12:54 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking of a big black bloody buffalo who ha sto show that he is still relevant to the Indians. A sign that the MIC elections is approaching

1:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

A very good suggestion! However, you can bet that nothing's going to come from it.
Remember Semi Value has recently said that he will ask Pak Lah to free the HINDRAF 5? Good suggestion right? But to date nothing has happened!
Talk is cheap! Actions speak louder than words!
UMNO is still in charge & you can bet your bottom dollar they have not changed!
However, good suggestion!

2:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous TRISHUL said...

A commendable move but first MIC Youth should ask Maika Holding to reveal its details to the shareholders first. When even within Indians one is beaten up for asking questions, do you think the government is going to bother with this request?

Clean up MIC first, prove your moral right; then try with the government.

3:38 PM GMT+8  
Blogger TimTim said...

an even better suggestion is to make the grades of the PSD scholarship recipients known to public to prove that they are worth being supported. no point continuing support if they are not serious and not doing well in their studies.

5:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous jimo said...

Totally agree that this is one of the best suggestion voiced out.

Transparency in government is the final utophia goal. However, I dare to say, if the allegation is true, PSD WILL NEVER RELEASE A FULL LIST. Never. Who'd shoot their own feet?

While pushing for a list (this could means forcing someone to spill a dirty dark history), efforts should be made, in parallel, to ensure move towards government depts & agencies' transparency & credibility.

5:24 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its good to ask PSD to reveal the full list. The list does not come under the officials secrets act.
But having said this can the MIC Youth Leader Vigneswaran declare how much he, his family members and his friends have benefitted from Govt deals. Or for that matter the top MIC guns starting from Semi Value to No Value.
If none that will be good. But is that the case.

11:31 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Cal Skinner said...

This is too much like the University of Illinois scandal in the United States.

9:37 AM GMT+8  

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