Monday, April 28, 2008

Anwar's Claim Of Defection By BN Reps Proven Untrue, Says Malacca Nutcase Mohd Ali Rustam

The claim by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that a number of Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) parliamentarians would be party hopping to join Pakatan Rakyat, the opposition coalition, has proven to be untrue.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the smooth swearing-in of the MPs with no defections from the BN, for the first sitting of parliament's 12th session, which began Monday, proved that the BN representatives had the integrity that they could be proud of.

"I congratulate all the BN MPs who took their oath as they have upheld the people's trust and proved that Anwar's instigation and boast about defections from BN were nothing more than empty talk," he told reporters here Monday.

Also sworn in Monday was former Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia, as the Dewan Rakyat Speaker. He is from Kota Belud, Sabah.

As expected, Mohd Ali said, Anwar's claim was mere political gimmick which got himself trapped.

Last week in Kota Kinabalu, Anwar was reported to have said that several BN MPs had decided to join Pakatan Rakyat and what was withholding them was only the time factor as they had not been sworn in.

Mohd Ali, who is an Umno vice-president, believes that the Pakatan Rakyat itself would face problems as the opposition coalition parties -- PKR, PAS and DAP -- have different policies and ideologies.

***** Trying to sound very courageous on the outside while probably crapping bricks inside, this specimen from Malacca has tried to twist Anwar's words to make the BN reps look good. He has spoken too soon about the BN, especially Umno MPs,
having 'upheld' the people's trust. The day is not too far away when like rats they will desert the sinking Umno ship.

Of course that'll be a really sad time for Ali Rustam, especially after having spent a fortune to buy sufficient support from the Umno riff-raff to move up the ladder to his current V-P post.

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Anonymous abdul kadir said...

He has a right to his opinion. Like you have a right to yours. And i do not agree that Umno is sinking. Only the Chinese and Indians do not support it. Most of the Malays still do. Maybe all of them will if the party change its leaders now! Too bad the country is heading towards a malay non-malay struggle. The PR will dissolve once Anwar die.

1:13 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Shai-Hulud said...

On the other hand, if non-racial based political parties prove themselves in benefitting Malaysians... UMNO/MCA/MIC will dissolve.

1:21 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abdul Kadir,
BN was able to rule for such a long time because the Chinese together with the Indians supported UMNO thru and thru until the non malays were heading for the grave yard.
Ask the average Chinese or Indian n they will say their prefered choice is the BN. That choice was taking them to the grave yard after 30 or 40 years of BN rule. Thats the reason for the swing.
If only UMNO had realised and rectified BN policy in particular UMNO policy to give more opportunities to the non malays, BN would never have lost in the 5 states. If the non malays have lived peacefully for the last 50 years with the malays and with limited opportunities we can all live in peace for the next 5o years.
The problem is the non malays were pushed to the very edge of the grave yard with hardly any space to breathe comfortably, hence the BR capitalised on the many issues confronting the Chinese and Indians. There was no choice to go along with the BN this time.
I do not know how good PKR is but in Penang it is a well known fact that the majority of Indians are getting fed up with the DAP

1:59 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

For the moment Ali Rustam is right...Anwar's claim remains that...i.e. just a cliam!
However, only Allah knows for sure what will happen.
UMNO may not be sinking but the BN sure is! The MCA, MIC & Gerakan have shown that they are irrelevant as they can't do anything without UMNO's ok. We have seen how weak & cowardly their Presidents are (even a Junior UMNO member can tell them to shut-up).
By the way, after 50 years of Independence, we are still talking "Malays & Non-Malays"?! When will this end? UMNO will forever try to hold on to Racebased Politics as it will keep them & their cronies on the "Money-train". However, for the moment at least, the PR has shown that it can unite ALL the races & that is what is important...Bangsa Malaysia!

8:22 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous against cronyism said...

abdul kadir,

You are feeble minded crony cultured UMNOputra who believes that having ugly and unacceptable faces like Najis and other goons can salvage the dwindling fortunes of UMNO, an entity that has lot its touch and usefulness. I'm a Malay and let me tell you boy, UMNO's future is dead as dodo. If you have any other fantasy, then time will prove me right. Hold your horses.

1st of all, the few Chinese and Indians who voted for BN this time will not do again. That means no UMNO putra can win a seat without their support. This means again that PKR and PAS candidates will win because after they half the Malay vote, they get the exlusive Indian and Chinese vote and the game is over. Do you think PAS and PKR malays are not Malays for them not to get Malay support? Crony cultured putra.

10:48 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Rustam To Hell said...

Let met tell you something of Rustam. Rustam is bloody Indonesian borned racist. He came to Malacca PPP's assembly and said, if you want to leave BN, you can leave. We dont need you. What a rascal? Such an arrogant UMNO corrupted leader. Do we deserve a corrupted and uncivilised person like him as our leader? Certainly not.

11:16 PM GMT+8  

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