Friday, April 25, 2008

Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia Demands Act To 'Preserve' The Sanctity Of Quranic Verses

The Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) Friday urged the government to formulate an Act to control the sale of Quranic verses aimed at preventing abuse by unscrupulous traders for commercial gain.

PPIM project director Noor Nirwandy Mat Noordin said the absence of such an Act meant that Quranic verses could be sold freely by traders, including non-Muslims.

"This issue must be looked at seriously as it touches the sensitivity of the Muslim community in the country.

"The absence of such an Act leaves us powerless to act other than to monitor and advise the public. We urge the government to formulate an Act to control the sale of Quranic verses by non-Muslims.

"Other than the sale of Quranic verses by non-Muslims, the association also received many reports on the sale of painting brushes made of pig fur. About 70 per cent of the painting brushes on sale are made of pig fur," he told Bernama here Friday.

Nirwandy said a case in point was the use of Quranic verses by restaurants operated by non-Muslims, aimed at generating business. Muslims were duped into patronising such restaurants as they believed the restaurants were owned by Muslims.

"The sensitivities of Muslims must be preserved to prevent public anger and to maintain the racial harmony in the country," he added. (Bernama)

To whom are the non-Muslims selling the said Quranic verses for a profit? Obviously to Muslims. If their 'sensitivities' are so offended why are they buying these from the kaffir? Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia's project director Noor Nirwandy Mat Noordin should ask himself this question. Perhaps not all Muslims in Malaysia are as hypersensitive to matters as he and his colleagues in PPIM are making it out to be. Or are they merely worried that they do not have a monopoly over the religious items business and envious that all profits from such sales which should 'by right' be theirs is not coming their way? Who is being really offended here? The businessmen in the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia or the average Muslim who has got better things to do?

When will the demand for this sort of proscription end? If hypothetically a group of talented young non-Muslim singers get together and release an album of nasyid songs ala Rabbani, will the
Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia then demand that the government pass an act of Parliament to ban them from singing these songs as they will 'offend the sensitivity' of some Muslims?

Why stop there? In future will they demand that all mosques and other 'Islamic' buildings in the country must be physically built only by Muslim workers using materials completely untouched by kaffir hands? The possibilities for making profit are endless.

Interesting read: From Mahaguru58's Blog

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Anonymous Shai-Hulud said...

Since when was pig fur deemed haram? It's for painting not eating... and it's fur not flesh :S

8:49 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mindful mariner said...

I didn't know that pigs had fur, I thought they had course hair, or more correctly bristles.
Pig, or hog bristles make first-class paintbrushes, as do those from, goats, squirrels, skunk, ox, red sable, horse, beaver and other animals and these animal bristles and hair can also be used for many other purposes, but I have never ever heard of anyone eating them!
What nit-picking narrow-minded and ill-informed folks those members of the the M C A of M must be!

12:46 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous an said...

There's no compulsion in Islam, innit? It's all just man-made rules, innit? Kafirs should just shut up about inconvenient truths about Islam, innit?

3:40 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...


8:44 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello My Dear Non-Muslim Malaysians Please don't try to be as Smart Alex to be Muslim Cerics or Theologians.
And for your information - Mindful Mariner - you no need to confuse people by saying as Pig or Hog - as both are the same Mammal.Hog is an archaic name for Pig.
And for Shai-Hulud - I think you don't try to be an expert in Islamic Jurisdiction cause - it is true the Holy Quran forbids the consumption of the Swine [as you say Pig] and its blood. But, however there is no historical evidence whatsoever that the Muslim community has ever used Swine by products. We as Muslims deem swine and its products are unclean but its OK for non-muslims so please don't dispute pertaining to swine as though you are Muslim Clerics.

11:07 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry. In no way was I trying to be a cleric or theologian, nor would I want to. I prefer to keep my ability to detect irrational mumbo jumbo and hypocrisy. Go drink some camel urine and relax. It will do your blood pressure some good.

1:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...


4:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Level 100 Cleric said...

"Dear scholars, As-Salamu `alaykum. My sister, who is Christian gave me a hair brush as a gift. The brush is wooden with 100 % BOAR BRISTLE. Is it correct to use it or not? Jazakum Allah khayran."

7:02 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave the muslims alone. Its up to their religion what to use and what not to use. One man's food is another man's poison. The non muslims got no fucking business to offer advise to the muslims.
As long as the muslims dont force the chinese to stop eating pork should be good enough for the ungrateful chinese living in comfort in malaysia at the goodwill of the malays. Shut up and be grateful.

9:47 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:47AM, you will make a good Racist, Bigoted, Scum-bag, Religious Fanatic UMNO Politician!
Problem is, UMNO is on the way OUT!
Good riddance to bad rubbish!

8:48 PM GMT+8  

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