Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Whites Flee Racially Mixed Schools

Irrational Fear

Australian schools face ‘white flight’ crisis, says a new report. Students avoid schools with kids from Asian background

White students are fleeing public schools in Australia to avoid studying with Aboriginal, Muslim and Asian pupils, a report said on Monday.

A confidential survey of school principals revealed serious concerns about “white flight” undermining public education and social cohesion, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. The findings, described by some teachers as “de facto apartheid,” were presented to the New South Wales state government in 2006, but were not released, the paper said.

In some remote rural parts of the state, Aboriginal students reportedly fill public schools while white students attend Catholic and other private institutions. Around Sydney, the parents of some Anglo-European students are avoiding what they see as predominantly Lebanese, Muslim and Asian schools, the Herald said.

“This is almost certainly white flight from towns in which the public school’s enrolment consists increasingly of indigenous students,” the survey found. “The pattern is repeated in the Sydney region. Based on comments from principals, this most likely consists of flight to avoid Islamic students and communities.” Education Minister Julia Gillard criticised the attempt to avoid racial mixing in schools.

“Part of growing up and part of being an adult in Australia today is you have got to have the ability to mix in multicultural Australia,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “I would have thought that parents would value as part of the education experience, their child being in multicultural Australia, learning about different cultures, learning about diversity — because that is the nation they are going to live in.”

But in a reversal of the bussing of black schoolchildren into white areas in the United States in an attempt to end racial segregation, white pupils are in some cases taking buses across state borders to attend predominantly white schools, the report said. (DNA)

***** Irrational fear and phobia founded upon insularity, lack of education, ignorance and prejudice are the most difficult to overcome. Perhaps the government there should send these parents over for a visit to Malaysia and Singapore. That should probably aid in dispelling their misgivings.
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