Thursday, March 06, 2008

Obama Favourite Despite Hillary Win

Experts say that even if Hillary wins the next 16 states, it will not be enough to beat Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton slowed Barack Obama’s momentum on Tuesday with a winning formula She, however still faces a virtually insurmountable disadvantage in the delegate chase.

On Tuesday, the former first lady won Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island, losing only Vermont. Enough to stay in the race, she said, and go “all the way.”

But even if she wins every contest left, Clinton still would have a hard time overcoming Barack Obama’s pledged delegate lead. In fact, her task got even harder because even though she won Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, she didn’t do much to close the delegate gap - and with every contest that passes, the number up for grabs drops.

Obama focused on the math while addressing supporters in Texas. “We have nearly the same delegates as we did this morning and we are on our way to winning this nomination,” he said.

Clinton’s best hope is to try to rack up big margins in the spring contests. Even her own advisers acknowledge Obama will probably win the two other states left this month - Wyoming on Saturday and Mississippi next Tuesday.

If she is able to continue turning voters against Obama in the races after that, she could plausibly clinch the nomination by persuading superdelegates to back her. It won’t be easy.

Even as he was ahead with 11 straight wins leading into Tuesday, Obama made some of his toughest critiques yet of Clinton, and those are only likely to increase as he tries to force her out of the race. “They need to run their own race, but they need to be able to turn the focus back to her,” Backus said.
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Blogger walski69 said...

If Obama were running in Malaysia, I'd vote for him... in a heartbeat!

6:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Purple Haze said...

Much as I dislike Hillary, she would probably make a better President (if elected) than Obama.

Obama is running high on charisma, with little experience on matters of govt and public security. At least Bill Clinton, despite his highly charismatic charm, was Governor of a state before the Oval Office.

Having said that, Obama's platform is, of course, very popularist and he's managing to hit the right nerve. The real question is how will he respond to the next terrorist attack in the US - by doing nothing ? Or perhaps, he will initiate an appeasement policy ?

I think most Americans are comfortable with McCain or Hillary to do the necessary if the US comes under attack again.

It will be interesting to watch.

5:06 AM GMT+8  

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