Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hindraf Decides To Oppose Malaysian Indian Congress

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has decided to campaign against the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) in the run-up to the snap general elections, slated for March 8, in the country.

This follows an assessment by Hindraf whether it should to go the whole hog in a political offensive against the long-established organisation of the mostly Hindu ethnic Indians in the Muslim-majority Malaysia.

The MIC has remained a constituent of each successive governing coalition, led by the United Malays National Organisation in a multi-racial “compact,” since independence in 1957.

In contrast, Hindraf, which began an intensive campaign a few months ago for the “basic rights” of the nearly two-million people of Indian origin, is not a political party. Nor have the Malaysian authorities agreed to register it as a non-governmental organisation.

However, some of its activists, including a leader detained without legally testable charges and trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA), are contesting on the Opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) ticket.

The DAP has taken Hindraf under their wings for this poll. It has welcomed long-time MIC leader Ishwar Nahappan into its fold, and the Parti Keadilan Rakyat, guided by former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Hindraf National Coordinator Thanenthiran Ramankutty told The Hindu over the telephone from Malaysia on Friday that his group was now “left with no choice but to oppose the MIC.”

According to him, the MIC had not articulated, during the ongoing campaign, any of the key issues raised by Hindraf such as equal rights and opportunities for the ethnic Indians on a par with the Malay majority.

Nor had the MIC so far echoed Hindraf’s demand that five of its leaders, detained under the ISA since last December, be set free. (The Hindu)

***** I wonder what reply Semi Value will give to this decision? Knowing him he'd probably say that nobody bothers about Hindraf except for a few 'misguided and drunk youth'. We'll know soon enough won't we?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes , we definitely need some change and alternative . For sure, BN will wind this election , BUT we need to reduce their majority by all mean . Many things and issues are simply NOT right to some extent , the quality of our leaders are in Question , BIG ?
Sometime , we noticed their comments and action in certain issues / policies were really “ silly and stupid “ and does not make sense at all.
Though many believe that opp party is also not up to that , but what I would like to say is that there must be “check and balance “ , and the only and best option would be reduce their Majority. Let’s start from “HERE and NOW “ !!!

10:45 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

Not only has the MIC not addressed the necessary issues for the Indian Malaysians, they have also (i hear) placed Adverts in the papers telling the Indians if you don't vote for the MIC, "prepare to pay the price"! Veiled threats?!
What they cannot achieve by honest means, they try to achieve by "gangster tactics"!

11:54 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is still long way for our country to become " bipartisan " , but let's start from NOW ,
The power of NOW ,,,,,give some change in our political landscape.
I do agree on reducing subsidies on certain goods , but to where the $$ being spent and channeled to and was it in effective / efficient way ??

11:57 AM GMT+8  
Blogger warta tua said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:49 PM GMT+8  
Blogger warta tua said...

Why not Samy Vellu invite Hisham to wave his kris in MIC election rally to teach Hindraf a lesson. :-)

3:52 PM GMT+8  

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