Thursday, February 28, 2008

Malaysian Police Finds 123 Bombs Near Tampoi

Image above - A Cluster Bomb

Malaysian marine police recovered 123 bombs in the waters near Tampoi in Malaysia's southern state of Johor over the past days, local media reported on Thursday.

The bombs included three cluster bombs and Malaysian police mobilized naval divers and boats to find these bombs.

The bombs have been detonated at a shooting range by the police bomb squad in Johor.

It looks like some terrorist whackos are on the loose in the country. The government should come up with a satisfactory explanation at the earliest.

What is the point of screaming Barisan Nasional stands for 'stability and peace' if at some venue or venues a group of crackpots succeed in detonating a couple of explosives? The consequences would be unthinkable. But come to think of it, perhaps such an incident may actually frighten the average citizen into voting for BN! Hmmm.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are rite, i think. to frighten the shit out of you voters, nothing more nothing less. BN , will use any tactics, to win.

11:02 PM GMT+8  

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